Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Volcano-Damien Rice.

"You give me miles and miles of mountains
And I'll ask for the sea"

At times,a song is all you need to feel different, distinguished,independent.. So many things,that we carve spellings of in our minds, but realize the feelings a little less than we should. 
Was listening to a song called Volcano by Damien Rice.. The funny part is, the song might not leave a message of the feeling you end up with, but nevertheless helps with the tune..The melody.
What I feel now, is like I'm a 15 year old individual, a girl who can take risks and not blame another for it,someone who's strong,capable,and happy. Tad bits of sadness,that just increase the reality of the elated feeling. And all this is a result of the tune,just the tune and harmony of the song. No,not the lyrics, few lines to an extent..Like the one I mentioned in the beginning of the post.. 

I feel like I'm back to myself a year back. So many things were different. I was so different. I've changed..beyond my own recognition. Some things,changed in me for the best, but to bring out that best,I've had to let go of things I loved about myself. I miss those habits. I miss my carefree-self. I miss not caring a damn about anything,and just doing it. And then smile wildly at myself and go "Yeah!!!" .
I'm still a kid, 15 years is younngg. I know. I still am carefree, I still do things on whims,but I've sobered down. A lot. I'm not reckless. I'm patient in things that I never dreamt off. Some of the best things happened to me in the past year. And no matter how contradicting I sound to myself, but the best things come with a price you pay. 

Exactly now, that I'm writing this post, I sound so different and alien to myself  when I compare with who I was a year back. 
But I guess,only thing that's constant is change. 

I miss my old self,but I like myself now,too. 
So I guess,I'll walk right ahead. And maybe bring back a bit of my older self, cause abandoning it seems unfair. I'll adventure,again. Break some rules,again, to smile at myself wildly and day "Yeah!!" and never regret it. Cause I think I've forgotten my own philosophy lately.. To break free ;)

You guys, go get some fun and adventure. 
Screw office/collage/school for a day. Go have fun, be a stupid kid :)

All my love,


  1. even i blogged after listening to the song !


    the feelings are entirely different but ya we both did blog after the song :D

  2. For a 15 year old, you have a great insight. My younger sister is 16. I see her, and I read you, and wonder back to the years when I was your age.... and am surprised to see that your generation has such great power to think beyond your age- Have the opportunity- to see the changes in you, and have an outlet to talk and accept that change.

    You are 15- You are a baby. You my darling go - Live life the way YOU want to. Go, do it.

  3. You can do it at 15. Harder in thirties. Oh but who's counting?

    Love you! :)

  4. Yeah darling, you're 15!

    You go girl!

    But try going where ever it is after March 31.

    Sorry to be the bummer.

  5. Hi TBG!!!Nice to see you here...!!

  6. @The Juggernaut: Haha really?! Well,Im on my way to read it :)

    @Sakshi: Hi! Welcome to my blog :) Thank you very much for those very kind words :) appreciate it. I try to be insightful, though I don't succeed all the times. I'm allowed that,I guess ;)
    Indeed,I'm 15. And I can live life the way I want to :D
    Just that as one evolves from a year to 15 the mindset grows gradually,too. So I guess,I've grown up a tiny bit from what I was last summer ;)
    Thanks for the encouragement!
    Hope to see more of you here!!
    Cheers! :)

  7. @Ramit: Thanks! Yeaooo after march 31st!! I'm going to be a willdd cooww :DDD WHOOOOOOHHOOO MOOOOOOO!!!

  8. It's a good choice to look back sometimes to see how far you've come. I think I'll write a blog post about that too someday, but till then, it's great to know that there are other insightful souls who look back at who they used to be ;)

  9. Hahah,Thanks Charu :)
    Yeap,it's always nice to do so..
    I shall be waiting for that post of your's!
    Cheers :)

  10. Very insightful, little one :-)
    And a nice answer above.
    You surprise me by the clear understandings you hold about life. God bless you,darling.

  11. Hii! Thank you :) Thanks a lot.
    How are you?

  12. I'm doing well. In Katmandu,now :-)
    Lots of touring for this month!
    How are your preparations going? Count down begins! :-)

  13. Ohhh, yeapp indeed.
    My preps are okay :) yeah the countdown begins!!
    Trying my best to not run away to the mountains! ;)

  14. You don't need to run away,little one :-)
    I'm positive you'll do well! Just keep your calm.
    Mridul is also good, he's having the time of his life without mommy home to tutor him ;-)

    Little one,I need to go now.
    Take care,and prepare well!
    Lots of love :-)
    Oh and you look lovely in the picture. :-)

  15. Hahahha,yeah I bet he is!
    Sure, catch you later :)

    And thankyou! <3

  16. Songs put me in a happy mood. They work wonders on my mood swings :P.

  17. Haha,tell me about it!!
    Welcome to my blog :)

  18. as long as you like yourself, all the changes are great!

    oh ya, take her advice people, be a stupid kid, its fun! :)

  19. Haha,yeap it is!

    and YAY thanks! :D

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  21. Cherr,first of all, amazing post yo. Very matured thinking, you really spin me up in the head yo. You do.
    And yeah second of them, do you know how pretty you look yo?
    Like,really. You look.. Well, beautiful yo:) Beautiful in the crazy,wild and you way,I think you do. Laughs, if that makes sense!

