Monday, April 18, 2011

At nights like tonight.

At nights like tonight.

At nights like tonight, I do not question anything. My mind is numb echoing to the most beautiful music in the world, with my thoughts floating like lovely hues over the flames of a candle.. Nothing burns, nothing wastes,everything seems to live for a reason that each horizon promises to be achieved.
At nights like tonight, I see distinguished memories, I can remember laughter, I can smell celebration in a mind close by.. I can feel an omnipresent thought, that tinkles to the light gentle breeze, blowing somewhere in the back of my mind, where the lights are dim, and understanding is underestimated. 
At night's like tonight,  I seize my opinions. I seize my rebellious body. I seize my soul that's hungry for some more life. I seize my questions, just for tonight.

And at nights like tonight, I dream in with the gin of fantasy.. fantasy of a world that the baby in me wonders to, when all the secrets of the universe unfold to the virgin mind of an infant.
Tonight, I just be. 



  1. interesting, but how can u "just be" when u're already occupied in thinking or dreaming?

  2. Freedom,
    to choose to win or to lose,
    to have your choice, and to exercise;
    to be dumb or wise,
    Oh, how nice!!
    to have your own space,
    to gaze at some chosen face,
    to eat or to starve,
    to have your hue, blue or mauve;
    to speak your mind, or be quiet,
    to stay in dark, or turn on the light
    to kill all Gods, or worship a stone
    to shout with the crowd, or stand alone,
    to sit, stand or walk,
    to read, play or just talk.
    To do or not to do,
    a thousand things, and more,
    Freedom, sure??
    Alas!! That inexpressible grief!
    A mistaken belief,
    Ostrich, its no use hiding your face,
    Invisible predators on the chase,
    No, its no time for fun,
    Be killed or Run!!
    In your choice, u seek your glee
    But u ain’t yet got the freedom,
    Just to be.

  3. @Lokesh: By "just being" is to let go off the reasons,logics,and the opnionated mind of mine for once that's so hungry to know more, to yell more, to fight more.
    I am "just being" tonight by abandoning all sense of rationality and embracing to fantasy and to things that seem beautiful and intriguing to a child. A child in me.

    And that was a lovely piece, thanks for sharing it!

  4. lovely Nil. my fave part was the line about the gin of fantasy.

    love your blog header by the way. you look so happy!

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed the sublimity of your expression, but what made me comment was the last three words "I just be". When I'm fantasizing/dreaming, how can I say I'm just being, I should rather say I'm being and fantasizing or dreaming. To get rid of mental prejudices is good. But have I gotten rid of the habit of constant doing? Am I free to just be without doing? dreams and fantasies may be beautiful, but a golden cage is a cage all the same.

    Thanks for reading it ma'm!:) I've shared it with a few friends b4 but nobody has ever got the point!! Can you say who are the invisible predators constantly on the chase?

  6. wow what beautiful words....i love the was magical gal :)
    Mwaaaahz to this work :)

  7. @Cheryl: My loveeee. Hello, awesome to see you here,as always! and glad that you liked this piece and the picture <3

    @Lokesh: Aaaah,sorry to get back to you so late! I had a very tiring day, and the explanation would take a while because it's much detailed than you might expect.. but you shall get it nevertheless, just not tonight. It would be unjust to finish up in a hurry :-)

  8. @Sparkling Gem: Thanks sweetheart, you've always been such a darling!
    love :-)

    @the Blue..: thankyou thankyou :)

  9. I awarded you! Hooray =)
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  10. Kanika! heyy thanks for the award! that's so very sweet. I'm on my way to your blog :-)


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