Monday, January 18, 2010

And I let it out.

So,I let it out. I knew it was enough,and now,keeping the seeds of scream inside my heart would have resulted in nothing but silence, prevailing forever.
I'm not a wimp, I'm quiet,vocal only when situations demand. Or,simply when I want to talk.

So we spoke. This time, actually,I spoke. And he listened. I spoke from the beginning to the end, I spoke from the trivial to the hugest,and he just listened and didn't wait for me to end. 
But I did,eventually. And we concluded. No,not everything, we've never been the sorts. But we did conclude the barrier that stood, the hesitated words that always provoked to get out, and the "fuck it,I need to tell him this!"'s. 
I let it out. For good.

After a long time of me voicing the most complicated feelings to the simplest, I stopped. I breathed a sigh of relief, To his question- yes, it felt good.
It did. 

Abruptly..Or I'd say gradually actually, we went back to fooling around. Random talks, gross topics, "I love her" talks,and the normal abnormalcy of our thoughts.

So,we were back.
Not that we weren't before. Just a little more..Us. Just a little more, nothing new.

And we carried on, with our roaring ideas, and typing them one by one on the chat screen.


DISCLAIMER: No, for all of you who think I speak of my lover,you're wrong.
Fiction,is the post.



  1. Nothing much, Tiring day. Thinking what to do now! :P

  2. Heehee, thank god you ditched your office,like finally dude! :P

    Haha, how about good food?! :D

  3. Oh you're hungry eh? What do you feel like tonight little nightingale?

  4. Ahaha,wow, I miss Queen here everytime I hear Nightingale!
    Darn it!

    Lol,I'm leaving for dinner now, I'll be back online soon,hopefuly :)
    Text you,otherwise.
    Catch you!
    Treat yourself!


    Oh and tell Queen I miss herrr!

  5. "...and the normal abnormalcy of our thoughts."

    What a wonderful oxymoron :)

    You truly are a poet and nightingale rolled into one :)

    ~Queenmatrai :)

  6. Random, yet structured; aimless, yet with a purpose; grounded, without a head or tail; complete,yet incomplete - unique fiction, that's what this is!

  7. @ Ramit: Good moring! :) Though my morning started wayyy back :{

    @Queen: Thank you,darling :) Very kind of you indeed :) Missed you here!
    Love <3

    @Charu: HAhahah..Thanks sweets, yes,fiction it is..


  8. Wow, awesome post! Loved it. What a way with words you have - felt so direct and evocative.

  9. weren't present on my blog list so i missed a few of your earlier posts....but now that you have been added to the list...i am going to be back with my stalking ways(spy cams and everything else)..... :D

    coming to your post....loved the writing style...especially the use of words very random yet makes sense....

    it's really rare to find people who actually listen to what you are saying instead of just waiting for you to end....unfortunately the person here is fictitious...

  10. somehow sensed it was fiction, and yet somehow I related... darn!! :P

    good feeling though :) right up...

    see you when I see you... :D

  11. that was fiction?
    Didnt seem like! lovely work :)

    and i love that thanks for visiting thingi

  12. @Wicked: Thank you!! :)

    @Oxymoron: So you're back! Yay :D
    Aah..I see, well,I'm so glad you liked the post :) Keep droppin' in!

    @Pranav: GOD! After SO long,you drop me in a visit! Sigh,Missed you! You,Twisted,Wish,you guys are like my first ever blogger buddies!
    Thank you... :)
    Glad you liked it!

  13. @Pesto: Ahahahha, so that means you liked the part before it! :D
    Disclaimer always spoils it ;)

    @oRange* : yes,baby that was fiction :), thank you! :)

    @Sid: Hmm..thank you

    Cheers you guys!

  14. Very nice post.. its so important to let things out. Amazing write up :)

  15. ^Thanks darling :)
    I hope your studies are fine, cut yourself some slack! On Gtalk,soon ;)

  16. Cherr,couldn't resist myself yo.
    Loved the post,as usual =)
    I'm tired of ranting about it being zonk.
    So yeah, and hey,fiction?
    Wow yo, that was something!

  17. Yes Yes Yes.
    FICTION! Fiction's goood :P
    Lol,thanks ":) I KNEW it! I just KNEW it you'd be back :P

  18. I'll call you and find out,yo =P
    Mrill's grounded for a week,so out doors seem like bliss =|

  19. Yeh,you do that. Oyee sorry,i need to go now!
    Catch you soon,like REALLY soon okay?
    Don't shoot me!

  20. Jeez, you can be such a bratt yo.
    Laughs, later =)
    Take care yo.

  21. felt like listening to my best friend! creative. nice :)

  22. ^ Thank you very much:)
    Hope you visit sometime soon!

  23. As I said..I liked the anonymity of the extreme words, some quite thoughts out in simple words, no names, no threads attached. Simple yet a good work.

    Day by day'remaking me turn into a fan of yours.


  24. ayyee Meri Raj!
    Mwahahaha :*

    Lol, thanks babe, I guess we're on equal scores,then? Cause day by day,IM becoming a huger and huger fan of your music ; )

    Hi5 yo! :D

  25. haha :DD

    hi5 yo!
    gawd, where're rohan and Mrinalini these days!!??

  26. Mrill's grounded :|
    Don't ask, LONG story, tell you in school.

    Ro's a paranoid after youknowwhat.
    So he thought he wouldn't come online,but then he couldn't resist :P So he did,and you missed him.
    So yeaa.

    Mrill's gonna be online soon enough,knowing her :P
    She calls and her exact words were:

    "My mother's possessed by my dead grandmom who had a problem with me for wearing fake fur".

    Yeah, I can hear you laughing xD

  27. And I'll remain and external agent, who's a fan of you both :)

  28. nice :-D though i didn't understand :-P

  29. oooo...didn't seem like fiction at all.
    Good one!

  30. aaah! even i was wishing it wasn't 'fiction' !
    engaging stuff :>

  31. @ Charu: Awww <3

    @ Robin: Lol,sudhar jaaaaa!

    @-Sugar Cube- : Aw,thank you (:

    @ IE: Your net is backk! hugs!
    Lol ;) Thanks babe

  32. heyi lil nightingale:)this one is darun...idea ta kerom elo bol ektu :)

  33. Hiii!! Thank you ! :)
    Miss korchilaam tomake bishooooon!!
    Yhe idea?
    Well.. Lets just say..that........
    reality makes fiction ;)
    Rest,just follows ;)

    Love you!


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