Thursday, February 18, 2010

A blissful celebration :)

I'm sorry haven't updated in a while,but it's been busy. So, today I got my admit card for the Boards.. I might sound absolutely crazy when I say this,but to a normal student this day should be a doom day? If not more. Cause getting the Admit Card gives you the green signal to enter an alien school,sit in an unfamiliar, uncomfortable bench and write an exam that is one of the most valued-through out your life.
But somehow,my neurons didn't seem to register that. They royally ignored the fact that this coming exam would be like crossing a mile stone in my life, or that there are people out there waiting for me to do well..None of that. Instead,I felt happy.
[This is the part where you trigger the gun]
My class teacher--the very one I hate- made me sign the documents and gave me my admit card along with the Apeejay Badge. She stuffed in curd and a sweet into my mouth and recited the same dialogue that she recited to all the other 47 kids- "Do well haa beta? You'll do very well!" and then she added a "Keep up with the writing,haa,Nilanjana!" to me. 
I knew she was waiting to get into her car,get home and take a nice hot bath. And that she didn't care a damn to what I wrote,and yet, I smiled. I liked what she said. 
[This is the part where you shoot me.]

So after that,I went to the staff room,to get some Astronomy stuff from a teacher who apparently went maniacal looking for me through out [In my friend,Suvriti's lingo]. And when I went, there were teachers who called me and wished me luck, and 2 of the Bengali teachers looked like they'd kiss me if they could to wish me luck. Remya's mom was a sweetheart,to me. Even the man-looking lady teacher [New lady,I have no clue who she is] wished me luck with a hearty smile and a half hug.
And Thennnn,came one of the people who I actually bother school for- Suman Anand ma'am. 
If you're new to my blog,let me tell you that she is the teacher who discovered my writing in lesson answers and spelling punishments. You can read her contributions in my life by reading  this and then this  .
Few weeks back I had given her a poem to read.. So today,she starts with; "You know Nilanjana...At times I wonder,how some people can just reflect so much about their thoughts and the depth of the world at such a tender age..." and then another kind teacher,Mrs.Amita Jaisingh  said "She really does have a powerful flair of writing you know!" and then the two teachers started appreciating my poem with me melting in blushes. But you know guys,no matter how funny and embarrassing these things might be,today once again I've realized that I truly am blessed to have known such teachers in my life,who're silent most of the times,but speak up when you need encouragement the most. Suman Anand ma'am hugged me,and said; "no matter what you do,where you go,or where I am,I need you to keep in touch with me and keep writing...Keep writing because you're gifted and I might not be here next year,but keep in touch to let me read your writing!"
I feel blessed yous. I truly,truly feel blessed. 
Today,I celebrate my bliss and my gratitude to all those teachers and yes,my school which has helped me acquire heights that I could only dream off. These teachers have made me dream,realize,and execute.
Here's to you, Suman ma'am.

With the pencil,you have not only taught me a subject...You've taught me love,compassion,music,art,the world,and myslef. Love to you,ma'am.

All my love
-The girl who had a terrible handwriting and made spelling mistakes :P


  1. Oh honey, loads and loads of kisses and hugs to wish you good luck! :)

    Man like teacher? Lol! :P

  2. And where is she going next year? I'm really starting to like Ms. Suman. She must be a gem of a person.

  3. awww :) loved this...really did..oh and i wrote something about you on my blog

  4. @Ramit: Thankyou! :) Lol,yesss,that teacher looks like a man :|
    Sorry,no offense to her man,but she does!!!

    @Sulagana: Thankssss babe!! :D Really?! u did?!! Ooohh,on my way! :D

  5. Its wonderful you have such great teachers who encourage you so much.
    I've never had that kind of support from any of my teachers :| inspite of the fact that my school was one of the best :|

    Think I need to read your poems.
    Direct links would be helpful :)

    Oh and all the very best!

  6. Lucky you Nil! The good thing is that you acknowledge their contribution. It's the best way to remain grounded no matter how high you soar :)

    BTW, where's Suman Anand ma'am going next year?

  7. First, all the luck for the boards! Do well, blog about it :D

    do APJ proud ;)

    well well... look's like the gift's been recognized...

    ....this n that....
    your teacher's right...if you don't use it, it'll rust away. So u gotta keep writing. There'll be times when u'd feel pressurized to 'keep up to the name' ...take a break then...but get back soon!

  8. @Manjari: Thanks,darling :)

    @Sugar Cube: Hi! :D Jeez yeah it's totally vital to have understanding teachers.... Hey really? Aww,yeah,I shall send you the links :)

  9. @Charu: Thanks darling, thanks tons
    :) very nice and kind of you to day that,indeed.

