Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mid week cry-sys(tem)

Playing now: Saibo.

Hello there Thursday people.. It's been one long and tiring week, and it virtually kills me to think it's not even over yet. But I ditched school today and slept till about lunch time, which hadn't happened in a long time. And now I feel drugged,because I just slept for 13 hours straight and I can't think right now.

But first things first- Weekend trip was fantastic. I was out in the heat practically all weekend, walking with my Jaipuri jootis hehh. I didn't have to reach out to my phone buzzing, because it was back in Delhi sleeping its happy butt off. I didn't read much,cause I do that a lot in Delhi.. and yeah well, I wasn't in a mood to read, for a change. I'm officially in love with Johri bazaar, holy hell that place is like wonderland for anyone who likes to shop junk, and Spice Court is the if you like to eat good food. I saw an elephant from this close for the first time in my life. It creeped me initially, but hey it was pretty cute :P I sound like a retard so moving on.
  I ate like a pig, walked like a hippie, clicked like a lunatic, and wrote like a lover.
That pretty much sums up most of the weekend.

There are like, a zillion pictures. But I'll stick to a few to just get you the feel of the weekend :)
Stepping out of the weekend, the week was an equally crapped up week. Bullshit at school, there's a riot ladies and gentlemen. And obviously Delhi seems like such a curse after any vacation at all. Oh which reminds me, my plan of boycotting Delhi this summer is finally coming true :) The whole of June, I'm off to Calcutta, and the trip is absolutely fixed. May....I'm still trying to work out.

There's this Spring Concert happening tomorrow, for which I was real eager to go. But looks like I can't.. I have my first round of exams startin' up this Monday :/
But then again, knowing me, I might just crash the concert for an hour anyway.. lets see. I hope you all come, I hear it's going to be fantastic. Details on Google/facebook.

Anyhow then you guys, I should make a move for lunch now. I have an afternoon of Political Science awaiting me. Joy :|

So while you guys are at it, grab a quick mango shake. They're awesome during summers :)
Ciao World,
shall come back with maybe some fiction, next post :)

-Love and free vacations,


  1. wow someone had fun...i want a holiday too :)

    Political science sucks ....happy studying :)

  2. Yep,I did :)

    and hey I love pol science! haha thanks :)

  3. excellent you had fun it shows and the pictures WOWOWOW :)
    political science oooh I rememeber that was one of my subjects at one stage .. and yes the expression :| says it all same here too :)


  4. haha yeah thanks :)
    Pol science is awesome.. just not when one's not in the mood for it. so yeah

  5. Man, I so envy you. I'd LOVE a vacation. I hope something will materialise in the summer holidays for me too. The whole school routine is getting way too dull.

    Awesome pics by the way. Maybe you could post some more?

    And yes, study is so NOT the right thing when you're not in the mood for it. I'd rather go do something exciting right now like,oh, cliff diving!


  6. Naice clicks Nil... and 13 hours? On a weekday? Talk of luxury girl :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  7. @Charu: I'm sure something willwork out just fine for you this summer :) Haha who knows, you might just end up in London again with the bride's maid gown looking the prettiest of all ;)
    And yeah alright, I'll put up some more pictures :-)

    @Blasphemous: Thanks! and haha I know, I got lucky that day :)

  8. Nil...I love the pictures...makes me wanna apparate NOW. :P And ur coming home to Kolkata :) Niceee...Anddd btw I detest pol sc :P


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