Friday, February 12, 2010

My pillar.

"Puzzaahh!" till date is my favorite word in the world. No matter how age old that nickname of mine might be,but it was and always will be the nickname closest to my heart. Because you called me that.
Since the 15 years of my not very old life,I have always tried to imitate you, consciously/subconsciously- I don't quite know. When my brothers used to call me the 'Chela' and you the 'Guru' I always used to give them a proud smile,because somehow,what I felt was never offense at being called your 'Chela'- but always a boastful pride that took those mockeries like huge compliments. I was a kid,still am,and always will be-around you. No matter how old I might get,I'll always be the foolish sister who you have to guide at each step, no matter how obvious the right thing might be to the eye.
I have always come running to you with my tears,my anxieties,fears,happiness,hopes and dreams. I have always bored you with my unstoppable rantings about my childhood crushes. I always confided in you the darkest sides of myself,of my experiences. You knew my flip sides,and you never boasted about knowing me the best.
You told me about growing up,the complexities,the hardships,the fun,the joys. You knew when the time was right,I'll remember your words,and sigh relief that I had someone who cared.
You once messaged me that my connection with you is what one feels after a pinch-instant and immediate. You defined the strong threads of our relationship so well,in a mere few words-I thought that day. I smiled to myself. You make me feel like a child,no matter how wannabe-old I might want to act at times. 
Today,when I read your blog, realization struck me. The way those simple words of your's let out the simplest and one of the most important messages in life was magical. I realized then,that all through out my life-that's exactly what you've been doing. The simple advices,and the mere conversations have always left a trivial or a huge lesson of life-for me to heed and understand. My  gratitude,today is something inexpressible. My vocabulary deceives me,today-as I strive to find words that might reflect even a quarter of my love and respect for you.
I am indebted to you,for life.
You've been there. No matter when I thought things would change, you let me know even from those little SMS's that you're there. And that your bond with me,your love for me,my importance to you will never change. You've always tried to make me feel secure, and confident about myself and my capabilities.
You've been my mother,sister,best friend when circumstances demanded.
You've always been, My Pillar.

Ladies and gentlemen, I now present to you the blog of this person,my pillar -- My sister Shruti-- to whom this post is dedicated to. May her honest and sincere words touch you all with the same love, it does to me.
Discover my best friend-- Here  . 
May god bless you,didi.
Love you,


  1. And why aren't you my own little sister?

    Your Shruti didi is very lucky! And I envy her!

  2. Your Shruti didi is certainly very lucky. And I think the best part about this post is that it can instantly connect with almost anyone. Almost everybody has some mentor or the other, and one is reminded of them when they read this post. And yes, everyone feels like a child in front of them; they seem to solve our problems with a click of their fingers, and even if they can't, they're there to give us a patient hearing. Aren't we lucky?
    P.s. I love the nickname :)

  3. @Ramit: I am,I surely am a sister of yours :)
    Thank you very much!

    @Charu: Why thank you so much darling :) You're always so kind and biased at my writing! ;)
    Haha,thankyou, really :)
    And indeed,we are very lucky :)

  4. Hi! :D
    Whatsup?! Duddee, it stopped raining :|

  5. Well was it raining anytime today? :P

    Lol, How's Math?

  6. Naah,it wasn't. But yesterday :O It was awesome--like the epitome of it!
    Math is good.
    How else shall I put it? It's just Math :|


  7. Well you hardly have a month more to go! Then you can blog more regularly too. That'd be nice :)

  8. I know,right?!
    I have so much to write,man. Not funny. I have a minimum of 5 posts everyday after boards coming up.

    Yeah,so maybe Im exaggerating a bit :P
    But,I'm allowed-being 15 :D

  9. Woah! Its goood. With lots o's.
    Seriously. Its very identifiable which is what is cool. =D
    And i love your writing style!

  10. Ammuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!! I love yoouuu! You make my day, lady! Thank you! :D

  11. @Ramit: Going for lunch,catch you after! :)

  12. i completely agree with Ramit! i envy her too! you're such a DARLING nil :)

    i wuv you!
    and, puzaaah's cho cute :D

  13. oRange*: Awww,thank you!! Glad to see you here after a while. Missed youu!
    I wuv you too! :D
    Lol,hainaa?! I like the name,too :D

    @Pesto: Thank you very very much :)

  14. Yo,Cherr. Zonked me off the floor,this one yo. Holy Marry I thought "Cherry" was a cute name, but "Puzah" is like major zonker yo!
    You flipped on emotions are crazy yo, you're a writer Cherr! You are!

  15. And mind I ask yo,wtf is Blogger's issue playin' my picture here,yo?

  16. Roooooo!!!!!!!!!!! Hey,you still there??? Thanks :D Thanks a lot,jeez glad you liked it. How's Mrill? Where is she? I know she's going to kill me for ditching her call,but I was busted in tuition :P

    Hey I don't know. Have you even SET a picture!? :P

  17. I'm there yo,but can't quite talk. In the lab,fixing shit.
    Idk how Mril is? =S That's like askin' Obama how Binladen is x)

    Heck yo,I did.