    @Mohit: Hi! Thank youuuu! :))
    Yesss,I shall try to do Apj proud :P BTW,how do u know Im from that school? :?
    Anyway,and yes, I shall surely keep writing. Thanks for those sweet words!

    Cheers to you guys! <3

  10. Hey ur teachers are good... I dont remember any of my teachers taking personal attention in any student (besides some time for caning them).

    All the best for your boards :)

    you write ..beautifully ..dont ever stop!

    im sorry for commenting late. read your post in the morning but didnt have the time to comment!

  12. oRange*: Hiiiiiii =]
    Aww lady,did I tell you your comments make my day? Cause, you better know that fact and be here soon! :P

    It's okayyyy! dude, your gorgeous blog!! Update it~! I wanna read moorreeee :)

  13. Yes it is a great feeling to know that one had access to some great teachers, I can share your feelings here and believe me, such feelings will linger long after you leave your school too.......
    very good to know that this kind is not a dying breed afterall!!

    Now my interest is perked up to go through your other pieces :D

  14. @Mural!: Hi,I'm so glad you came over. Thanks for following me! :)
    I saw all those kind comments by you in my other posts.
    Thank you for all those priceless acknowledgements :)
    I'm honored.

    See you around more! :)

  15. Hey Nil, drop by my blog when you have time...

  16. Awesome read yo Cherr. Crazy sure you're teach's gonna flip after readin' this hey!
    It's amazing to see you respect her so much, it's darn important yo.
    Sorry haven't been round much, been upto school work yo.
    Brillaint Cherr, awesome.
    Call you soon hey!

  17. Oh and cool picture yo!

    Mrill's grounded again, just so you know X)

  18. wish you loads of good luck.
    BTW im glad u realized that though these exams are a big deal you dont treat it like some larger than life entity:)

  19. Cherrryyyyy!!! Hiiii =) Omg I missed you okay!!
    How are you?! I loved your post! Omg,I love you. Like I love your teacher already!

  20. There goes. Peace O hail =|

    Welcome back,Sister.

  21. Oh Christ yo. You presence imbalances my brain. Go away.

  22. Christ no ain't your pally hubby baby brother! He's not gonna come down speak ceremony for your wedding with Physics baby!

    You had a brain? :O
    You little bitch,you never told me!

  23. Stop copying Stine. He'll choke if he hears you copying the stuff he speaks yo.

    And uh,doubts about me having a brain hey?
    Let's see who got grounded for partying before an exam night x)

  24. Yeah,I have friends to party with =)

    Awww,I see those tears already! Don't cry baby brother. You'll get some,too. I hope x)

  25. Uh,yeah I have friends who can spell my name,you know? And who can manage to graduate High school :)

    Sensitive Topic?
    Aww,you'll pass,too yo.

    I hope x)

  26. @Mril and Rohan: :D
    Hi :)

    @Nil: Haha..I love her too, :D
    Gonna miss her man :|

  27. Whatever I'm outta here yo.
    Get some books yo, maybe lookin' at them would teach you to write your name on the Pop quizzes in bold letters, you know?
    Like maybe Miss.Mart would figure you know figure speech at a minimum hey :)

    I love you too.

  28. @Remya: Hey! How've you been yo?!

  29. Oh I'm gonna pass with a tiara baby, don't you worry.
    Go grab a soda, you needa steep the steam off your brain cells hey?!

    @Remya: Omg hiiiii babe! =) How ARE you!!?

  30. The steam's comin' from the green door next to me,sissy <3

  31. @Rohan: I'm good tell..Wats wid all the physics man..You gimme tension with all the studying, makes me feel incompetent :|
    Hey hows the cold?
    Guess what?..I just got down with fever a few hours back. Funnily, I seem to chance upon you guys only when I'm down with fever..;-)
    You save me from the boredom :D
    How's your ant farm going?

  32. @Mrill: yoooooo!!!
    I'm good :)
    God, your enthusiasm's infectious ;-)

  33. Yeah, Ant farm..Not too good hey..
    Really? take care yo. The cold, naah whatever the bum yo!

    Physics is easy! I figure you're a pro! :)

  34. @Remya: Your cuteness is infectous! Omg what happened to youuuuuuu!? Omg hot picture!! You look so stunning!!! =)

    @The little bitch: weren't you going offline baby?

  35. @The blonde: Yeah I am. Like,maybe get a new sister from the pet store,yo.

