Saturday, February 6, 2010

Award No.2 ! :O

This second, extremely precious award is from my darling darling friend The West Wind. In a very short and tiny span of time,she and I have become pretty good friends. I'm so glad. She's to be treasured, and so is her writing. Honest and sincere.
One heck of a talented lady,
thank you very very much for this very kind award.

I proudly hold up my award now! ;)

        The Beautiful Blogger Award

                      Awarded by
                        to Nilanjana

*imaginary swishing with the award*

Haha,Thanks darling. Thanks a ton :)


  1. I share the same feelings for u.. I treasure u too. U r amazing and u truely desrve this :D Keep it up..

  2. @Nil: Hey, I've finally launched my own blog! Agreed, I'll never comapare to you and Remya, but you can check it out here:

    p.s. Am still working on a site template, sorry

  3. @Charu: Thanks! Lovely picture by the way :) OH and I'm on my way to your blog! YAY! :DDD
    And oohh shut upp! Your blog's gonna be a STAR! :D

    @The West Wind: You make my day,lady :) You do!
    Thank you.
    All my love <3

  4. @Charu: Loved your blog. Obviously,nothing to be surprised about ;) But dear,there's something wrong with the 'Commenting' section. No matter how much I try,I'm not being able to comment :(
    Fix it! Quuiicckk!
    N ;)

  5. @N: Oh, I'm so sorry! I've checked that now, and tinkered with the options, but I think it's working now; just check... and thanks for letting me know!

  6. @Cherry: Muuuaahhh baby! How well deserved,doll! <333333

    @The Bitch: Sup biatch? ^_^

  7. Look who's here? Peace Sucker :|
    Finally mommy and daddy let out Mrilly? x)
    Or someone online illegally? xD

  8. Your stupid XYZ sci-fi dishit card reader's illegal weedface.
    And Yes , I'm outta ground chains so shoooooo go hide under Mr.Blankieee cause I'm here to haunt you baby doll.

  9. Did you just call me Baby Doll ?
    Mrinalini Abot,before the world figures you're a problem child in disguise and throws you into therapy,I suggest you do the honors gracefully yourself.
    I'm your brother. [No matter how much we both might mourn over it in life] So I have to care,I don't have an option. I won't get into collage if the admin get to know my sister's a retard.

  10. Son of a! Oh no screw it,you bitch.
    You give a ball about Collage if your sister's a retard!?!

    You friggin' pussy poop,get a life. And yeah,
    Get better sarcasm.

  11. My sarcasm kills.
    Your anger is just proof to it, baby doll . x)

  12. Keep dreamin'
    and keep those happy presumptions if they make you happy, little brother.
    I'll be the elder sister,and give away to your dumbness.

    Go wear dypers, I can smell your farts and god knows what.

  13. LAUGHS
    you're going to be the elder one,yo.
    Hear the world laughing at you? Wait.....oh no,wait. You have to get over your manicures for that yo.

    Sis,I love you. So take my word for it.
    Get smarter people to hang out with. I can see your zero IQ detoriating to a -47 already yo.

  14. Zero level IQ? Oh yeah,that explains my full on the pop quiz right?
    Let's face it. I'm smarter than you-- without having a sneek-a-peek at the binders.

    Go cry your eyes out now.

  15. Yeah,you're smarter.

    what's 'Planck constant'
    Hm...I seem to have forgotten,
    you're so much smarter yo .
    I'm SO sure you'll know this hey.

  16. Shut up you bitchfuck.
    Go flaunt your bookish knowledge to people who care. (Practically NOBODY )

    Whatever the arctic term that was musta been one of your geek 'cooool' words.

  17. It's basics of Quantum Physics.

    Yeah, you're smarter x)

    I never wished yo flaunt, you're the one who asked me to bring it on yo.

  18. Go get a life. I could have googled it--IF i gave a damn,you know. Which I don't.
    Causeee,I have TONS more in life to do.
    So yeah,go make passionate love to Physics.

  19. Yeah,you have alot more to do -- Like partying with people who can't spell 'Physics' and think it's some kind of a cosmetic which probably makes the nose look brighter.

    Whatever,I'm outta here.
    Go catch s word or two from your binders,you might just pass =)

    Goodbye,sister darling.

  20. God,you're just so J, baby :)

    Yeah,I sure do hope you marry Ling Su someday,and I'll make sure all the brides maids wear dorky white framed glasses like her =)
    *prreetttyyy* <3

    Bye,baby doll.

  21. @Cherr: Get onlineeeeeeee! I miss youu!! <3

  22. heyiii m back..i dunno after how long an i writing this,but believe me i am trying to devour evrybody's blog and apologise for being gayab for so long.

    will write the rest of the story on your FB wall

  23. Congratulations,little one :-)

  24. @ Ro&Mrill: You.guys.are.pathetic!!
    WHY didn't you tell me?! you guys could have missed called me when you guys were coming onlineeeee!! uuggghhh!
    Anyway,your conversation cracked me up--again!! lol~! :P
    You guys...uugghh love you guys!

  25. @Sulagana: Hiiiii! Well,I'm just glad you're back! Gejabo,very soon!

    @Mashi: Thank you :)

  26. Mrilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!! that was fast !

    No school? :S

  27. No,P.leave.
    What's up with you baby?! Frggin' missed youuuuuuu! =O
    I'm home reading Lit. =|

  28. Missed you too :)
    I'm home..Eating Maggi :D
    Will be going to a book launch in the evening :)

  29. Book launch? So now which totally hot seller book of your's is getting launched hey!?
    Omg. Cherrrrr. Get here!! =(

  30. Lol,not mine baby. My friend's.:)

    I wanna get here tooooo!
    Whatsup at home?

  31. Nothing,much really :(
    Omg, JIMMY ! HE figured I'm having a family day out on the Valentines day. I mean what the fuck in the name of hearts Cherr!?
    That bitch of a bastard! And he's like "Ohh baby I thought you'd be all friggin' busy so I made a plan for soccer with the guys"
    I mean WHAT?! Cherry,I feel love sick =(

    Mrill did I ever tell you how insanely cute you are?!!
    Lol lolll!!! :P

    Arreeyy don't worry babe. I'm sure he's kidding man :P I am very sure he's not that dumb. Really,family day out on 14th? :S
    Uh..If he's serious..umm..well..i don't know.
    I'm sure he's not!
    So chilllll : )

  33. Ofcourse he is! Now shut up, and chill :) You know I'm not very good at this whole 'guy help' thing.

    So chillllll Mrllll. It's going to be awesomeee :)
    Where's Ro?

  34. I don't know. Must be bitching around somewhere =P
    He needs his hobby to live,Cherr. =P
    Okay anyway pretty,I need to run hey.
    Catch you soon enough!
    Loveeee youuu!!
    <333 Miss you! OMG. Like crazzaayy!
    I'll send you some yummy,gorgeous stuff with dad =D

  35. Lololol. Yea okay! Byee!
    Love <3
    Miss you too :)

    And HEY, call me soon woman!
    Bye! :D

  36. @Mrinalini and Rohan:

    Seriously, where DO you guys come up with all those replies ? The perfect dose of sarcastic humour when we need pick-me-ups. I think I should publish a book with these. It might become a best seller :)


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