Sunday, August 29, 2010

Something greater,something greater in You.

This post of fiction is dedicated to someone very close to my heart.

I saw that white skoda in the toll road. I thought twice on the fact that a lot of sand fell out of its Dickie when the car hit the speed breaker. Soon that thought was overruled by Indian Aristocrats,my favorite band, playing on the radio. While Shuddhi-their famous track, sent me into a semi trance, I almost reached out for the pack of cigarettes in the dashboard, when I suddenly realized my aunt sitting next to me enjoying the trance she was sent off to, as well.
"Yeah, she's cool. Bloody cool at 60. Just not cool enough to see her 19 year old nephew smoke."
I went back to driving with a smile.

"You know...Ramashish.. this lead singer.. used to be quite a heart-breaker when we were in college together. Oh he was such a charmer, I tell you. Those green bell bots with the cream silk shirt and the wayfarers he used to wear on Fridays to college.. All the girls used to drool over that chap!" , she said.
I tried imagining this guy I called my idol in the clown like clothes my aunt's teenage-hood considered hot.
This guy with the most amazing Fender guitar (Dave Murray Stratocaster) I've ever seen , wearing Green bell bots with a silk cream shirt. I concentrated on Torrent, before every preachy feeling in me for the poster-guy of Rolling Stones I considered God, melted to ashes.

"But pishi.. I thought you never gave any guy a second glance while in college?.." I asked, being a complete jerk and smiled slyly.
"Naa ofcourse, I never looked twice at him! I was just saying... acha let me listen ok. You just drive!" ; she replied in her sweet Bengali accent, looking away, trying her best to hide those memories of flirtatious youth that were so evident in the blush that slipped into her already rosy cheeks.
"Women!" I laughed, and shifted my gear. My aunt looked at me and gave a shy smile.

We were on our way back from Noida. My aunt had some work there. It was about 11 in the night, and we both, Indian Aristocrats fans were drowned in their music, while my subconscious mind managed to drive, and not get us killed.
That's when it hit me.
It had been fifteen minutes since a white Skoda had been following me. Each an every turn, every fork, it followed me.
I increased my speed to a 60 and hurried,as smartly and quietly I could. The car over took me, sped faster and zoomed away leaving my car smeared in dust.
"Sunofa!" I quickly stopped, when I realized for the second time,I wasn't alone. I was pissed. "These goddamn jath!" I said.
My aunt was silent. She was trying to look hard at something in the distant.
"Ric, turn the car around." ; She suddenly said. Her voice was serious, and somehow hid a hint of fear.
"What? Why? The main road's going to take us ages pishi, this ridge is fine."
"Just listen to what I'm saying. Just turn the car, Ric. Now!"
Her voice now screamed panic. I tried to follow where her eyes were fixed.... That white Skoda. The same one that had been following had now halted on the road in front, and five men wearing shawls and with guns, signalling me to stop the car.
And that's when I saw another appalling reality; There was a flag of an opposition party stuck to the car. I immediately understood what was happening. My aunt; Mrs.Rukhmani Ghosh was one of the leading  leaders of a progressive political party. A few weeks back, she beat Keshav Das in the elections.. These men stood there to kill her. I saw the dickie opened with sand and big bags inside.. I didn't even want to allow myself to think what they might have been for.
I had heard about this dirty tactic rising in Delhi and Calcutta. I had heard about certain selective opposition-party leaders sending out men to loot,rape, and kill women and men who went ahead of them in the Party. But I just couldn't believe my own aunt was the victim-to-be.

It was too late to turn around. There was a driver in the Skoda, they'd just end up chasing us, and it would lead to a showdown of blood. I was numb. My mind felt blank. I was 100 meters away from Death.
Something kicked in me. Something jolted me inside. I heard my uncles voice who told me once upon a time ;

"Ric, in life, somewhere there will be a mere five minute when you're an eyelash away from destruction.. Nobody will be there to help you,then. No matter how much you preach that guy sitting above, you'll just get silence from the clouds. That's the time when you need to reach out to something greater. Something greater in you, that heroes out as your own Saviour." 

It was either two innocent lives getting killed, or killing five Satans. It was either an unfair funeral dirage, or a national anthem- somewhere a favor to the Nation.
That's when I hit the gear, increased to an 80. The five men didn't seem to budge. I sped. I wasn't going to stop. When I was 50 meters away, there was a point when my eye met with one of the guys. I hit the gear the most aggressive hit and lapsed on 120. I felt a beast in me. I felt a Nation in me, striving to kill such epidemics- such filth of politics. As I sped fast, I could see fear hit those ten eyeballs.
I was 3 feet away, when they realized I wasn't stopping. They jumped out of my way, and I sped off to what lay as a perfect horizon.

