Friday, January 8, 2010

An Absolutely unproductive post :D

So hello, ladies and gentlemen :D
Like my good for nothing scribbling above? ^^ :D
Updating after a week almost....So sorry about that, it's NOT easy for a kid to deal with Preboards and then Boards for the first time,okay?
So. What's up with all of you? I've been upto nothing much lately, just apart from textbooks :|
I Just came back from school. It was my first pre board today. *Tada Music*
*Victorious looks* 
So, it was SST,and quite a Bomb exam. I have No,absolutely No idea to why was I all weird yesterday. But,anyhow.

I've started writing a new piece of fiction :) It's on a scandal and everything. Only through with the introduction yet,sadly didn't have the time to proceed. [*Gives evil eyes to the History book*]
But,I shall continue it today. And put it up very soon for you guys to spill on what you think of it :)

Right now..I'm doing nothing productive. Actually,i am. I'm listening to Celtic violins..Duelling!
You can hear it here . [Ramit and Queen,owe you for the Hyperlink. HAHA :P] ... So this thing i was listening to, It's pretty cool,and peppy :) i like how it gets all jumpy from the quarter. I hope you guys like it!

I plan to.....Idk, go eat lunch. Then,just do nothing. And then do nothing again :D
Sounds good to me!
And yeah,whatever,If wish permits,I'll probably check out the Math binder for some time..
[*The math book gets a pitiful look*]
These books,I tell you. They should be replaced by novels,and good authors. They should.
Aryabhatta and everything should be....err..Ignored for a while,you know?
So,yeah,I'm writing gibberish, I know. But that's okay right. Frustration leaked from the very crevices of my body till yesterday! I'm doing a good job venting it out! Haina? :S

So okay,cutting out the conversation which is leading to nowhere, You guys update Me with what's up?

And a special msg to Fai who'll be leaving Blogger soon, prolly today : My dear,you've seriously introduced a completely new way of writing. I love your blog,and heck will miss it like crazy once it's deleted. I so wish we'd started following each other much earlier,but anyhow.
I wish you all the best,and sure do hope somday you wake up in the morning and decide to get on Blogger again.
Take care :)

Lots of love,


  1. Why is Fai leaving from Blogger?

    Who is Fai?


    So happy you gave a good exam.

    I'm hungry too.


  2. Fai is my blogger friend..She has a lovely blog, absolutely lovely.
    We started following each other since maybe like a month or less.
    So yeah :( She's leaving. Reasons,personal I guess. Don't know.

    Yay,i'm happy too. Thanks soo much for your support yesterdayy!

    Lol,I am too! I should eat. But I'm on blogger with time in my hands after Oh so long! :O

  3. When's your next exam? And which one is Fai again?

    Maybe us both can convince her to stay...

  4. Next is Math, on the 11th :)

    Her blog is ""Letters from a colg student". Lovely blog,abso. But from what i've read on her page,she seems to be very adamant about things. So I guess she's taken a decision that we can't hamper :( So it's okay,I just hope she gets back on Blogger..

    Ey! New picture I see. A rooseeee

    Yeah,okay I'll cut out the Chichora-ness :P
    Mood swing?

  5. I'll hop over to her blog some time in the evening.

    Chicore-ness is perfect for most times. Just be yourself. You got some time before the 11th. That's nice. Maybe you could use it to finish the story you started.

    Or study Math.

    I hate Math!

  6. Felt safer to hide my identity from some people.

    *looks around the work place*

    Removed my name too.

    The Rose is a picture from the bunch of roses I sent to my dear friend Laureen in the USA for new year's. You'll find her mentioned in many places on my blog.

  7. yeah,I have time in my hands.
    For once,phew!
    You know I'd love to finish the story, let's see :|

    I know you hate Math,who doesn't?
    Okay,I hated math maybe a year back.
    Death sentence to my report card :|
    But I like it now :)
    So yeah,
    getting outta office anytime soon today? C'mon get lucky ;)

  8. I rather like the doodle. It's pretty.

  9. Hahaha,thankyou :P
    I like it too.

    Ice cream after exams, yes?

  10. Ice Cream's done deal. Or coffee, or whatever you want.

    I'm still scared of Math. Thank God for calculators, computers and secretaries. Lol.

    Good luck with the story.

    Wish I could leave office on time tonight. Let's see... Not sure yet...

  11. Wohoo,alright :D Ice cream or coffee it is :D

    Lol,calculators will prolly help me when I'm doing 11th grade Math, It gets hard then.

    Thanks :)

    Hey,I sure do hope you get home early tonight too.
    Get yourself a treat today instead of working man :)

  12. Treats sound too good to be true you know. Salary sounds more real and more needed! :P
    When do the exams get over anyways?

