Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another blabber.

Good morning, Thursday people!
I know I promised to resume my train of fiction in the last post, but it's the middle of the week, I had an off from school, I just woke up, cranky as ever, and I want to blabber and rant. And so, I resign to my faithful blogspot and your tired ears.

This week.. has been eventful. Told you guys about the weekend. On the 12th, I went to IHC for the big horn festival where Hari and Sukhmani were playing. Heard these guys for the first time, although I've been stalking these guys on Youtube for a week now. They have good stuff. But I'm in love with their track "Boohey Barian". Please listen to it, and furthermore, google the lyrics. They're beautiful.. It's the only track that's been playing on my computer since three days. (It's the seventh time I'm listening to it now) yeah,I have OCD with this song. But it's just the lyrics that set me flying,and listening to this song live was.... I don't even know what. I went into a trance. IHC has some amazing memories, and it all hit like a heavy bolt. Anyhow, listen to the song you guys. It's amazing.
Here are some pictures of the show -

So all in all, I went for a gig after a looong time, and it was awesome. Now there's a dance recital coming up this 16th at Kamani- Prayog 3. Google it, and try n be there. It's going to be a fantastic evening of contemporary choreography :)

I have Saturday off,too. Ma and I were planning on doing a quick getaway to Jaipur, keep your fingers crossed. Which reminds me, she called half n hour back calling me for brunch. And I should get going now. I shall hog on brunch, read some, finish my econ notes (need inspiration.), and sleep again. And then go out, I don't know where though?

Oh oh and I changed the layout of my blog, as you guys must have noticed. I needed something new, and I guess this one's the best for my mood lately. I hope you guys like it? :)
Anyhow, the week's going to end in another day guys, so hang on to your jobs a tad more!
I promise the next posts shall be fiction updates, for sure.

So ciao for now,
as always,


  1. my lil pink patiala baby ssiter is growing into me :) love it

  2. Awesome pics! :)

    I will definately google those artists!

  3. @The blue..: Thankyou! and yes, you should :)

    @Maryam: Thank you :) welcome to my blog!

  4. WOW!!

    Its been so long I visited ur page and the same freshness is still alive.
    Gigs are awesome.. I saw the last one at my home in the mirror yesterday..:P

    Prayog.. good prayog..:)
    For motivation, go write ur eco notes..:)



  5. Thanks for the update. Feels nice to read you're having fun, though I admit I wish I could do the same!

    I think I'll put up a rant against Maths soon. It's totally driving me up the wall.

    And the new layout is nice. If this is a true expression of you at the current moment, go for it!

    Good luck to us all in the new week, we'll need it!

    p.s. I'm on my way to checking out the tracks and artists you mentioned. Cheers!

  6. Jaipur? That's my city. I too have some fond memories of IHC

  7. Cheerrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! ilovelovelovelove the ommggg so cute look to the blogggghhh! =)
    it's so yooouuuhhh. and omg martini! i love martinis =) i adoorree the tag line =*

  8. imissyousomuch =(
    you haven't replied to no shitttt! what's up with the sadness heyyyyy, i don't likie =(
    sooow not you aaaah! =( get back to me soon

    *pretty puppy face*
    ily. =)

  9. @Nipun: Hey there, good to see you here after a long time, and happier to be told that you find the freshness alive. I hoped for it to remain :-)
    Haha the econ notes are done,
    cheers :-)

    @Charu: I hope you liked the track :-) And yes yes, rant post on math, I'll be the first to comment, haha!
    chill babe, by the end of this year, we'll be in a different world altogether. Perhaps, a better one..perhaps not. Only time will tell :-)

  10. @Anon: Good to hear that, you must come visit again then!

    @Mrill: Hi love, yay good to know you liked the new layout :) And yeah man, mails this weekend, I promise. Sorry, I hardly come online for like, 10 mins at a stretch. Kind of over the cyber world, except blogger. That's the only sane website around :P hah, but I shall get back to you, Sunday. For sure. I miss you too

  11. NIl NIl NIl the song is totally raddd! Thanks for sharing man!

  12. GLAD to know you liked it! :)

  13. this looks like a really fun event. and i know what you mean about being OCD with a song. I do that all the time--will just have one song on repeat for days.

  14. hahaha exactlyyy! and everyone around me gets so sick of it :P


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