My aunt was fielded. They wanted to kill her. They wanted to kill someone who wanted to bring a change, a stronger change than fear that haunts the minds of people, today.
She wanted to bring out a voice.

It takes a lot of guts to decide to kill someone when you have no right to. It takes even more guts to decide that in 30 seconds. It takes a lot of guts to make up your mind, and not choose the road of roses, but choose the one for the greater good.

But when the police puppets, the world, the god above, and the constant cacophony of voices in the universe fall silent, it is something greater, something greater in You that speaks.
Learn to listen to that voice. 


Awaiting your precious feedbacks, as usual.
Much much love,


  1. OMG ur a genius....I seriously mean......You kept me so hooked till the end.....Girl who will believe a 16 year old wrote this....even a forty year old takes time to write such stuff.....Now u better get this published....u better take me seriously.....

    Amazing stuff and amazing lesson.

  2. I love it! I really do!

    You're getting too good with fiction! It is indeed one of your best!

  3. I totally agree with Scribbling Girl!

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  6. @scribbling Girl: Wow,thank you so much lady!
    I'm glad you were hooked till the end, and oh you're just too kind.
    A forty year old would come up with something far more sensational!
    But thank you so much for your kind compliments!
    Seriously, you just made my day! :)
    I'm glad the msg seeped in..

    @TBG: Eeeee! Thank you thank youu! I'm so so glad you liked this! I was eagerly waiting for your feedback!

    Thank you so much :)
    much love!

  7. Not your best....and not very convincining....though kudos for the dave murray strat....except the first prototypes were ntroduced post 1985 early 990s...yikes....not to mention they cost more than 2000 dollars..

    It seems a bit need to draw it about a bit...make more small talk....more conversation...lighten it up before hitting the thrill button...

    And I don't think political party workers wouldn't risk having a party flag on their car if they were out to murder people....unless it was some lonely district in Bihar...not around the NCR...and they'd prefer overkill...they'd want to do it with attracting as little attention to themselves, the party as they could... Think about it...get into their minds...what if you had to plot to kill?

    I like how you've incorporated the classic "Fight or flight response" that is triggered when faced with risk.

    Good post nevertheless, and the person who you've dedicated it to is very lucky indeed.

  8. Thanks for the critique. Was really waiting for some..
    Hmm, I'd heed your comment on it being messy. I'll try to make it better next time. For sure.

    However, this Has happened in the NCR region, and hence is dedicated to the person who's somewhat faced something similar, if not the same.
    The car indeed had a flag of the respective party. Their whole point Was to get attention. think about it now?

    yeah, that's about it. but hey thanks a lot. I'm going to make sure to cover up my flaws in the next one..


  10. Shiiiiiiiiiiv.
    Thanks hon, thanks bunches :)
    I'm glad you liked it, I really am.

  11. Darling Tithi,
    after such a hard day at work and the kids yelling at the top of their lungs on the phone, when I see such fine writing, I am compelled smile at what I used to think my tiny 16 year old niece. You are wonderful, darling. Your ideas speak of change that all of us would love to see,however never find the time to initiate it.
    Your words have the power to move people, don't ever abandon that gift, little one.
    Keep writing.
    This piece was undoubtedly one of your bests.
    So much love.

  12. And yes, I will talk to Nupom about you getting published!
    Let the world hear the big ideas of this tiny heart ;-)

  13. My energy kept on increasing as I read from one para to next.

    Next time, dont send me a link, send me your book. ;)

  14. nil you are such a bunch of talent seriously makes me think twice how does a 16 year old come up with this kind of thoughts and penning it down so perfectly..awesome work once again and absolutely loved reading it ..pleasure :)

  15. Hmmm...nice, but not your best. Liked the statement on Indian politics, but it was a little here and there, to be honest. Keep writing in the thrill line though, this was pretty good.

  16. @Maashi: Okay That comment was officially something that lift me waayyy up out of the stratosphere and I'm still floating :O
    Thank you so much. Wow I really idn't think you'd like it that much.. But seriously, those words made me smile. And I'm glad my words seeped in, the correct way.
    Hahaha! Nupom mesho will publish my books! haha sure,I'd totally love that! :P
    But thank you, a very sincere one. That meant a lot to me :)

    @Meera: Meeeeeerraaaaaaaaaaaa! Aww your comments are adorable! Thankyou so much! :)

  17. @PinkPatiyalaSis: Babe, I love you! Thank you. I'm glad you liked reading this, what could be better a compliment! :)
    Thank you so soo much, and with you guys right here, I'm sure to write better.

