Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Winer Rains & My retarded friends : )

I was kissed Good Morning by the sound of rain pouring outside, it was chilly cold and I was nicely tucked in my bed. Wow,what a beautiful start to the day. They say it right when they say that the beginning of the morning  concludes the day :) Well,sometimes, it's true anyway!
So while I was trying to mush over the beautiful day and all the plans about how I might spend it [Yes,even during Pre boards I make plans :) ] my phone beeped and said "Too many messages waiting. Delete few".
Yes, the gadgets never leave us,no matter how engulfed we might be in nature.
So,I've seen.

So,then I got ready and went to school with a Super happy-go-lucky mood. Greeted my friends with the usual. [Why 'Greeted' ain't quite the word,no!] anyway, so I saw everybody around me frantically reading notes, I flipped a bit, why on the English Exam man?! Remya, was the only one who seemed calm and normal, revising through some books. Thanks :|

So anyway, English Exam happened. I loved it,totally. FINALLY they gave a poem worth Section A.
The ole well known peom by Shakespeare "Shall I compare thee to a summer day?" 
Pretty common of a sonnet, but never the less much better of a poem to challenge the creativity of students.
So anyway,after that, we were just being random. Roaming around the school field, Shreyansha crying,Megha nagging,Monica laughing,Remya and I fooling around and Kartavya being the tamed lad that he is :P
So all in all presenting you our chota mota Freakshow group =]
The freakshow group I love so much,It would totally be incomplete without ANY of you!
So..After random steps,I caught up with Joy,and got home.. Got online, was there for a while.
I consider today a good day cause there was this 'spill' which finally fixed things between this friend and me ; )
So yeah. Then ROB came online :P We had a usual chat,sigh that boy won't change :) So,I'm on a mission for him yo! He was kidding about it,however I --the inevitable have taken it up seriously. Heye Buddy, time for you to hide :P I'm on the mission,and I freakin' mean it >:D
Anyway,so after logging off,I did the other chores,work,text books,etc.

After that...I had a nice evening,yes a very nice one : ) It's proved, I LOVE Satyajit Ray! His movies are just, too brilliant. Simply. And the funny part is, these random movies you watch with your dear ones,they leave a hug on your heart, a memory to last, a feeling to cheerish,and a thought that gets you smiling out of the blue.
I feel lucky today,I do.
And I'm just going to be so, today,oh yes,and feel good about things. Cause you know, even though it's an obvious fact, but time and again the tides of time keep reminding me, that at the end, things get okay. No,really, the cliched "It'll be okay with time"- -it works. It heals things. Time can be a best friend, I realized that.

Right now,I'm on Sulagana's blog. Yes,I LOVE the first song in her play list. So everytime I write a blog post,I open her blog a tab and listen to the music : )
I'm so weird. Jaani,Jaani :P

After this,I plan to study,and then,maybe read a novel..And thennn..Sleep : )
You see,nobody's celebrating Lohri in my colony :'( Sad,I know, so anyhow you guys,Happy Lohri!!

I've been doing quite a bit of writing lately,and TONS of scribbling. :I shall put'em up soon  : )
Noww,I'm on Remya's blog listening to 'Fireflies' by Owl City. LISTEN to it,you guys!
It's one of my favourites on my play list :)

There,that's all I have for today. I shall update soon!!

yes,my retarded school life with absolutely retarded friends. I freaking love you guys!

Clear skies y'fellas!


  1. ahem women...i thot u wud mention the historic event :/

  2. The historic event?! What? :S

  3. excuse me?!?!?!?!?
    u frgot a certain blog :(

  4. Ohhhhh! Yes,ofcourse :P NEHA Dasgupta started writing a blog. Like, finally! Haha :P Yay :)

    You were so bored of Blogspot,I remember! :P

  5. that was like 3 years bak :p

    n yes...i was dam bored of it :/

    seems btr now...more people around

  6. Yeah,it always is. Sigh. Man,I need to yawn and stretch :S

  7. @Love you too asshole.

    @Neha: NEHAAA!!!!!!!!!
    Wats up man!??

    @Mril and Ro: Miss you guys!! Try to come at the right time..
    P.S.: definition of "right time" is when I am online...:P

    @Robin" Hey!! you joined too!! Wow Bongz ur crazy...Blogger better be thankful to you for the number of people you've convinced to get into blogging....

  8. :-)
    so remya did u read my blog?

    ahem ahem...i feel all important now :p

  9. @Remya: Haha,you know the funny part is,all of a sudden so many people've got blogging,lol. Rob doesn't blog,though :)
    But I'll convince him someday ; )
    Oh and credit to your Facebook profile for the pictures : )

    Ro and Mrill will be coming tonight I guess. Either f them will gimme a call if they do,so I'll let you know.

  10. Name of the Devil,and the Devil blogs!
    Say Remya? You online?

    @Cherr: I love you. You make me feel so happy and pink =] it's cute!
    The starting lines,about the rain OMG So awesome! I know how it feels! I'm like a total FBU fan of Rain!! =)
    SO Rohaan told me you guys spoke!?
    Where was I? Definitely not a party =|
    Ever since that day I have HARDLY had the heart to go to a party again ='( I miss partying!!!

