Monday, January 25, 2010

You- The only competitor.

You-The only competitor. 

I am not a madman poet,
who shall compare thee with the sea.
I am not a lost lover,
who shall fare thee well with tears.
I am not an angry ghost,
who shall shout as thunder,disguised.
I am not a reigning soldier,
who shall protect thy heart in an armor of metal.

I am human, and nothing else,
I can love you,
only to my heart's capacity. 
To tell you otherwise like others,
is nothing but a lie.

I shall not compare you,
to the morning dews that smile.
I shall not compare you,
to the red flames that dance.
I shall not compare you,
to the smell of the wet Earth.
I shall not compare you,
to the mist that makes the dawn worth. 

I shall compare you,
only to yourself.. 
to your words, to your songs,
to your thoughts, to your mind,
to your heart, to your love,
to You-The only competitor.

-- Nilanjana. 


  1. wah wah wah!
    Where was 'nilanjana the poet' hiding all these days?


  2. wonderful thought... however, i don't think many will think this way. pity

  3. @Twisted: what happened to your screen name and blog?! :O You've totally changed it!! Nice :)
    Though I hope it's cool if I still call you Twisted Elegance ;) Loved the name..
    And the poet has been out for QUITE a while! Just that you were a lil off blogger? ;)
    God,I am SO happy to finally see you on my page! Boy missed you!

    @Ramit : Eee :D

  4. @Rishi: Thank you so much :) Very kind of you!

  5. it was good 2 read...although cant relate to it...tats wat experiences are for :)

  6. ^ Lol! That's fine. Thank you anyway :)

  7. Wow.. wonderful.. its right out of someone's heart :)

  8. people found it hard to recognise my blog with the pen name. So I just thought I should make it easier for them. And as I have started writing reports on the blog, correct bylines are a must :)

    You can call me twisted anytime :)

  9. @Nil: BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I honestly think this is one of your best works. The rhyme scheme, the thought, the composition...all were excellent. The climax was the best part, and it really highlighted why each person should be regarded as unique and judged on nothing besides their own actions, rather than be compared to others. In fact, I loved the every stanza. To give such an honour to your competition...lucky them!
    Congratulations again on having written something so beautiful. I am so proud to have you as a friend.ALWAYS keep writing!

    Oh and before I forget, Happy Republic Day!
    (BTW, did I mention I hang around your blog a lot without commenting? That might explain my excitement at the blogger award.)

  10. @The west wind: Thanks darling :)Catch you on Gtalk!

    @Twisted: Aaaah. I see! Thanks :)

    @Charu: Hiiiii! Why thank you so much! Goddddd Charu,I don't know HOW you do it,but you just make me feel so awesome! I really adore you to have the capacity of appreciating like a friend and a critic. Means alot to me, :) Thank you.
    :) Cheers! see you at school! :)

  11. Oh and HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY to everyone!
    Stand tall you guys,like always. It's India we stand on,and it's Indians that reflect our mirrors!


  12. @Nil: You're welcome! For friends who appreciate my services, they're always at their disposal. I'm so glad I can make you feel great. Will try to treasure these powers forever :)

    Jai Hind!

  13. superrr!

    discovering so many sides of u :)

  14. you already know how I feel about this one...

    Oh and hey girl,
    you rock..;-D

  15. Kya baat hai, beautifully articulated!

  16. @Charu: Aww:) Yes,we both will treasure things together! :)
    Jai Hind!

    @oRange*: Really? Thanks!! Omg,you're yet to see moreeeeeeeeee ;)

    @Remya: I loved your comment! So you! And hey,forgot to tell you on phone,had spoken to Mrill,she says HI! and that she misses you And that she shall be back on my blog soon to bitch with us :P

    @Ashish: Hi! Welcome to my blog:)
    Thank you very much!
    I hope you visit more :)

    Cheers to you guys!