    Remya,Ima go now yeah?
    Sorry yo, needa run. On a half day today,so is my sister but guessing she's dropped out yo xD

  36. @Rohan: Yeah well Physics and Bio save my a** in exams..Chemistry sucks eternally..;-) know what?..I'm gonna google ant farms..They sound intriguing..:|
    Yeah, did I mention my middle name is "weird"..;-)
    I want the snow!!!

    @Mrill: haha..;)
    Thank you..It was edited by Nilanjana...But beauty comes from within dusn't it...*winks*
    So no credit to Bongo then.. *grins wide*

    Aw..I adore the tag "Little bitch"...Ever tried writing a book on nicknames?
    You'd become a millionaire..:P

  37. Uh poop on that midget of an ass!

    Like,you needn't buy a sister you know? I figured we got you from the garage sale :)

    And yes,'re so concerned for shit, I'ma go to school soon. Get away,yeah

    Hate you :)

  38. @Remya: Ahahahahahah!! You're cute! Yeah Cherr's pretty awesome hey!
    haha yeah totally about the beauty part =)
    You're pretty!!! <3

  39. *Blushes*

    Me? A..a..Book? What's Cherr for then!!! ;}

    teehaa :)

  40. @Rohan: Sure man, ciao and take care ya>/?
    I still want the snow :|

  41. You don't want the snow. It's a bitch!

    Hey you write songs hey!!

  42. @Mril:
    Cherry will write her own book and we'll manage yours wotsay?
    Nah man..I just might end up with a BIG head..don' say I'm pretty..
    Damn..well, the cold's not gone yet..:(

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  44. Honey,I need you to reply quickly! I need to run to school in a bit. Dang it hey,wish you were online a while back hey!

  45. @Mrill: How did you know i write songs????

  46. @Mrill: sorry..was browsing thru the "evil porn promoter facebook"..;-)
    Lol..I remember that..:P
    Thts y ws a bit late..:|

  47. Cherr and I were talking. So she was gushing over this song you drove her crazy off the feet about =)

  48. hahahahaha! About Facebook. Ima shut up if I don't want pears on me =P

  49. @Mril: haha..yeah..
    I write songs..
    Dang it..And i'd told her not to go spreading the word..:|
    so you're in the secret too..:D

  50. @Mrill: Yeah/..dont want u to get grounded or anything..Seriously speaking, I think you're the only person I know who gets grounded so frequently..and Thats why you're the best..*grins devilishly*
    We're on the same boat :D

  51. Hahha! I know, she tried to hide it,but then gradually I bugged her with the whole songf and finally she got pissed and told me it was you =P
    Sorry,hey! Ima keep the secret!
    *Highfive back*

    I know right?! Gettin' grounded's cool. I get to eat and sleep tons =D

  52. Heck it,I needa get to school. I'll catch you soon hey?
    Im sorryyy pretty!! It's just a half bitchy of a day off hey!
    And my toddler brother will make sure I get to school, yeah reportin' to Agent.Mum.
    Ughh kills!

  53. haha!!..
    That's more like the "cool gang"..;-)
    Hey whats the time there?..
    It seems funny that you're going to school just when I'm gonna go to sleep..:D
    Weirdness of te world..:|

  54. This comment has been removed by the author.

  55. It's mid day,like around 12:30 =|

    chat soon hey! <3 take care!!
    Get gorgeous a tad more and I kill you! =)

  56. Kidding! <3 Bye!

    Oh and tell Cherr I miss her!
    And you!! =)

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  58. Blogger's acting weird and publishing all my comments twice.. :|
    Hey mom's back and giving me the looks for sitting on internet..I think she's on the verge of breaking the laptop into two pieces..;-)
    Haha..Mom's will always be fun. Not.
    Anyways..I gotta go. Warm cosy bed in store for me while you drudge away in school...:P
    (Yoo-hoo! seems fun :D )
    Bye then, take care :)
    And get me the snow :)

  59. haha..bye man :)
    Yeah..I was gonna ask you to tell Bongo that I miss her..:P

  60. @Ro,Mrill,Rem:

    Yeah, FINE . No matter HOW many times I tell you to missed call me when you plan to come online, you guys go ahead act amnesiac! >::
    And then complain about missing me on my blog. I mean,WTF?!

    Anyhowwwwwwww did I mention I love the convo of you 3 ?:P Like,even though I was studyin O lord Chem then :| But whatever!

    Miss you guys,
    come onlineeeeee!!! :)

  61. @smrithi rao: Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog :) And yeaa thanks for the luck! Omg, awesome picture you got!
    Hope you visit again :)


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