Saturday, April 16, 2011

The worst, is over.

The worst, is over.

She sighs relief,
when the warmth of daylight,
greets the curtains of her eyes..
It's morning again,
the worst, is over.

There's nothing different today,
the sun's the same as yesterday,
but it's daylight,
she sees movement.
Her mind takes to business,
her subconscious soul- dead.

The day smiles at her hardwork,
it smiles at every emotion, every memory,
she works to sweat off.
When every bead of sweat,
splashes another alibi,
into the ocean of a distorted will,
a will to forget.

As the evening proceeds,
her subconscious soul stirs in sleep,
the moon shyly peaks,
at her who's running away,
away to a horizon,
chasing the sun.

And as the sun sets,
and the lullaby of night falls,
the warmth is forgotten,
and the lull of memories vaporize and escape,
that corner of the heart....
The subconscious soul in her,
lies awake.
Ready to remember...
She sighs relief,
when the warmth of daylight,
greets the curtains of her eyes..
It's morning again,
the worst, is over.



  1. This is so good!!!!!!!!!
    P.S LOVE the new blog layout.

  2. Vantaaaaaaa. Thanks my lowe :-) Milkshake date on Sundaaayyyy.

  3. p.s- Pol science answers are to be gifted to me complimentary with the milkshake please. :/
    and and, i shall ask Remya if she joins in, you the asks the Guiinnaa.

    actually I might just not even wake up on time to make it to malvya nagar :P we'll figure it out on sunday only.

  4. expect me..ME to do the pol science HW....kya hogaya tereko :P

  5. Abbey ja. You had nervous attacks bunking your HOME SCIENCE class for god's sake. I have nothing else to say Vaniteshwar!

  6. No. It's called figuring no matter how much it hurts you,Vanta, that Achla anad does not give a flying shait to you and Guinz attending her classes :/
    Poor Arjun had to take a whole hour of my crap. We ended up in the art room making pointless paintings :P

  7. :/ she does care about us :'O

    lol....bechara arjun :D

  8. Yeah, ofcourse she does. You guys make her uttapam devoid salt, and she cares about you guys showing up for a class in which all you guys do is wear aprons :P

    And haha you have NO idea how bad I tortured him today. By the end of it, we got into a "painting competition".
    You can only imagine how retarded 'I' and 'Painting' sound together :/

  9. Damn you..the uthapam was freaking awesome....
    no comments on the "painting" and "you" part :P

  10. The result was Robin going diplomatically about how Arjun's painting was "neat" and mine was "wild".
    And Harveen just blew Arjun off. Nothing new. Anyway, it's 2am. My mother is on my head. I shall go read my spy novel now :)
    tu bhi soja. Amritsar's jetlag is katal, I'm sure :P

  11. lol....'nuff said :D

    good night my lauuuuuuuuuu :*

    i'm listening to trouty mouth from glee.. XD

  12. ^Now that you mention it, that's exactly what I'm gonna do before I go to sleep!
    gooddniiggghhttt loovvveeerrr.
    See you this weekend :*

  13. i love this! and I love your header too! :)

  14. wow u wrote a similar post like mine where we talk of worst being over :D

    Though mine is a long detailed rant :P

    Loved the lines baby and i am in love with ur blog layout <3

    And sweety do visit my blog...there is my birthday post and loved filled thanks :)

    And u will be know y i have been me finally happy back :D

  15. I love love love the header....pretty girl :)

    Ar shubho novoborsho nil :) And the poems a good read like always!

  16. @Kanika: Thankyou! Thankyou! :)

    @Sparkling Gem: I miss the name Scrib Gal :( But cute screen name nevertheless!
    And aw thank you my lovvee, yes yes I promise to get to your blog now! Sorry, been busy lately :(
    But yyyaaayyy you're baaaaaaack! :-)

    @Sam B: Thankyou soo much! Shubho nobo borsho to you too lady! cheers to a fantastic new year :-)

  17. The name Scribbling Girl might be again back u never know :D...just needed some things new for some time :D

    And gal I moderated my comments due to some reason for some time....till then u wd just get the message that published after moderation.....bear for a while :)

  18. @Ujjwal: Smilie?

    @Maryam: Thankyou!

    @Sprkling Gem: Change is good! Go for it lady :) And acha okay, not an issue at all,

  19. My my.. this didn't seem like it was coming from my little girl? :-)

  20. Well, I guess the little girl ain't that little anymore, after all :)

  21. Jesus Christ. This is the best poem you've ever written. So simple, yet so meaningful. :O

  22. The worst is over. Or is it?
    Every night she fights, and the parts that remain fight again, the next night.

    Nice read.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  23. @Shiv: Rememeber the other night, I told you about how I was having troubles falling asleep, and how I look forward to the days only? haha yeah, that night I was up till like 5 in the morning, and somewhere in the middle of it, this poem made its way through.. and wow, thanks love!

    @Blasphemous: Aaah..if you put it that way, then the worst is only friends with the best :-)
    Life, after all, is nothing but a paradox!
    And thank you :-)

  24. Like they say, it's always a new morning, coz the night, however bad or good it might be, will always end. Very well written.

  25. Indeed, thank you so much :-)

  26. lovely verse baby...someone seems to be growing wiser every day. shubho noboborsho pinkness :)

  27. @MosaMuse: =)

    @PinkPatiyalaSis: Aww thankyouuuuuuuuuuu! And shubho nobo borsho didiiiiiiiiii! Amar pronam nio :)


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