Sunday, April 3, 2011

An idea of a fine balance.

An idea of a fine balance.

I used to tip toe on railway tracks,
when I was six,
and my fate seemed bright.
and my idea of a fine balance,
was to not trip once and go six miles.
To beat the other urchins,
behind me.

I used to tip toe,
when the tracks vibrated,
and the train seemed too far,
too far to murder my younger brother,
who had only learnt to walk.

I used to tip toe,
when the pebbles below,
seemed to play along,
and tickle my feet,
and I used to pretend it was a pleasant breeze,
of an ocean I only saw photographs of,
on the back door of the barber's shop.

I used to tip toe,
when they carried my mother,
to the funeral ground they said was a garden,
a garden where kids weren't allowed.

I'm still tip toeing,
to the railroads of life,
where I see a train every now and then,
some to take me along,
and some to gift me my brother's fate.

I still am tip toeing,
to fight with these strong feet,
to achieve that fine balance,
that has been an idea in me for long,
so that I walk, and not tip toe anymore..



  1. Good luck to them , Hope they manage to stand on there feet and take on the world ..

    A beautiful poem


  2. This one is so good! Gave me goosebumps! Seriously!
    Awesome as always. :)

  3. @Bikram: Thanks :)

    @Manta: Aw thanks kiddo :)

    @Vanta: Thanks babee :)

  4. Spread your arms out wide, take a deep breath and look ahead. Don't look at your feet, but a few steps ahead. You might even run, when you see whats ahead instead of seeing whats below.
    It doesn't matter what time brings to you on this track of life, it will always be a mixed bag.

    Nice read.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  5. I couldn't agree more with each and every word you said. It always is, a mixed bag.. indeed.
    and thank you so much

  6. @The Blue... : Thank you so much :)

    @Lokesh: :)

  7. Beautiful, dear. Just beautiful...


  8. I love it when your work leaves me speechless. This is beautiful. :)

  9. And the photograph is so perfect. Who clicked?

  10. @Nurturing...: Thank you so much

    @Shiv: I love you, Shiv. Thanks babe :] And the picture is from google. Got pretty lucky, got the perfect one :-)

  11. Dudeeee...........U were is quite emotional...especially for a father
    but personally, i liked that funeral ground stanza, i could totally connect......i had a similar situation
    neways....beautiful job done :)

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  13. i CANNOT believe you actually TOOK the pains of commenting on my blog, Rob :O Tor KI hoyechey?!?!

    but nevertheless, I'm touched :) Thanks man, that was too damn sweet!

  14. My dear darling, what are you doing? This was your finest piece, it brought me and Onku close to tears!
    I do not understand how you put across feelings so easily and make the reader see it just like you want! Beautiful, little one. I really think you should give publishing a thought :-)

    A lot of love,

  15. My God how can u write so awesome sweetheart....this was one touching poem....sorry darling missed reading u due to a busy schedule but now me back :D

    How have u been sweety?

  16. @Mashi: Wow thank you so much! Seriously, i didn't expect such a feedback for this poem.. but I'm literally elated! Thank you mashi, and haha publishing.. umm.. well. Maybe not yet!

    @Scrib Gal: Hullloo my love! Aw thank you so so so much! I swear I'm THRILLED to get such an amazing feedback. And I'm even more kicked about the fact that you're back :)
    I've been just fine. You update me!

  17. Mostly i just read your posts.........but this time i just had to comment on it :)

  18. Aww dude! that's like the sweetest thing man. Thanks rob :)

  19. Truly amazing.
    Loved your blog. I am so following it. :D

  20. Awww thank you so much! That was so sweet! :)


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