Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Because some songs just make you forget your blues :)

School was downright murderous today. For no apparent reason,tho. I didn't even have double econ :/
But it was one of those days when you don't actually wake up all day, and you work around like a zombie. I kept falling asleep. Once, in the library. Once in Pol science. Then in econ. And the bus ride back home was just cruel. And now, when I can actually manage to grab a quick afternoon nap, I felt like a blabber, so here I am.
But that's not the point of this post. I was having a semi-blue-ish type of a day. Shifting from a bad mood to an okay mood.. When I got home, for some reason, I got all bleh and pissed. And there set a bad blue. But THEN, I check Facebook, and one of my friends happened to mention the song "Save the last dance" by Michael Buble.. and so I randomly out it on Youtube, cause it had been a while I'd heard that song. And Jesus lord, it pepped me up like magic. It's one of those numbers which make me want to grab a partner, put on high heels and swish some salsa skirts! And.. the music. The music is just lovely. One of those that you keep humming without even realizing it, cause it's just so damn catchy and sweet :)
The video's adorable. Do have a look,in case you missed out on it..

I have another looong weekend coming up, starting this Friday. I might be going on a road trip, just to get away from Delhi for a bit. Although I'm unsure about it. Or else, I plan to go to this old fort of sort Friday afternoon with a bunch of friends, followed up with a quick weekend trip to my sister's place. So either ways, weekend planned :) It's funny how I look forward to the weekends so much.. The weekdays leave me gasping for some kind of  a break. Oh and our date sheet for the first round of exams before the vacations are out,so I'm guessing this is the last fun weekend of April... But nevermind, I have two months of summer waiting for me on the banks of Hugli :)


Also, I wanted to congratulate Kanika Kaul for her 100th post and thank her for awarding me on her blog! Thanks lady. Your page is absolutely fantastic and hell so exotic! Cheers to you, and I look forward to many more of your blogger milestones :)

Anyhow then Wednesday people, I should maybe go and catch up on some sleep. I have a looong day ahead. I'm performing with my father for a music show, rehearsals begin today! So ciao, and don't struggle too much with the mid week. It'll be over soon :)

-clear skies,


  1. my moms singing in delhi on staurday, if youre interested :) catch her at nehru park, saturday evening at some point..

  2. I will be there, for SURE.

  3. I'm sure you'll love it here in Hooghly. Its already quite warm and humid, but the evenings always keep up to the promise of cool winds.

  4. oh hoogly is in kolkata , i have been there and it is indeed beautiful :)

    have never heard the singer in ur link yeah sad me i know :)


  5. i love the song :)

    And another performance all the best :)....ur already going places....when u will be out of school i will running to get ur autographs and telling ppl i used to read ur blog and still do :)

  6. btw i switched back to my old issues or no issues...I dont care and I care for my lovely friends who loved the name :)

  7. @The Xeno: I always love it there, back in Cal. And aah, the evenings... sigh :-)

    @Bikram: Yes, it is beautiful indeed :-) And it's never too late, go have a look now!

  8. @Scrib Gal: Haiinnnaaa! The songs is LOVE. And hahha oh no my love, it's nothing huge. It's just an R.D.Burman eve, where I'm singing along :-) autographs! haha a lil far fetched ;)
    And awww you're old name is baaaaack! Yes, I loved the name, and it's awesome to see it back! <3
    muucch muchhh love :-)

  9. Mujhe bhi jaana hai Hooghly ke paas... :( I have never been to the eastern part of India. Wish I make a holiday there sometime... ANd i just love to be amidst the Bengali crowd :)).. Happy weekend Nil...

  10. Aw you should totally go some time! it's beautiful.....
    happy weekend to u too banu :-)

  11. Road trip and all Tithu baby! Looks like someone's growing up :-)
    koto taratari 12th'e eshe geli, bujhtei parlaam na re. Oi din tor mukhe bhaat holo :-)
    Have fun sweet heart
    a lot of love,

  12. also, tor photography albums dekhlam facebook'e Rana'r account theke. Baa baa! tui toh kichui charli na :-) You're bubbling with talent little one, and I'm happy to know you are using it well :-)
    are these photos clicked by you too?

  13. MoMaaaaaashii! Oh HOW your comments cheer me up! Yes, I guess my final year's here. Csn't even imagine getting into colg next year, it was all so fast.. :/
    and aww that's so sweet! I got Rana mama's mail about it too :) Thanks for the encouragement, but really, I'm just fooling around, it can't be labelled as Photography. I'm not even close to the true skills of it :)
    And no, these pictures are from Google!

    Thanks mashi, you make my day :)

  14. Those pics = Awesome!

    Happy weekend! :)



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