    I'm sorta zonked right now in the head yo! Quite a bit of QP hey!

  22. Helloooo :) Evidently,you've never learnt to Missed call people, so people have to rely on their intuition to be fortunate enough to chat with you.
    Now,cutting down the curses:

    Glad that u liked the post.
    And hahahaha in the wild crazy me way beautiful? :P Yeah,that made Soo much sense,Ro :P
    Lol,thanks :)

    Whatsup? Im here for another 5, btw..Need to get back to books :/

  23. Im in the Labby yo! So that explains it hey. Yeah Cherr,you're like so full of intuitions yo =P

    You're welcome :)

    Nothing much, yeah I'm not skiddin' around for much long either.
    Whatsup with you? Cut yourself some slack yo?

  24. I wish I could. I TOTALLY wish I could. I have a bad back and knee pain. Killer Combo'eh!? :"(

  25. Yikes yo! Sucks. That's gotta hurt bad. Take care yo? :)
    So Sequira,Mrill,Jim,Kyle,and three other of our camp friends are going partying at the Shake Shack next week.

    Wish you could hangout too,yo :( Sucks,hey.

  26. It's not one of those blonde parties-so uncool-nithgtouts,yo. You wish I'd go to one of them yo!

    We're going for dinner,and maybe get a drive or something yo. Dunno, whatever. I'm just glad the bratt of a sister that I have managed o keep her Barbie friends outta this yo. It was Kyle's idea, so Jim followed and that's when Mrill followed and dragged me and Seq in and then I invited camp friends who're gonna be visiting from Brooklyn and Elmhurst.

  27. Yeah,I know yo. You must be hating your life yo.
    Don't worry,trying our ups to get dad to figure a trip. Just that the whole shifting thing's sorta not sorted yet yo. So, we're still on tension.

  28. Wow.
    You guys :(
    SO bloody lucky :"( Good for you anyway! I bet you're gonna have a ball! So have fun. And yeah,call me from there ? :)

  29. Wtf! Stop replying to quickly! Your comments over lap mine!!!!

  30. Yeah,will do that hey. Chill out, we'll see each other soon yo! Mrill's on dad's nerves for it! Laughs.
    Yeah,we'll call you. :)
    And hell what can I do if you're just slow yo?

  31. Shutuppp Im not slow.
    Man,I totally need to party :(

  32. Haha,yeah you're not :)
    You will yo, chill. You're gonna need it!

    Yo Cherr,I needa flee now yo. I'll get you on IM later or whatever.
    No actually, yeah not IM, [go figure] =P haha
    Catch you here soon,yeah?
    Later, take care Bratt :)

  33. And I'll call you soon,hey! Bye,yo :)

  34. "Chill" yeah fine,shall try :/
    while you guys dinner party :"(
    aagghhh my life's such bullshittt!!! >:

    Lol,yeah I KNOW you won't get on IM :P
    So yeapp,catch you here.
    Just so you know, MISS call me. :P

    Yeap,call me anytime! Shall catch up :)

  35. Sometimes, change is good ..sometimes its everything :)

    loved this post of yours!
    i'm off to listen to that song!

  36. I absolutely agree!
    Jeez,thanks! Im glad you did :)
    Yeap! Off you go!! <3

  37. Oh such a nice philosophy that too at this young age?
    Are you really 15 now??? You are in fact a Prodigy dear :)
    About your insights, in life for every thing we take with us, we always leave behind something. Kids live differently and we live differently. And yeah it always helps to break free once in a while…:D
    By the way, are you getting bored of something in life these days???

  38. Hey! Thanks a lot :) And yes,I am 15 :P
    Haha,quite agree with you there :)

    And no,Im not bored with life! Why,though? :S

  39. Just wanted to know as the subjects you were handling were heavy and deep. From my experience I have seen people who suffer a lot in life will try to deal with such topics. But now I’ve learnt that exceptionally talented sweet little girls also deal with them. :)
    As SST is over now, on which subject are you going to battle next?? :D
    No need to worry about the next ones. Just relax and enjoy the life. I know that you can perform well.
    Take Care...

  40. Oh that sucks :( I hope these people find the light and live life to the best! :)
    I love life,I'm a crazy kid! So you don't need to worry about me being bored! I can never be bored! :P ;)

    Lol,I have french nexr...sigh..hope it goes okay! :)

  41. And hey thanks tons for the encouragement :)

  42. Ohh français ? Le ce n'est pas très romantique ? souhaite la bonne chance...

    Dont forget my Sweets :)

  43. Tu parle francaise aussi!? Tres bien!
    Merci beacoup :)

    Haha,won't! :)

  44. sophomore year of college my friends and i would play damien rice over and over again...especially Volcano!

    great blog. thanks for commenting on my blog post. i am now a follower of your blog; feel free to return the favor!


  45. Hey! I know rightt?! I love the song,too.

    Aw,thanks :) Yeap,im stalking you too ;)
    Oh and thanks for the compliment!
    keep in touch ;)

  46. "Screw office/college/school......but only for a DAY????"


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