Sunday, April 10, 2011

April's update.

Hello there, World.
Long time, no see? Yes, I know. Writing a normal update post almost feels alien, thanks to all the super heavy posts I've been putting up lately. And there's more, tonnes more, so you guys, brace yourselves. I've been on a Writer's high and not a block, for a change.. So I've been coming up with something or the other practically everyday. And I have about a million drafts saved up on my blogger ready to pounce on your intellect! Err. I just thought it would be a nice change to put up a pointless post and actually talk about how are things at my end.

My end. Ah. It's a question I'd rather avoid, but since I bring it up on my own.. My end comprises of work. A lot of work. I'm slogging my rear off all week- studying, writing, dancing, participating in everything and anything and visiting all kinds of odd places around Delhi. You will find me in every exhibition/ dance recital/gig/movie screening... In short, read: any cultural event by Tom, Dick and Harry. I walk all the time. I've officially disowned autos. My regular auto fellow at the stand looks at me like an abandoned child. I have taken to walking and travelling by buses. Yes, buses. That's another new habit I've adapted myself to. And buses are dirt cheap, that's the best part. They get me anywhere, be it familiar or no. I've been travelling by random buses, going till the last stop and coming back again for no good reason, except for maybe improving my geography, experience, and some times I go places to shoot or to write about.
Weekends... aah weekends are the ones I look forward to. I usually go out with Rem, Rob,Shiv,Vanta and Guina. And it seems worth it, like I've earned the weekend, if you know what I mean? I work hard and study well all week and it just feels really nice and satisfactory when I can finally cut myself some slack starting Friday evening : )
So yeah. The funniest part is, I've kinda become anti social. Yes, I know that sounds strange after the rant I just did above. But it's weird. Earlier, I used to always be with a group of friends or just always had company. The evenings, specially. But it's not that anymore. I've been on my own, a lot. I don't need company anymore, I'm actually quite comfortable spending time on my own, even if it's a random walk till the market in the evening if I have nothing to do. Or spend time at home. (Yes, I do that a lot now.)
Whatever. In short. Things have changed. And weather I like it or not... that will be judged after my system actually gets used-to it.

I had a fantastic weekend,this one! I've actually been having subsequent fantastic weekends : )
Got up reaaal late on Saturday after having a sleep-less night on Friday complimented with super senti poems that found my neurons at 4 in the morning. I lazed around all day, went out for a bit in the evening, and then went on for the Jazz utsav with my brothers and a couple of friends. But today was legeeennddhharryy! Went over to Vanta's to party with Guina and Rem. Had the best frikkking time ever. We ate like hogs, ate some more, did a FRIENDS marathon, ate some more, drank some (tang! sheesh.), clicked retarded pictures, watched FRIENDS again, ate some more, talked a lottt, ate, ate, and then played badminton! Oh not to forget Remya's act of machoness, when she climbed over a gate to get the shuttle cock and the number of wild jokes and incidents that aren't even hitting my head right now cause I'm just so damn tired :P

Anyhow, then Milda picked us up, and Remya and I went to the Jazz Utsav which was absolutely fantaaastic, yet again. Although yesterday's was maybe a tad bit better.. but nevertheless today was good too. And finally we came back with Neha and Sheks, and now here I am. At home, my eyes are drooping with sleep but I shall torture them some and watch How I Met Your Mother :-)

School tomorrow. Ugh. BUT. Tuesday and Thursday off! So that's one hope that's going to drag my uniform and me to school tomorrow. Forgive me people, for the incredibly looong post. But I hadn't blurted in a while, and yeah well, venting it out now.. So I take your leave now! The next few posts shall again be a train of fiction, but I promise to update with the random stuff and in general about how's life being so cruel as much as I can and sooner :P
Take care!

- love,


  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    and don't forget our pervy-assed jokes XD

  2. Haha our perv jokes <3
    i can NEVER get over how bloody hilarious they are xP

    damn. today was awesome.

    P.S- next weekend, I'm off to Agarsen ki bauli, I guess. Lemme know if you guys wanna tag along :)

  3. tuesday thrusday off ??? bloody zaalim duniya and i work 5 days a week...slavery salla slavery

  4. And this is actually coming from me:

    School. ugh :(

  5. @PinkPatiyalaSis: Arrey tabhi kaha tha, parhai likhai choro. Bara admi banke kya fayda when you fall into the traps of slavery? :P

    @Charu: Oh well, on the bright side, tomorrow and Thursday are off :)

  6. omgomgomg YOU'RE OL !!!!!!!!!!!!! cherrrrrr! I MISSED YOU. Omg. And awww super mush post heyyy! =')

    how've you been sweets?! I've misssssedd yoouuhhh =(

  7. oh and hey hey i still haven't got a gmail =/

  8. Hello, yes I'm online :)
    And the post was mush? Really? :|
    Err, okay, if you say so.

    I've been good, and yes, I haven't been able to reply man. I read most of the mails, but am too caught up. I'll reply back in the weekend okay?
    I miss you too :-)

  9. great .. nows the time to have all that fun :)


  10. How do you find so much time to squeeze in to do these many things? And on top of it you have got so many drafts in your blogger.. I envy you!! But at the end of the day - happy for you dear :) Keep rocking as usual..

    And ya sorry for being so dormant in your blog as always.. But I do catch up some quick light posts like this.. :)

  11. @Bikram: I guess :)

    @Banu: We all think that there's so much to do, but so little time.. oh well, I've just been taking all the fun in squeezing in everything and anything in that little time and exploiting the fun as much as I can :)
    And thank you! it's always a pleasure to see you on my page :))

  12. wow, somebody is having a good time

  13. A good time is overrated. I'm just having a time that suits me, now :)

  14. very enjoyable journey at your blog ....good work keep going !! why dont you come at my blog i hope u got something new !!

  15. Thank you so much, and sure I shall drop by your page :)

  16. Heeee! it sure isn't :P
    and lisssun. I dont have balance, tabhi reply nai kiya!

    Sasriya kaaaaaaal! you're back my lobeee :*

  17. sat sri akal!
    yes i'm baaaaaack! :D
    tang is has iron and some other vitamins :P does alcohol have that?huh?

  18. I wouldn't know! Ask devdas.

    HAAAAHAHAH. Okay sorry, I know that was kick ass lame but heyy I haven't cracked super PJs to you in like what? three days :O

    and I had no idea its sat sri kal :/

  19. the new header!! :)

  20. heehee i missed your's & guina's super lame pj's :')

  21. Haina? and perv jokes<3 :P haaah. friday school shall be fun. 4 days of lameness to catch up on :P

  22. Loved reading your rant :)
    Enjoyed it .........
    Love your new PIC ......


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