Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Because she makes me happy.

I have been nursing her,
her tender frail hands move around in play,
with nothing but the stars above the cot she lies on.
The stars are always silent,though.

I have been scared,
for all of you think it's not worth it.
For all of you think,
she's not worth it.

But have you ever seen her smile?
Have you ever seen her tiny eyes crinkle at the dream only her heart knows?

I have seen.
I have seen her soft touch turn into a silent kiss,
I have seen her sleep in my arms, as an abode to the tired pilgrims.
I have heard her cry, turning into those nightmares that her mother can only wipe tears for.
I have heard you all, ask the mother-- Why?

And I have told all of you,
over and over again.
Because her baby dreams make me believe,
I was a baby,too.
Because her innocent mind made me believe,
that I needn't think so much with the mind.
and just because,
she makes me happy.

-- Nilanjana,
18th Agugust,2010.


Waiting for all your feedbacks,
-Nil :)


  1. marvelous! Great subject and a great way of expressing. Loved it. I wonder how you get such sweet thoughts and how you manage to imagine so deeply about them. :)

  2. P.S. The new template is cute :)

  3. Hi Nil...
    This is so well expressed...
    Though I wish I knew more of a background to this before attempting to comment:-)

  4. nil and all this while i thought i am the one who dreams of having babies!!! beautiful !!

  5. Love the new look! And love the picture at the top! *wink wink*

    Babies and you?


    You're still a baby yourself!


  6. Absolutely beautiful. Nicely expressed and very uplifting. Really loved it :)

  7. Wow. That was beautiful! I really like it.
    P.s-awesome template and that pic at the top of the page is so very pretty!
    Pps- Pleeeeese lets meet. Even if its just a few of us and not everybody. I miss the "good ol' days"....

  8. @Asif: Aaaaaand you're back! Thank you so much, Asif :) Trust me, this was one of thee most random and sudden poem I just typed out. Your words are too kind :)
    Thank you!
    Oh and heyy glad you liked the new template!

    @Suruchi: Thank you so very much :) Frankly, I didn't think much about a backgroud at all. This was something that had been playing somewhere in the back of my mind which i just seuddenly typed out. But the whole point is of how a mother takes care and nurses her baby daughter even though the world says against it and tells her its not worth it-- but she doesn't budge. Cause somewhere, it reminds her what she used to be. And somewhere she knows that the baby girl makes her happy- and I guess that's pretty much the main reason we live for :)

  9. @Aparna: Hi! Thank you so much :) I hope you keep visiting :)

    @UjSen: wth?

  10. @Kishore: Thank you,sir. Yes,I hope to :)

    @PinkpatiyalaSis: hehehe! no no I don't dream of babies already :P
    heehee, thankyouuuu! :D
    i love you!

  11. @TBG: Yaaaaaaay! I'm glad you liked it. I've finally found something that I am happy with.
    And yessssssss. You made my day :D

  12. @Charu: Thanks darling! I'm glad :)

    @Priyanka: Thanks babe! Eee I'm glad :D haha yeah I finally found a template that didn't annoy me cause it had pink :|
    Lol, im glad you like it :)
    And yeah man, I know right!
    For good ole days! We should. Let the 1st sems get over, and we shal parttaayy for sure :D
    Pizza this time, pakka though

  13. @Shiiivvii: Aww. I love you :)

  14. Hello Nil,

    Thank you for stopping by. Your comments mean a lot.
    Dear me, if only one could know what goes on in a little child's mind. I'm sorry I was just stuck on that thought from one of the lines in your poem,
    "Have you ever seen her tiny eyes crinkle at the dream only her heart knows.."

    Spread the love,

  15. If I wasnt in office, I would be sitting with my guitar and singing out your poem! Almost lyrical! good stuff...

    Scribblers Inc.

    P.S.-Thanks for comin temme about the rest of the stuff as well!:)

  16. wow amazing and beautiful :)

    Love the new look of ur blog :)

  17. nil, i love it. what a great use of words here. how adorable is that baby! :)

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  19. @Purple: Oh it was a pleasure stopping by at your blog. Quite a read! Thank you so much for visiting, and I'm glad you liked what I wrote :)

    @Scribblers Inc: Hey, thank you so much! Haha really? I'm glad you thought so! :)
    It was a pleasure stoppin' by, I plan to do that more often ;)
    And sure, I shall let you know :)
    Good luck!

  20. @Scribbling Girl: Aww thanks hon! haha I know right! I like it too :))

    @Cheryl: Awwhh thanks babe, yeah the baby was amazing, for sure :]


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