    Anyway, omg you look soooo cute in the pictureesss!! Lovely poctures b baby!
    God I miss you, call you right now?
    Are you asleep? What time is it?
    I ditched school, dude something's up with me =( Sore throat and everything. Jim thinks I sound like a cute Panda
    Awww =D Isn't that cutteee!!
    Rohaan ditched,too. But he's not home,he's out [Like,for once :O]
    Are you onlineeeeeeeeeeeee?!

  11. Saying that I'm online would be wrong, it's 10:30 here,so I definitely won't be sleeping :P
    Naah,I'm studying right now,I saw an inbox coming in Gmail, hence I came on Blogger (:
    Yayyyy! So I catch you online anyway!
    Hey whhyyy?! What happened to your throat?! Ro mentioned some 'Tub' you were decorating ... However not that you were in the tub? :P
    HAHAAHHAHA, a cute panda?! Jee, you sure do have a loving boyfriend!!
    :P Lol,that's really sweet!
    man,I miss you too! But no,I can't talk right now :'(
    I'm so sorry, maybe tomorrow? Is it okay?
    Reply me asap! I'll be going offline soon.

    And hey,why did you and ro ditch together?! As far as I reckon, I didn't see boundless love b/w you guys that one ditched school and the other tags along? :P
    Tehehehe :P

  12. It's 10:30? is all? =O anywayy,I'm glad your Gmail was open anyway! Since when did you start using that? I thought you were always into Yahoo?
    Anyway, YES I was decorating my tub and NO I was not IN it.
    I just thought that the tub looked weird with the skin color on =/
    So i just figured painting it will be pretty funkaayy =P
    [though the paint's already melting, It looks pretty ugh now] =|

    Anyway, yeah okay! That's fine hon! We'll talk tomorrow :) Just gimme a missed,I'll get back to you! I have no dreams of going to school for the next maybe 2 days-ish ={
    And youuuuu!!!!!!!!!! <3

    And about Ro, laughs, NO we don't share so much love and compassion but he just didn't want to go.
    He has Math next, so he just figured he'd ditch. Idk where ever he is now...Prolly at his friend's. [Vijay. Omg,Indian,cu-tiiee,tall,dark,nerdy--buzzer allert--Rohaan's friend!] So forget it =P

    Tty soon thenn?

  13. Yess,ahahahhaha! Lol, you painted your tub cause you thought it looked weird cause of its colour?
    Mrill, you're a babe! :P
    Lol! Anyway,
    So hey you take care man, you really should! Lol,I know right? It feels weiirrddd being at home during school hours :S Strange feeling :S
    I miss you too!!

    Oh haha!! Lol,oh C'mon you can't rule out someone JUST cause he's Ro's pal!? :P
    Lol, stop being so harsh on him will you!

    Yeah,so speak to you tomorrow :)
    We'll catch up! Call me tomrrow around this time,okay?
    Gnite! / Good afternoon :P


  14. I will take care :) And heck YEAH I need to rule out a guy if he's in Ro's ' OOooh We're such cool nerds' clan okay! =P
    Omg,I'm soooo fighting with him on this! Yayayyaay =D

    tomorrow! We'll bitch =D
    Omfg,about Rohaaaaaaan! And keep him on the tab line! Fun! Omg!

    haha gnite baby,
    Love you too!
    Kisses! :*

  15. very good blog, congratulations
    regard from Reus Catalonia
    thank you

  16. ohhh look the pretty is Nil has put up pretty pictures :)

    and oh i love the part "i get a thousand hugs from ten thousand lightening bugs as they teach me how to dance"

    love the fireflies song!!

  17. Té la mà Maria - Reus : Why thank you so much :)
    Regards to you,too sir.

    @Sulagana: Look who's here with her preettaayyy self! HI! :D
    I know haina?! I looveee that song *_*

    @Manjari: naah,not yet, left with about 4 more pre boards :|

  18. i love the last snap and the caption :)

  19. Oh so Iced Eskimo can see too?
    By the way, I wonder will you change your name to Desert Camel in the summers Di?


  20. Ahem Ahem!

    Hello Nil, Bio's fine eh?

  21. pretty pretty pretty!!

    and yes, fireflies ..i loveee!

  22. @Ramit: LOL about the IE part :P
    Heehee, And hey yea Bio's coming along well (:

    @Dishari : ty! :D

    @oRange*: Thankyou thankyou thankyou!
    I know right! <3

  23. may U succeed in your MISSION :-P
    its good for me
    you never be able to convince me to write any blog i swear

    @remya i have joined only bcuz of the repeated pleadings from tithi

  24. Yes,I WILL succeed! :P
    And mind you, it's nothing WRONG to write a blog,so get over "Pleading" you fool!
    No matter how much you hate it,I AM going to nag you about it :D

    So maybe,by the next year,instead of reading blogs,you'll be into writing as well :P

    And now,let me study instead of my cell phone internet!
    Ciao! :P
    Call you later.