  17. Hi Nil! Thanks for stopping by!

  18. @Emily: Hi! You're most welcome. Hope you keep visiting mine,too :)
    Good luck!

  19. Hi Nil,

    That was a beautiful poem well versed !! Great going girl..

  20. would u sue me for copyright violations if I send it to kavya,sheetal, rose, trina, ummm m.. leya, mina, okies, thts wut I remember now :P lol nice one nil :)

  21. uhha!! And hence the toughest yet most deserving race began... :) Naaaaice :D
    too impressed at the very basic rightness of the stream of thoughts... *pat pat*
    carry on dancing... later gater...

    See you when I see you... :D

    Jai Hind

  22. @Banupripya: Hi dear,thank you so much :) Very kind of you!

    @Sulagana: Thankyoouuuuuuu didi!!! <3

    @The idiot blogs: Why thank you so much :)

  23. @Sawan: Hahahhaha! lol,thanks bunches man!

    @Rob: Thanks! :D Sorry man,running low on phone balance ;(

    @Pranav:Eeeee! Thank youuu! :D
    Yay! Pats on you too!

  24. Cherry.
    Oh my friggin' god. What are you? Like,an emotion machine? Where do you get so much of that depth from? No,I mean, THAT was something written by someone my age?
    Am I supposed to really feast on that? I dunno whatever the friggin' fuck are you doing! I mean,WHAT WAS THAT?!
    Do you know how friggin' amazing that was!!
    I mean,OH my friggin' GOD! THAT Was all YOU!!?

    Cherr,stop sitting home, really.
    Scream,you need to.

    I'm proud of you Sparklebaby,you're one babe!
    I love you,and you make me proud!

  25. Oh and omg,HIII Remya!!! =D
    Missed youuuu!!
    Ask Cherry,I was random skated on at home =S

  26. @MRill:
    wow!,,,long time??!!?
    finally un-grounded??
    Where's Rohan???
    Tell him to stick his head in a bucket of water as he never bothers replying to my comments directed at him...;)
    Hey, nice to hear from you anyway :)

  27. Hey nil ! I just found this poem called "If" by Rudyard Kipling. You might like it. I don't completely agree with him, but I'd love to know your opinion. Read when you have time, 'cause it's a bit long:

  28. @Mrill: HIIIIIIII! Omg,so finally unleashed'eh baby?! :D I like! ;)
    Hey,im SOOOOOOO on cloud 9 after that comment of your's.. Really,I felt super shitty about being an untalented piece of blob. But thanks,it cheered me up.
    THOUGH you and Ro,love me too much, soooo you guys tend to exaggerate my pen and paper,right ;)
    But hey,you guys are the cutest.
    Thanks :) And yeaapp talk to you on phone soon! There's this new post coming up.....Hope you like it!

    @Charu: Thanks for the link darling! Will check it out tomorrow,bit caught up now ;)
    But Thanks!



  30. @Nil:
    Attention seeker

  31. Cherr your words spin me up.
    I don't know. Really.
    They just,spin me up.
    Need you to keep writing,do.
    That's it.

    Remya,hey yo. Sorry,I hadn't caught the last comment. Missed chatting, how're you yo?

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. Sorry for the cry comment,yo.
    I just got carried way off the bus reading what you wrote Cherr.
    It's crazy, the dipshit sister of mine figured yo. All she does is party with food and brain less wanna-be-awesome's. She figured. So you,go figure.
    You should publish,Cherr. Don't ask me to shut up,I won't yo.
    Your story's published yo,shouldn't be an iron deal to publish a book,hey? Like,some major poetry with tons lotta thoughts.
    Like you,yo
    Laughs =P

    No kidding,get on it.

    Get back to me,maybe I'll call you soon.

    And Remya,] get online soon yo.
    Needa catch some!

    Why the heck ain't nobody online?
    It's weird yo, one of you guys are always friggin' there!

