Monday, February 8, 2010

Save your family. Please.

Your mother was killed yesterday.
You can't do anything about it. You know why? Cause you don't know she's left you. You don't know she's been murdered. You didn't hear her cry. You didn't see the trace of blood that followed her body.
She went to find you food.
You don't know anything. So you've been waiting for her to get back,since yesterday. Hungry,scared,tired,sleepy. You've been waiting for her to come,to get you food and for you to sleep under her securing,warm body.
You waited. She never came back.
You're still waiting.

Feeling goose bumps? I hope you are. Cause these tigers feel it,everyday. 
I just saw an add. It said,India is left with 1411 tigers.
1411. Yes. 
That's the amount of money people spend to get a wallhanging of a single claw nail,of a tiger. And from the  illegal markets blossoming with tiger skin rugs,cheetah skinned dresses,bags,claw decorations,etc etc, the population of a breathing creature, has crawled down to a figure of 1141.
Our National animal. Our icon of pride. Of strength- Of life, is dying. Slowly,painfully.

Do something. You guys. Please. I'm feeling sick inside.. I feel like a murder belonging to the human race. How can we do this to another breathing life,like us? How can we be deaf to the bullet and the piercing cry? How can we be so blind to the teary eyes of those cubs? How can we be ignorant towards the heart beat,the heart pumping blood through veins, just like our heart does?
How can we not see our World dying? Or rather, how can we choose not to???

We're dying guys, soon enough. We're killing our family,the tigers are our ancestors,we borrowed the trees,the land,the sky,from them. And All those animals out there in the wild..or rather,in the captive of death.

SPREAD AWARENESS, I'm pleading. Call,text,blog,protests,websites,radio,television,pagers.
There's no point being proud of our communication and technology if they don't help us live--save our lives and families.

Save the Tiger. 

Photography Credit: Niloy Ghosh Dastidar.

P.S- You can visit various websites which focus on the Cat Family and carry on this movement. You can visit the website of Indian Tigers and the Cat family-  HERE .


  1. Good initiative Nil. Kudos to you!

  2. ^Thanks :)
    I'm sure with active supporters and friends like you,we all can carry forward this movement and make a change :)

  3. Save The Tiger, its essential...

  4. good job .... keep it up
    as usual lekha ta khub bhalo hoyechey !

  5. @Av: Yesssss!

    @ML: Hi, thank you very much. I'm sorry,I don't think I know you.. Do I??
    Welcome to my blog,anyway. I sure do hope you visit soon :)

  6. I do know you very well !!!
    tumi amakey bhuley geley ki korey ???

  7. Umm...Sorry,I can't trace you. I know you're from Memphis and that you know Mohua Di very well.
    But that's about all. I haven't met you, ever.
    So..Yeah! Thats all I know about you!

  8. ohhhh!! you're Mohua didi!!!!!!!!

  9. A very sincere initiative,little one. :-)
    I am glad that these issues imbibe concern in you.
    Keep it up :-)


  10. Hmm good job!!!
    Recently I saw the same ad and in fact even I noticed the last lines of the ad – “Call, text, blog, or protest to spread the awareness.” But I’m actually ashamed to admit that I completely forgot about the ad even though I got deeply touched by it.
    But you not only remembered it but also did a nice job to spread the awareness.
    Hats-off to you. :)
    Most of us have the same compassionate feelings but we hardly try to implement them in actions.
    Thanks for the eye opener. :)

  11. @Maashi: Thankyou!

    @Asif: Hi, wow that was indeed a VERY kind comment! Thank you so much for your appreciation, and sure do hope,rather I'm sure,that you all will carry forward this movement of awareness :)

    Cheers and good luck to all!