    Deeuuddee,no matter how shitty a day turns out--You and Mrill-the epic jokes you guys crack ! LMAOOO!!!!!

    You did? oh :P

  19. Didn't really mean to be funny,yo. But guessing it's in the blood B-}

    Yes I did,Cherry Bhatacharya.

  20. You freakshit,spell my surname right atleast!!! :P

    And just cause you and Mrill and your family choose to call me Cherry doesn't mean it's formal,you know :P

  21. Sorry yo. =|

    And hey,it's cute alright. Big dung to make it formal yo?

    PS-Is my ID gay?

  22. :P
    Yeah,it's cute for formal office presentations, right?

    "Cherry is now going to present..Blah blah blah"


    No,it's not gay. Why? :S

  23. Laughs,I get it =P

    Nothing,my friend Keath thinks it sounds like 'Hannah'. So I was like friggin' doesn't. And he's like grab a poll.
    So laughs,you're the first to vote against yo =P

  24. Lololol!! Bwahahahahah!!
    HANNAH!?!! err,no you're surely not that struck by bad luck Ro :P

  25. I know, right. Anyway yo,gotta go Cherr. The Labby's throwin' me ugly looks yo. Next thing you know I pay for the wires laughs =D

    I'll call you, sometime over the week yo. Needa catch up
    Later,take care yo Cherr :)

  26. Oh and really pretty picture,Cherr :)

    Say hi to Remya.

  27. Yeaaapp,off you go :)) Yess,call me man,we need to catch up! Say hi to your folks and Mrill and Ill surely say Hi to Remya.

    Call me,and we shall talk and catch up about ahem things XD

    Bye! :) You take care,too bro!

  28. Sweet post...This, I assume, you must've gathered from the bored conversation we had yesterday.
    But then, I just remembered..I forgot to comment..:D
    So I ran back to my old wheezing computer and decided to do so.
    The trouble I take for friends...
    *dramatic sigh*
    Cute post, I bet Shruti di would've gone all "aaawww" ovr this. You're such an emotional crakckjack man..I think tujh pe Megha ka influence badta jaa raha hai... :P

    @Rohan: Hii :)
    I never understand why you don't say Hi to me directly considering the very fact that "Cherry Bhattacharya" never bothers calling me these days..So conveying your Hi's would be damn difficult for that Miser Loony..
    *glares at Nilanjana*

    @Mrinalini: Hey, Guess what?...Haley's comet appears more often than you do on this blog... :P

  29. i love u too sweetheart...
    take care of urself as u're one of my rarest possessions.. :)

  30. @Remya: Thanks,but no..I didn't gather it from anywhere,had it in mind from a long time..
    AND woman,you need to cut down on the million phones you have,cause normal people like us get confused which one are we to ring.. :P
    SO. yes:P

  31. @Didi: :)
    that toh i am!!! :PP
    Heehee,glad you liked it :)
    All my love..

  32. @Bongz: Nah dumbass..I meant the fact - that I liked the post..-you must've gathered when we spoke and I told you how I liked it..Jeez, you're so dyslexic.
    And I don't hav a Million numbers...jst THREE.
    So dont piss me off..
    And I wonder even after my so-called "confusing" contact numbers,,I still get about a dozen calls a day frm people.
    *rolling my eyes*
    So yes, It all comes down to the dedication.

  33. Get over sarcasm. It's last season and annoying now.
    I dont get it why, but somehow particularly today.
    *Looking,no glaring at Remya with a smile*

    Fyi--I have 5 numbers of your's which YOU,jolly well have given me.!

  34. REMYA.
    Why don't you put up that super sexy keyboard picture of your's that I edited -- Repeat twice :D

    really! Put it up!! You look hot,babe!:D

  35. Beautiful.. nothing could be a better gift for a sister.. a lovely little sister like u :D Beautiful post.. I loved it. I have always wanted a little sister..

  36. yu're so full of yourself..:P
    *rolling my eyes*
    er....*looks away whistling*
    Sure I'll put it up...;)

  37. nice nice... u put up quite a recommendation.. hard to not visit her site... :)

  38. @The West Wind: Thankssss babe:) You're like one of my writer inspirers!! :)

    @Remya: FINE dont put it up!

    @Rishi: Why thankyou very very much,sir ;)

  39. Wow!!
    That was touching.
    Ur dd is really lucky..:)
    Very sweet.
    Loved it and the flow was endless.
    Wish there was some more.



  40. @Nipun: Hi:) Thanks a lot,that was a very kind comment.
    Thanks for stopping by! Hope you visit again :)


  41. One cannot but empathize with you, the way you write......

    "You once messaged me that my connection with you is what one feels after a pinch-instant and immediate. You defined the strong threads of our relationship so well,in a mere few words-I thought that day. I smiled to myself."

    Just beautiful!

  42. this one's really sweet! loved ur style of writing as much as the was such a heart warming read! keep it up girl...wayyyyy to go!! :)

  43. Shruti di will be in high spirits....lolz :)


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