Saturday, August 7, 2010

Recess and school uniforms :)

11th grade has had its pace, now :)
So it started with me smiling wiiiiiiideeeeeeeee on the first day going "OMG OMG OMGGGGGGG" just cause I'd crossed The boards :P  [Now I realize what a 9 year old I was to have thought them a big deal]  
I was finally studying what I wanted to [ I mean hello, NO MORE CHEMISTRY!!!!!! :O], I didn't have a class teacher who hated me secretly anymore [lol Mathur, i hope you die in hell], I was rid of tonnes of losers from our class [yay, for rem and me :P] OH AND CAUSE I WAS IN 11TH GRADE ALREADY! [that's more than enough of a reason], and I just realized I've been adding brackets after everything [but that's okay :P ]

so since 11th started, I've made new friends, mended old friendships, PARTIED (Oh yes!!), had  Thee best  sweet 16 party at home with family and a post celebration of remya, megha and my sweet16 at Kartu's with school friends, I mean wow that party was Killer. 
And then there was Anajalee's 17th which was-- :OOOOOOOO ohmygod so awesome. We danced our heels off okay! 
Then Remya and I were bombarded [literally] with competitions- which we thoroughly enjoyed :) [yes, we got to miss classes, most of them] .>:)
Anndd ofcourse, few of us got the super cool "honor ties" of the prefectorial board. Which just adds a sexy look to our school uniforms ;)
But then there was also notebooks and pens to write and figure the syllabus out with, but skipping that annoying part :P 

So all in all, 11th has been good till now. I don't think I have EVER bunked so much as I am, right now, but I guess everything has its own time right? [thank god my parents don't read my blog] :P

But, I've never felt more like Myself  than I feel right now :D    A lot has been going on at my end, trust me guys. Good things, and bad things. Changes, from the heart and the mind. 
Things have been shattering down and falling back together in place. I've sometimes become blank with confusion, but sometimes, I've surprised myself with the way I've handled things. 
And I've slowly [still in the process] started accepting the fact that I'm growing up. But it doesn't seem so crappy anymore :) Maybe cause that fact never takes away those who're close to me, or doesn't fundamentally change me or my ideas. And just as long as I don't change from the original routes of my heart, I'm content in accepting change :)

And oh I can tell, the next two years of school [my last two years, HOLY SHIT] are going to be the best, ever. I'll make sure of that, and when you're adamant, the whole world conspires against all the odds for you to reach that goal. Just as long as you have a crazy wide 5- year old- like smile on your face :)

Andddddddddddd, before I forget, guys, I'd like to introduce all of you to my Sister Clone's blog that I'm sure you'll all thoroughly enjoy reading! She's a beautiful writer, and her words surely echo for a while after you've read her stuff. Ladies and gentleman, presenting my sister clone [yes I'm serious EVERYTHING about us matches] -- Shivangi Sud-- you'll find her blog Here
Happy reading!

So, all of you there! don't feel too old or too young! Just feel like yourself, and that should be more than enough for you guys to just smile and go "Ohhhh what the heck!"  :D

Much much muchhhh love,
and rainy downpours and the brightest of sunshines,

your's only,
Nil :)


  1. "lol mathur i hope you die in hell" Hehe..youre funny!! xD
    great to hear that you're enjoying 11th! btw, are we ever gonna have a pizza party or not?? :P

  2. Mathur's your erstwhile class teacher? Good to see you happy and chirpy after some time.


  3. shucks these are the best days of your life! enjoy enjoy enjoy..the ups and the downs. its all really worth it. and when you're into your twenties like me, you'll look back and think you could so easily do it all over again in a flash!

  4. Still laughing at the line-"Mathur,I hope you die in hell"
    :D :D

    I wish you dont find such sweet teachers again :P

  5. i love that you are loving 11th grade. it makes me smile to read when you are happy. love the positive outlook about the last 2 years of school. it will be great--the ups and the downs--will make you stronger.

    have a great and fun time luv! you deserve it.

  6. Heard you flunked maths. Epic Lol.

    Did you manage to finish the unorthodox task I set you? :P

  7. Womaaaan! First off, thank you! :)

    And about anjalee's party! :O OMG! Dude.. Its coming up again.. this time its MY party! Eeee!

    And yes, eleventh grade is special and fun AND AMAZING in its own way even though the rest around you is shit! ;D

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  9. OMG OMG OMGGGG...reading this made me feel as if I was reading something from my personal diary. I had the same opinion about 11th. 11th really helped mend some friendships and make some as well. I had loads of fun. Me and my group. Very Aisha-ish was our life back then :D :(

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  11. this was a total pagol chagol post..absofuckinglutel;y loved what i had wriotten in my pink diary around 11 years back :)

  12. this was a total pagol chagol post..absofuckinglutel;y loved what i had wriotten in my pink diary around 11 years back :)

  13. @Priyanka: Lol,thanks :P And hell yeah! That pizza party was planned 3 decades back,right? :P

    @TBG:Hehehe! Thanks!
    Much love! <3

  14. @hAAthi: Yes,school life is quite the best of the rides, I have to agree, But then 20+ has MAJOR advantages okay!
    No curfews :O

    @Asif: Hahah sure thing! :P

  15. @Cheryl: Awwwwww cheryl! You just made my day!
    Thank you so much, hon. Yeapp 11th sure is quite a joy ride with it's ups and downs..
    much much love!

    @Ujsen: You suck.
    And now I won't bother, die in hell :P

  16. @oRange*: Yes yes yes =]

    @Shivi: I knowwww right! can't frikkin' waitttttt!
    this one's gonna be super killer :D

  17. @NADS: lol yeah? im glad it took you back to the memory lane!
    its always a nice feeling :)

    @bendz: lol,thankyou. :)

  18. @Sulagana: it was your speacial request, could i have not fukfilled that?! :)
    Im super glad you liked this post, i am :)
    soooooooooooo much love,
    and bear hugs!

    AND call me soon please! we haven't spoken in AGES!

  19. I liked girls in school uniforms moreso when they were in XI, those tender bodies and legs

  20. God..the last two years of school..the best I tell you..yeah, enjoy to the fullest..coz they will make you study anyway :P ..And they always remain with you..irrespective of all the things that might happen..(and to think it has been close to one and a half years that I have left school..even that seems like a long time!)

  21. Haha! I'm sure you miss school. I miss it when I have summer break, so I can seriously figure what you mean :|
    Awh haha, I know right! I've always heard people say the last two years are thee most memorable ones, I hope that happens!


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