  34. @Rohan: Hey buddy :)..I'm online now :D
    Had school when u wer online..twas the result day :|
    Hey..I was just thinking..I betcha that u cnt write a sentence without "yo"

    @Mril: c' can do better than that 5 minute appearance you put up!

    @Nil: See? I mentioned you this time...Come onl9..You missed man:))) Lots of Uno,Chatting with Asmita(and trust me, she spilt a lotta things *winks*),, lots of photos (Kaaju got his cam),,retarded laughter and an awesome percentage!!
    I'm highhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  35. @Ro: Aww man,you're forever ranting on about what ever junk I write :P
    Not the I don't like it,you knowww! :P Hahahah, C'mon bro, chill :P
    We'll talk about publishing and blah blah outta blogger,okay?
    SO fill stop,to it.
    LOl shut up about the nastiness to Mrill man. Too harsh!
    I'm doing just fine,you tell ME?
    What's been up? Boards in a monthhhh..Egaaaaaaad!! x(

    @சக்தியின் மனம் : Thankyou :)

    @Remya:Yo(: I came to school for 15mins to submit the math file. Met Kartu, asked him where ever the hell were you,but he din't know. Went to the library,ma'am was looking disturbed of the world as always :P
    So yeah...couldn't find you.

  36. Haha...sure the librarian is forever disturbed. Got some serious problem, she has. Was telling me how she "misses" her old students..Made me feel like an octogenarian...:|
    Anyways, Yeah..Kaaju told me you came but 15 minutes???Wtf???
    Oye, i wrote the third part to "How the Heart Broke"..chek it out.

  37. Nxt thing i know,m hot wit fever hey! cherry [Mll and RoBON call u that,so im no gonna budge starry!] that poem was all freakin' u! ima flip outta hunger,cause u're freakin' amaaazzziinngg =D
    I mean,AARRGGHHHH! How awesome cld u beeee? Mll is snoozin over your text,like ALL the time! Ehehehe!
    Dont blame her,now do i?

    Loved it,omg,you're the bomb! =]
    Seq ^_^

  38. @Remya: Yo! LOL about the Librarian part :P HAhahaha.....yeah,15mins :S
    Anyway, yesss i shall check out the 3rd part soon :) Just a lil in a hurry,for now. Catch you soon on your page,okay!?
    Ciao babe!

    @Seq: HIIIIIIIIIIII! :D So yay,finally you show up! :P
    Aww,thanks babe! WOW that comment lift me off the ground,hell yeah!
    Thanks bunches and billions of appreciating so much. And DUH you call me Cherry like Mrill and Ro,yeah :)
    RoBON!!!!!! I remember Mrill explaining that :P
    He gets pissed,right? :P
    But why call Mrill 'Mll" ? :S

    LOVEEEEE! <33 be bacl soon okay?!
    Gotta run!

  39. Oh and Seq,about Mrill drooling over my text, HAHA :P
    She's a babe ! ;)
    You guys,I absolutely ADORE! :D

  40. @Nil: ^ haww...and u don't adore me sweetheart?
    My heart just broke.
    Where in merlin's low waist pants are you?!?!?!?

  41. @Remya: Hahah :P
    I don't need to be in anyone's pants,you know?
    Omg,that sounded so grossss! :S
    Anywaaayyy,I've been home,resolved not to do anything till 1st Feb :D
    What's up with you hotshot?
    I have realized John Mayer is THE SHIT in music! Im in love with his songs...

  42. awesome yaar...seriously great stuff here....your poetry is only getting better....totally love this one...
    and indeed....John Mayer has produced some cool shit..check out his latest album 'Battle Studies'

  43. thankyou! very kind of you!:)
    i will check it out for sure,thanks.

  44. How beautiful are these words? :) Boy can you write! :)

  45. ^Thank you so much. Very kind of you,indeed :) Keep visiting! : )

  46. again, great way with words and some wonderful thoughts!


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