    @Charu: Thanks Darling. Thanks a lot for the critique. Will keep in mind for sure!
    And thank you :)

  18. WOW !!! Girlllllllll !!!
    Great Job ....... the way it started, had no clue where it was leading to .........
    Once again WELL DONE !!! .....
    Khub bhalo laaglo ....... and the message in the end is indeed to keep in mind .


  19. Such a versatile writer you are little girl... You should definitely get it published and save your writings dear girl. Kudos to you.... Keep writing..

    I am little ignorant on the stuff you speak about in the first few lines -- about some music and bands.. But it was good to know them thru you..

  20. Hi Nil...
    My god u write fiction as someone whose wielded the pen for ages n done so with impeccable skill!
    u gave this a superb beginning...
    handling direct conversations in never easy in stories coz it tends to disrupt the flow of narration...but u do so with panache!

    As much as it is a simple strong is the message!
    I also loved the rounding up in the end
    *bowing down again to ur prowess*

    Someday u'd make us even prouder of knowing u...when u become a great n renowned author:-)

  21. @Didi: Dhonnobaaaad! Onek onek dhonnobaad!
    Phew! Now I can breathe a sigh of relief that one of my critiques gave me the green signal! ;)

  22. @Banu: Thank you so so much, lady. Your compliments were indeed very kind. :)
    Yeah,I do save my writings.. however getting published full fledged is a far cry from where I stand today! -- to be humbly honest!
    But thank you, and oh those band names and songs are purely fictitious :)

    @Suruchi: Wow! I surely would love to live up to your expectations :) Thank you so much, seriously, my reader's comments are too valuable and help me a great deal to improve.
    Thank you for showing so much faith in my work!
    much much love! :)

  23. OH boy.. that was some narattion.. YEs such satans indeed need to be vanquished..

    we need to bring the inner hero inside us, dig in deep and do the unthinkable and take them on.. to get rid of corruption and all the evil that lurkes our nation.

    Beautiful story.

  24. Oh, i love this, so glad i found your blog. you kept me hooked to the very end and then wanting more (the story felt complete though, i just like you style of writing). Great job.

  25. one of my favorites for sure. "100 meters away from eyelash away from destruction."

    based on a true story, yeah? you know how much i love your work Nil. this made me feel like i was really there.

  26. Really fascinating stuff..
    Awesome fiction.

    Waiting for more of such posts..:)



    p.s. Don't get confused while writing..

  27. @Bikramjit: Hi,welcome to my blog :) Thank you so much for your appreciations. And yes, seriously, filthy stuff such as what I wrote about really need to be combated over for people to actually get on the strings of faith again.
    Thanks for visiting, I hope you come again :)

    @Patience: Hi! Thank you so much, lady. I'm glad you liked my work! Very kind of you to follow me :) Hope we keep in touch!

  28. @Cheryl: Hon! thanks bunches! Yeah well, something similar happened to a friend. I've just mixed in some fiction, and turned it into a story. But my intention was to aware the people about certain things, and I'm guessing I've been successful. Thanks to you guys!
    awww thanks babe.
    much much love <3

    @Nipun: Hey, thanks a lot. Much appreciated. However, I didn't quite get the PS.. I was pretty sorted when I wrote it, tbh.
    But thanks,anyway.
    Your feedback is always appreciated.


  29. so influential post..i completely agree
    and thanks for the concern dear..actually now a days m suffering form wont be able to come so often and thanks once again for dropping by :)

    Take care..

  30. Thank you so much!
    And heyy I really hope you get well soon!
    Take good care,
    and you're most welcome :)

  31. Cherry. Nooohhh, seriously, this made me stop and go figure that one last line that shook my Pradas outta me stupid head.
    It's beautiful, Cherr. The way you've bowed your emotions into it and splattered so much of strength and a meaning to this whole story is just.....beyond me hey.

    Sugar, you're goof. You're too friggin'Effin' good!

    I love you.

  32. And please tell me you're ol?!
    I miss you pretty thing :'[ <3

  33. *Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeph! I meant *Good.
    *sheepy look*

  34. @Mrill: Mrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!
    Hi hi hi!
    aww thanks babe. That was an adorabele comment!
    "......... shook my Pradas outta me stupid head." -----> waahahahaahahaha! Lol So youuuh! :P
    But thanks, sweets. seriously,
    thanks tonnes.
    I'm just happy that the msg sunk in.. It was important :)
    I miss you too!
    Get here :)

  35. Very well worded and brought out. Loved it. :)

    Sixteen!!?? did you say???


  36. Very well worded and brought out. Loved it. :)

    Sixteen!!?? did you say???


  37. Aww thank you so so much! and hahah yeah.. 16 is no big deal!!
    and omg you're my 99th follower! haha thankyou :)
    much love,


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