Friday, January 22, 2010

A modern day Goodbye.

As you pack your bag,last moment in the other room..Slowly nostalgia smiles at me and mocks "Caught ya!".
As for concerned..Till about an hour back, it never surfaced on the sea of my heart that you're leaving for a good while,and expecting you back--Home--in 6 months is a mere pretense of a silly 15 year old.
So,now I hear your mom screaming about the shaving kit,the nail cutter and the money in the XYZ ruck sack.. Didi going hassled with your departure and list of goods, my brother vigorously trying to load songs and movies in the hard drive for you,and I like an escapist sit quietly in this room, alone, trying to hide the panic that screams within.
 It's not a panic about if you'll be okay,it's just a panic that asks me-- Will he miss our bike rides? Will he miss me screaming random shit? Will he be back soon,and spend a good deal of hours with me? Will he realize how crazy I miss him? Will he miss me ?

I resign to those questions, the pessimist in me has finally got a chance to creep out of the leaking crevices of doubts. And my brain is double playing a role in the same drama. Deceiver.
My heart is just sad, not a complex adjective is required,no--cause that's what it is--it's sad.

But then again, your sister in me, kicks the butt of that pessimist and rests with the middle finger.
YES. He'll be the same. You'll still be important to him,just like you are today. He'll still remember the trips to 24/7 and the Snikers, and the biking,and the guy help, and the....friendship that we shared.
He will.

And as for him giving me a good few hours to catch up when he's here.... I'll kick his ass and make him kick start the bike.
The irritating sister,that I am.
Things will be just the same,

There,I hear you slowly leaving,

I'll miss you :)


  1. the town is different but the heart is not. so i will miss u the same without any misconceptions and i will see u when i see u
    :)till than studyyyyyyyy its 10th ;)

  2. Hey! Wow,you're fast bro!
    Yes.. I know I know,
    but you know too that im an over emotional good for nothing teenager ;)
    Will see you soon sexy!
    and shut up you ass.
    Don't you go mouthing "Study" even via internet :|
    You're pathetic. I'll sell your bike >:D
    Hiihuuuhahahahahha :P
    Miss you!

  3. Oh geez, wish you were mine...


  4. And can I have the bike?

    @ Shuvrob, ENVY YOU! In capital letters!

  5. You know what I find most touching.

    Read whats written in the mirror

    'Objects in the Mirror appear closer than they are'

    How appropriate :)

  6. Niiice...:) I hate goodbyes...and you captured it so well...and so darn (edited from damn because I am mindful of your innocent youth :P) cute, the exchange between you and shuvrob :)

  7. :))...
    Yes, I did like it,
    Like you said.
    And I love the picture even more.

  8. @ Ramit: Awww :) Thanks!! <33

    @ Queen: Ahaha,it was a silent idea, wow i'm surprised someone got it! ;)
    Hail O queen!!

    @Wicked: Thank you!! Lol, Damn?! Hey c'mon! Im not all that innocent :P

    @Remya: Yo! Thanks babe :) See you!

  9. It's not goodbye, it's just an end of a chapter and the beginning of a new one as I see it :)

  10. the best part is, you can always squeeze fun out of those big moments in life which change life, as it is, forever... :) all in that twisted upstairs of ours!!

    later gater, see you when I see you... :D

  11. That is very sweet :)
    and the picture too is very thoughtful! :D

  12. "over emotional good for nothing teenager"? Please get that idea out of that priceless head you have. It's not a good for nothing who comes up with the wonderful which touch everyone (check out ALL the comments you've had till today for different posts). And what's the harm in being emotional? It's one of the things that make us who we are :)
    "not a complex adjective is required,no--cause that's what it is" nicely phrased. Love doesn't end, so this is not really a goodbye.

  13. My kid brother's leaving tonight. Again. For the 6th time in 3 years.

    Doesn't get easier, and you'll want to whack him every time he ignores your mails but calls when he needs something urgently. But when he comes home from the market carrying two cup o' noodles for you because when he was home 6 months back he saw you irritated that none of the shops had any, you know it doesn't make a difference. :)

  14. @ Absolutely normal chaos: I'm glad :) And hey, funky name :)

    @Pranav: Eeyy,thank you! Well, maybe it's been possible cause I know there are people like you guys who want to hear stuff I write.. I appreciate it :)

    @Shimmer: Thank you so much :)

    @ Charu: My god, darling you sure do make my day with those lovely comments of yours! Thank you, so very much <333
    See you at school!!

  15. @ A traveller: Like your screen name alot! I've always wanted to be a traveler when I grow up :)
    Yes,I really liked your comment. Very very true.. It really doesn't make a difference,at the end, as long as memories make up the present :)

    @blue-eyed-soul: Thankyou! Welcome yo my blog!