  12. well written Nil...but if only people could take small steps in being responsible, it will go a long way. A simple act of saving paper ,helps cutting down of trees, which ensures zero deforestation for animals to survive is a sustainable eco system

  13. I second Sulagna..nice intro girl, lykd it. Indian markets are not streaming with tiger skin rugs and whatever it was...they were banned long time must be Faux Fur..its mainly climate and habitat change that we're seeing a decline in thei numbers.
    anyway, good initiative,
    take care :)

  14. Save the tiger is the need of the hour. Nice post! :)
    Happy blogging! :)

  15. Yes that ad is disturbing

    You know years back tiger hunting was a matter of pride for kings, when nobody thought tigers will vanish so soon. But now only we are to blame

  16. @Nil: Thanks, thanks, thanks Nil for taking this up! I was noticing the same thing and planning to write on this too. Did you get the mail I sent a few days ago with the following link? It's a follow up to the ad:
    Either way, thanks again, and I hope we will still be able to save our national animal

    @Remya: You're right. it's more about climate change and habitat destruction than tiger products.

  17. @Sulagana: Thanks!:) And yes,absolutely right..I agree.

    @Remya: Heck,thanks for the correction. On my way :)
    Thanks! :)

    @Chandrika: Hi! Thanks for visiting. Thankyou,happy blogging to you too!

  18. @Pesto: Yes,I know. Read about it tons in Hostory. Sad,indeed.
    Very sad.

    @Charu: Hi! Thanks dear :) Hey,no! I haven't checked my email for a while. Will go,today:) Thanks!

  19. you know what??? your commenst bring sucha smile on my face, cuz i know they are so so so genuine..and eys about biye at 15...ohhh i suggets you try the midnite gossip,the pink nail paints,the gang pedicure sessions, the phuchka with the besty, the long night gupshup...and then of course the scandalous shots of Sambuqa..i have done all taht n den decided to get married :)

  20. ^Lol!! Hahah! okayy!! deal!!! :DDD
    BUTTT when I get married, YOU shall be one of my [indian] brde's maids :D To nick me food from under the table ! :P B-)

  21. Sad that we have reached this point... but i really dont believe anything is going to change :(

    Forest conservation is a joke and wildlife protection a bigger one. We need to close the market for these products and despite concerns raised, there are a few countries where tiger skin and bones are valid sale items. Hope things change, but i really dont fancy our chances.

  22. @Sid: Hey:) Well,I guess all we can do and the best we can do is hold up into optimism and d our part. It's us who've screwed up big time,so I guess it's us who need to fix it.

  23. My dear is very matured,indeed. Chobi ta daarun. Tomar photographer ke bolbey ;-)

  24. Hiii!!
    Thank you, nishchoi bolbo.
    How've you been!?

  25. I have been good. Had a tour to Puri last week, that place is a mess now.
    But it was very nice to get back there, I had gone there maybe 6 years back.
    Otherwise,office and home. :-)
    How are your studies going? Big year!

  26. Hmm,yeah I was going to go to Puri..Didn't work out. I've heard that place has absolutely gone to the rats, which is really sad :((

    Lol,preps are okayyyy. Haha, yeah!

  27. Good, study well, hardly a matter of another month :-)
    Keep your cool.

    Good luck,darling. Pore kotha hobey :-)

  28. And keep writing,little one! :-)

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    Catch you online soon :)

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  38. hey....a wonderful initiative from your's sad we have pushed such magnificent animals to the brink of extinction....

  39. Hey, thanks :)
    Indeed,it's very sad! But Im just hoping for better results!!

  40. Hey.. I was busy so didnt get a chance to read ur post before.. I read it only after posting my bit for this issue. Lovely ..we are touched by the same things. I am glad that u took this initiative. The least we can do is spread awareness.. Do check this out:

    I so loved ur post.. so moving. I hope more people read it and appreciate and share ur concern. Amazing post!! Keep it up :)

  41. although .. ever since a tiger chased me and almost killed me.. i'm not a fan of tigers...

    but i find the no 1411 very odd...

    5000 sounds much more interesting and captivating...

  42. Very happy to see your support for such an important cause,
    Very glad to read the way you write, every small drop is important even in a mighty ocean, because, if it not for that drop, the ocean would have been but lesser...... :)


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