  13. Oh don't you talk! You have enough salary and US tickets to treat all your blogger friends! :P
    So do yourself a favor, Treat yourself :) You work too much!

    They get over on the 22nd.
    And then Boards from the 5th. Yes,My life is dull :|

  14. Simmer down little girl, don't want the IRS popping over!
    Still need to get paid hon. It's important. That's exactly why I tell you to make the most of what little you have left. Life as you know it is over after Class 12. Trust me.

    You can trust me, can't you? A bald guy with a rose for his profile picture? Lol!


  15. Hahahhahahahahahahaha! the last part was so funny :P Ofcourse I do.

    but hey,I do think colg is fun,
    Right? :S

  16. College is fun alright. What comes after it, the job hunt and career planning is what kills you.

    And then the Tang-khwa. Salary.

    God help us!

  17. Hahahaaaha.. I had this thing of buying my own scooter and going around Dilli as a job.
    Yes, I used to think about my career when i was 11

    Now, ALREADY, things have changed! The scooter is now a motorbike,and Dilli darshan comes only after I have the..yes..Salary :S

  18. Salary is never salary Nil, it's always Tang-khwa. Very very tang!

    Which reminds me, I better run off and earn it. Bye! Later!

  19. Hahah,yeap yeap, I get it :/

    Catch you!

  20. so! it was actually unproductive and useless, but only gr8 part is the scribble.

    don no Y?
    but i feel its cute :-)

    yaa violins are boring :O

  21. random doodlings say a lot about the person.
    dont ask me what ur randomness shows coz i dont possess the skill to analyse that :P

    yay! aami o bangali, tumi o bangali :D
    ki mojaaaa!

    that was so lame :O

  22. @ Rob: You're finalllyyyyyyy on my blog! I haven't been this pleased ever since I was treated to free chocolate muffins last tuesday :P
    I'm glad you liked the scribble :P I like it too :P
    Oye shut upp! Violins are awesome!

  23. @ oRange* : I know,I've heard :P
    Idk what the hell whatever I drawed means. So it's really fine for u to not know either! :P

    aamra dujone'i khub cool hochi.
    Kiii mojaa!

    *I'm lamer ! :DDD


  24. if i had known earlier that you ll be so glad then i would have joined u much earlier

    i still think that voilin are instruments for making noise :D

  25. I told you about my blog AGES back. Dumbo,forever :P

    Shut up! Oh you wait..Next chillout session at my place--Youtube. Celtic violins. Will make you listen to it for about an hour along with Joy. Just wait :P

  26. Cherrayyy! Aww,cute post! omg! even better scribble! I love it! It's my wallpaper =P

    What's up?
    Tell me you're Ol?!

  27. You idiot! It's called MISSED calling me when you're Online!
    Aagh,I woulda missed you else.
    Okay,No I wouldn't have,I was online :P
    But whatever. Haha,I love the scribble too :P
    Yay! It's your wallpaperrr \m/

    Nothing much, just idle.
    You tell me?
    Wtf are you doing home?!

  28. Sorry,I'm low on balance =/
    Mum might just abandon me if I dare ask for the phone =P
    So,I'm not taking chances.
    She bought me s GUCCI wallet! It's fuck. It's hott! O_O

    Yeah,I'm home. Not feeling quire well, so yeah =|
    Watcha upto gorgeous? ;)

    And wtf? Where's Remya these days?!

  29. You buy GUCCI wallets? Wait,how rich are you? :|
    Anyway,get me boots next time *_*
    Zomg,I'd DIE for them!
    Actually,naah,I wouldn't. But whatever,they look nice :)

    And eeyy what happened to you? Sick with?

    Remya? She's not been on Blogger much lately :|

    Where's Rohaan?

  30. GUCCI wallets aren't that cashy, really. I'll get you tons, and fuck yea the boots are done =D
    Omg! I could get one for myself,and we could night-out lookin' smmwakin hawt =}
    I likie!

    I'm under blankets with fever, yes =|

    Rohaan,is,I don't know,school =D

    PS-- Stop being a bitch,Cherry =P

  31. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! You actually caught me! Smart biatch!

    Okay! Anyway,so tell me? I'm boorreeeeed.

    How're your folks?