  25. Heeyy there babe! told u i'd b fatstr now that Lit.was okay!
    aww you'r preety! {I just hope I got you to be the right person?!}
    hugs baby!

  26. Hi! Thx for dropping by =)

    lol yeah gadgets never leave us! Specially when we want so much out of those :P
    Cool pix!

  27. @ Sequira: Hey there babe! Lol,yes you kept your promise :)
    sorry,I couldn't reply then.
    I was stuck in tuition with an over flowing cell phone internet bill ;)
    haha,thank you :) Aww,i am sure you know who i am! Mrill showed you last time,right? :S

    @Ramit: Haha,get one! Or wait...TAKE Me along! !:D Figured the cellphone internet!?

    @ Sugar cube: Aww,that's okay! Lol,I know right?! They're such stalkers :P
    Thank you!

  28. Still have zero idea what the cell phone net is.


    Don't mind me, I am technologically challenged!

  29. And you come along any day after 22nd!

  30. Arrey I'm telling you it's shit easy!
    Yeah,deal after 22nd :) And then,i can teach you mobile internet!

    Noooooo! You're not old!



  31. Oh no I am not old at all! Just sweet sixteen.

    *cough cough*

    Ahem Ahem!

    Done deal!

    22nd it is!

  32. Hahahaha! Yesss, sweet 16
    <3 __ <3

    I shall be that. In like, 7 months, LESS actually :D

  33. 7 months. Hmmm, nice. Hope I remember. I'm sure I won't. I'm also sure you'll keep repeating it when it's near. Right?

    Done with Bio?

  34. Yes,I will repeat it. I'll start from maybe..2 months for it to go :D
    And I expect the same from you, cause I'm an ass at remembering birthdates :S

    Yes,pretty much done. About a chapter left. Then Physics <3

    whatcha upto?!

  35. Physics is better.
    Actually anything is better than Bio any day.
    That's what I feel.
    Felt, in school.
    Not feel now.
    Well, maybe feel now too.
    Feel for you.

    You have an exam on Saturday?

    Who gives exams on Saturdays?

    Weird date sheet!

  36. Lol,I like your tongue twisty comments :P
    Lol,I KNOW right?! I mean WHO keeps exams on a freakin' Saturday man?

    Obviously,whoever made it was super frustrated with life :S

  37. loved the saying..

    loved the way u made it feel true..

  38. Weird sadist teachers who would love to irritate the hell out of you kids.

    I would never ever keep an exam on a Saturday if I were to set date sheets.

    Maybe on a Sunday though...

    Yeah, I know, you're gonna kill me!


  39. @ Rishi: Aww,yay so I see you're back : ) Thank you!

    @Ramit: :O
    No way! If you were the dude to set the datesheet, I'd get my friends and you to your place,and cancel the exam altogether >:D
    Omg! '

    *good dreams*

  40. And what would you girls like for lunch when you do turn up?

  41. And in case I do cancel the exam, when would you prefer to give it, oh great student? :P

  42. God, you're so freakin' the best :D

    I like... Thai <3

    Okay okay,I'll cut down on the Majesty way :P
    I like roti and daal makhani

    ^ omg! LOVE.

  43. Thai?
    Or Thahi?
    Or Dahi?
    Or Dhahi?

    Needless to say, I don't cook Thai! It's too icky and porky and stinky for me to cook!

    Dal Makhani sounds awesome. Piece of cake!

    Er, my rotis are mostly shaped like Africa. Hope it's not a problem!


  44. @Nil: YOU wrote about rain on the day of the exam ! Surprisingly, me too. I was sitting in the evening listening to the radio, when I wrote something random. Will show it to you in school ( though I promise, it's one veerrryyyy small page ;)
    The highlight of my day was that I finally saw 3 idiots in the theatre today. And I loved it !
    ( BTW, as for technology being a stalker, I think they stalk as much as YOU let them. Hope you don't mind! )

  45. @Ramit: My rotis are like, bombshell dropped on India :) Yes. Jale hue, bohot tasty ajeeb shape ki roti!

    Lol. eyyy btw,I'm sorry but it's 8, that's a calling from textbooks.
    Shoot me.
    Catch you soon?

    @Charu: Lol,really?!! How cool,DO show me your write up :)
    And darling,I agree with you :)

  46. Oh, by the way, why didn't anyone celebrate Lohri in your colony?

  47. I was so pissed about it :'(
    Dunno! The colony was as quiet as 4am on Xmas morning :'(

  48. See you later! Good luck with physics!

  49. Alrighty!
    See you soon! Take care,and dude, get a coffee :)

  50. @Ramit: Saw! :)

    @Queen: Omg! On my wayyy :D

  51. movies you watch with your dear ones
    this one is true...
    btw r u insane
    bombshell dropped on India...

  52. @Ravindra: Uh,hi. What is so insane about it? We're talkin' about funny shapes of rotis here, incase you missed it.

  53. I generally don't comment on journal posts but the first line had me hooked. Life is awesome because rain exists, isn't it?

  54. So Sorry
    i wan 2 write sumthng more bt let it go

    PS: nice template


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