    And for all of you who just started following me......Thank you so much, it means a lot to me :)
    Annddd.... WELCOME!!


  16. Cherr,that was an absolutely brilliant post..I..Holy marry yo, I'm outta words.
    I don't friggin' get it how you do it! But,.you just do
    like that! snap

    The picture yo,is too cool!

    keep the pen t the paper,Cherry
    take care yo

  17. Oh and I got your msg the other day..Mum figured you were pissed

    Chillout Cherr :)
    Take it easy Bratt!

  18. Rooooooooooo!!!!!! HI! :D
    Haha,thanks :) I'm really glad you liked it!
    now shut up about it,okay?

    Lol,I love the picture! i just took his camera and went snap :P
    Im so awesome B-)

    Hahaha,about that dayy!! Yeah lol, I'm sure aunty got a little freaked :P

  19. what are you doing online right now yo?
    Ain't it like way off the clock?!

    you are awesome Bratt :)

  20. Hahaha,yes,it's sort of late.
    So I was working on my SST prject, :|

    I want sleep man!
    Anyway,how's Mrill?

  21. what project? need help yo?

    she's okay, grounded, so I'M not okay =|

    She asked me to say
    "Hi cherr! I miss you ..blah blah.. zinga zoopaa..blah-ke-bada.... I love you"

    ^Yeah,I guess that was it

  22. Oh and that she'll call you in about 4 days.

    [her 4 days are pretty much a sixer, yo ]

  23. ^AHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHA!! about how you framed what she said!!

    BUT HEY! Stop being mean!
    Tell her I miss her and I love her back :)

    And naah,it's okay,Im managing the project just fine :)
    I'll get to you if I need help,though!

  24. Sure :)

    Hey where's Remya been yo?
    haven't seen her around much?

  25. Yeah,she's been busy lately--keeping off the net :|
    SO yeah.

    Hey Ro,it's REALLY late,Im gonna go now,okay?
    Catch you soon! Phone,soon! : )

  26. Cool yo,
    take care you.

    Say hellos to Remya,ask her to get on your page yo!

    Yeah,catch you on phone soon.

    Later yo!
    Bye Cherry :)

  27. Oh and say Hi to your folks from my end yo. Been quite a decade I've spoken to K.Uncle.


  28. i hate goodbyes too :(
    but SO SO SO well written nil!
    touching ..really

    and that picture was purrrfect!

  29. @ Ro: Yeah,I'll tell remya and mum n dad :)
    Call me soon.

    @oRange*: Awww thank you pretty lady!! <3

  30. oh...that was sweet...actually i am really good at handling goodbyes...but then again i dont have a loving sister like you....but being a single child has it's perks... :)

    anyways...beautifully written..

  31. tht was too emotional!! shuvrib, wipe those tears bro, goin for higher studies?? all the very best!

  32. @Oxymoron: Aww.. Hey but yeah being a single child can be sooo cool! Why,thank you :)

    @Novacaine: Thank you very much and welcome to my blog! :)

    @Sawan: Hi again! Naah,he's gone for a job. If anyone's teary--its me :P
    Hahahah.. He doesn't come on blogger much really,but I'll convery your kind luck to him :)

  33. You wrote down the pain Nil
    And how...

    The thing about people who go away is that they really dont, do they???

    They leave back memories...

  34. lucky u are to actually have a relationship like that...

  35. @ The Idiot's blog: Thank you very much buddy :)
    And yes..they never leave,indeed :)

    @ Little on the edge: Aw,thank you :)

  36. aah i like your blog !
    been through some of the posts..
    Dont read inheritance of loss unless you want to feel a bit sad.
    After reading this particular post i Wish i had a sister too .

    P.S : I have 32 cousins and all are male.

  37. @Scarlet Pimpernal: 32 cousins and all males!!!!!
    whoa man!......oh and nice name---i loved the book too..

    @Rohan: hii !!! :)
    Long time man.!..where've you buried urself??!
    Hows life? still on with some project? oh and say hi to ur sis--u guys seem to be hibernating...something to do with the winters-yo?
    how lame....i shud prolly shuddup..;)
    take care:)
    catch u onl9 someday..bye

  38. @Scarlet: Hey! Thanks :) Woah! 32!? Thats huuggee!! :) Cool man,it's pretty awesome!
    And yesssssss love yur screen name!

    @Remya: At my blog,talking to everybody except me :S
    You've always been a weird kid :PP
    HI! :D

  39. I love my bro although he's the silent type. I mean I love him in spite of all his ups and downs and he accepts me the way I am. He's got my back and I've got his and I can't imagine ever going far away from him. God bless all brothers!

  40. I can so so so so relate!
    My bro left for US when i was like a 11 yrs old...ur still big :D
    Bro will be bro but then that going away.....Sigh I so know!


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