  32. =P

    I'm bored,too. But hay babe,I needa go now. I needa get some sleep =\
    Sorry,okay!? I'll call you, promise =)

    My folks are okay! They're just parenting. What can I say? =P

    So take care and I'll be back soon, yea?
    Love you Cherr!
    Kisses :*


  33. Awww.I friggin' love that bastard =D

    Hearts! <3333333

  34. Sure hon,it's cool :) Catch up on health! You needa look "Smawwkin hawtt" for the next parddaayy!! ;)

    Yes,talk to you babe :) And aww to Jim :) Say HIIII to him,okay?!

    Bye! Love you tooo!

  35. I'm on phone with him,now.
    He says "hey!" too =)

    Gonna go now Cherr,
    Bye! :*

  36. Oh.


    Thank you!
    Thank you!
    Thank you!!!!!!
    Thank you Ramit and Queen!!
    I loved the song!!!

    @Nil: you know how some songs lift me off...this was totally that!!!
    Thanks a ton!!!

    Oh hey! Fai is going?????
    Aww man...she was good! I liked her blog..I'll go and say bye now to her then...:(

    @Mrill: Heyy Gucci girl, sup?

  37. Aww...

    Thanks Nil.
    & Remya.

    Two of my favorites. I'll miss you!

    <3 Fai

  38. @ Remya: Oye! Ramit and Queen taught me how to LINK a word as a hyperlink on blogger, not the video u moron! The video was a result of my boredom and hunting bullshit on youtube :PP
    Hhahahha. Butttt look at it this way, without knowing how the heck to link, you wouldn't have heard this awesome thing now would u have?!
    So, yes, zank you queen and ramit ;)

  39. @ Fai: I'll miss you too :'(
    Convince yourself to be back soon! Pleassee!

  40. Feels sad whenever someone leaves

  41. Get well soon Mril.
    We hope you chose to come back sometime Fai.

    Hi Nil.

  42. baap re...ramit n u were comchatting!! waise ramit shud get the credit for inventing this among us..u blog he comment then u counter comment n den ramit comes back with a cheeky comment n den u maaro ur smart ass comment n den...offff

    tired hoye gelam!! i give up!! ramit is the bets!!

  43. @ Ramit: Haha, you're the Blogger dude for us B-}
    Very kind of you to well wish Mrill :) And Fai :'(

    @Sulagana: My babe! :D Omg,thrills to get you here! Yay. Lol,yess, Ramit is the inventor, well, before I knew him,Ro and Mrill:) But anyhow!

    You both,I won't be online for now. Will be back soon to catch you Sulagana!
    And Ramitttt. Texting-we both. :D
    Catch you on text!

  44. ramit the pink flower is too gay!! pls change...peopel will know its you anyways!!khikhi

  45. and nil :) my absolut pleasure reading your stuff!!! and oh where did u land up this picture from..i liked it..really liked it...would want something like that on my dining area walls!!

  46. ^ I LOVE YOU. You want something like that bored scribble I did while I was to be studying to be put up on a wall :O
    You made my day,love :)

    Haha,okay I'll go now!
    Catch you on your blog soon!

  47. Sulagna, I know it's gay. Exactly 'the' point. Get it now?

  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. The one night I don't go out, and BANG there's a bomb dropped at me by mum and dad.
    We might be shifting to London. Dad says he's going first. We're not required to shift our arses there now,but there Might be sometime when we Might have to if his extension is too long. Says mum. I'm friggin' pissed. There's no god damn way I'm shifting. No friggin way. NO WAY. NO FUCKING WAY. Cherry why are you not answering your phone?
    Get back to me. I'm fucking going to break shit around me.
    Call me back Cherr.
    Rohan's angry,and refuses to get fucking out of his Lab. That bitch just chooses to sit inside and get red. No,he won't get out and help me fight it out with dad.
    He's just a shitbrain.
    Call me.NOW.

  50. you made that at my place !!!!!

  51. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  52. @Mril: Aw...I am so sorry abt the shfting thing.
    Don't worry man, everything will work out just fine. Trust me :)
    I dunno what to say coz I've never actually been in such a situation..but I know the fact everything's going to be good. 'coz I've ordered god to make it alright ;)

    And give Rohan some time...
    Take care :)

  53. @ Mrill: So we spoke about it,you know what to do now. It'll be okay babe, really :) Just be calm about it,fighting it out is just going to agitate things.
    And yea,Give Ro some time man, I'm pretty sure it's hard for him to cope up--prolly more? Right.
    And anyway! You guys are not even SURE of you gotta go! Like, hullooo?! Stop panicking now. just chill,and let things take its course.
    Love you babe. Hugs!

    @Remya: Yo:)

  54. Wow.. nice blog :) Thanks for visiting mine. And good luck with ur exams :)

  55. Aw,thanks!
    thanks for visiting mine too! <3

  56. maths books should be buried 6 feet under


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