Thursday, March 4, 2010


Tomorrow, I sit for the all India, CBSE class Xth Board examination.
Sounds big, by the way I say it right? Seems big,too. I'm nervous. When I go through last year's Board paper,I'm like "WTF!? No wait..this is..haan,this is easy, BUT.." . Where as,that same paper, a week back gave me a reaction that was "Wtf! I'm topping!".

So. Today morning,I get up. Late. At around 11. A friend's missed call,I call back.
"Whatsup? you called?"
"Yeah,had to ask you something about consumer rights man.."
"Naah,I'm good. I'm done"
"Awesome. Later,then"
"Are you done?"
"Like,with everything?"
"Yeah..I guess." [Slowly uncomfortable]
"Did you do sample papers from Ulike???"
"Have I ever done sample papers for Sst man?"
"Why? What's so great? Was there anything important?" [Disguised panic]
"Yeah,I mean...."
"Whatever,I didn't do them. I'm fine."

I hang up.
That 15 lined conversation was all it took to screw me  up. In and out.
I opened my book. Do I remember anything?  Vaguely.
Where was the iron and steel plant that sounded like an actor?
And....What stuff would I like to rub on Shiv Senanian's faces?
Hmmmm.... What was land reclamation?
Reclaiming of marshy,waste land..for cultivation, settlements, and other purposes.. I'd like to cuddle up and die in that marshy land,be invisible till 31st March.

Deep breathing. Mom enters. Sees my face. Brother enters, sits next to me and goes:
"You do realize you look like you'v been punched while shitting?"
I nod.

We both crack into mad laughter.

Yeap. I'm going to be fine. Like a very dear one said:
" Few years down the line,when you sit in that seat as an economist and sign books, nobody's going to give a flying #$@* about a 90% or a 40% in your boards.. It's not the end of it. Just believe in yourself,and keep climbing those stairs like a stubborn kid who refuses to let go!"

To allll of you guys,who texted/called/mailed-- Thankyou. 
You guys have truly made my day blissful-I know you care. And I love you guys for it.
Ramit and Sulagana: I love you both. Thankyou! You two have encouraged me like my guardians! Mwah!
And to all of you blogger sweethearts, thanks for your wishes :)

And to my fellow Boarders, All the best!
Lets kick some asses! B-]


  1. bol laam toh...fatafati hobe paper gulo...10 years from now, when you drive your SUV and make calls from your platinum mobile, you will laugh at this mess..i do...its 11 years now since i answered mine, m missing the SUV and Platinum mobile,but what the many other things ahve kept my smile eternally pasted on my of them is having a cutie like you as a friend!!

  2. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! HOW your comments make me smile wild and make my dayyy!!!
    Hahahah!! About the SUV and platinum mobile..Sheta ektu baara baari :PPP heeehhehehe! Kintu, yeaapp I guess I will laugh at this mess.
    Thankyou. You've been a wonderful friend and a caring sister!
    so much love!

  3. All the best dear Nil!! I am sure, with your spirit and confidence levels, you will rock all the papers. Give your best and leave the rest to the time. It will decide what u deserve. Take care and do well !!!My wishes are also for you:)

  4. aah, i'm all nostalgic now :D
    dont worry sexy, you're gonna rock it!
    do really really well :)
    I'm sure you will.
    All the beshttt!
    and dont be nervous, it's going to be just great!
    love love love

  5. Good luck.. may you be blessed with all luck, perseverance, confidence and mental strength in the world to fleet through your boards. I am sure you will do amazing. Its been a few years since I sat for mine but I still remember the panic over every little thing. The best thing to do is be confident about yourself and your preparation. Discuss with frnds but dun get panicked from all the "Oh U havent done that" They will always keep coming. Take every paper as a challenge and I am sure u ll do more than fine :D Love and best wishes :)

  6. @Banupriya: Heyy! thanks for the luck! Very sweet of you! Thankyou so much, indeed those were very kind words! :)

    @oRange*: Awww,I'm sure you're super nostalgic. Hota hai! Haha,thanks sexy! I sure hope it goes well yaa :)
    But omg,you guys just make my day <3333

  7. @The west wind: Hi!! God,your comments are priceless : ) Thanks babe, thanks TONS,really. sure do hope things go my way.
    Thanks so much,again!!

    You guys!!! Love all of you. Thank you so much for all your love and concerns.
    God bless and cheers! :)


  8. Those were the days my friend! thank god its over :-)

  9. Ooooh ting a ling! Good luck little one. You'll rock!

    All the best! I'm praying for you little apple!

  10. All the best darling!

    "ULIKE" pukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkes!!!!! you reminded me of my boards!! lol YUCKKKKK i hated ULIKE


    all the bestttttttttttttttttttt... you'll do super well.

  11. Hey thanks for reminding me my good old school days little one...I know it very well that you being such a talented girl can perform very well.Hence no need to worry about anything. Just enjoy the life !!!

  12. @Manjari: Haha,lucky you!

    @Ramit: Your prayers did the magic :) Lovely paper!
    Thank you so so much :)

  13. @Dm: Eee thankyyoouuu! Cause of all the luck you awesome people gave me,I managed to do a decent paper and sit through it :P
    Omg it was SOOO scary in the beginning!! :O
    I know right?! ULIKE is such a ccchheeee!!! :X
    But thanks! ILY!

    @Asif: hahaha! Wow, those were super nice words! Thank you so much!! Nice to see you on my page after a while (:

    THANKS to all of you guys!

  14. YES! SST is over !
    Rats, Science, French, Maths, Computer and English are left :(
    It won't end for us until 31st...but best of luck to all of us anyway!

  15. I know righttt?!
    haha,yeaapp All the very best to all of us :P

  16. Doing magic at the hall???
    What else can we expect from such a talented little girl like you?
    But, when are you going to give us Bengali Sweets dear :)
    Why to wait for the results when we know about them right now...
    BTW you did not notice my comments on your previous posts...
    Enjoy !!!

  17. Wow! Asifff! How nice and super duper awesome are your comments! See my huge head already?
    Aaah,bengali sweets! Soon enough! Though nothing determines the result now... Sst was a subject I liked.. Others are yet to come :/
    And yeap,seen most of the comments,will re check again :)

  18. Yo Cherr,online?
    Pretty awesome ending yo, that's so you :)
    figured you were zonked about it,you sounded same on phone. Laughs at the "You look like you've been punched while shitting"! =D

    So i went and figured you had a pretty awesome quiz hey? \
    Awesome :)
    Get online yo!

  19. wish u the best luck :)

  20. hey...All the best for the exams..:)

  21. hey...All the best for the exams..:)

  22. Hey Nil, drop by my blog when you have time, ok ?

  23. @Ro: Heyy! Sorry,Wasn't online when you came.. Uggh been busy,don't ask :/ Oiii you guys need to call me soon,okay. Got TONS to talk about!
    Thanks! :) Yay, you like everything I write :PP Heehee
    And idiot! It's not a stupid 'quiz'. It's BOARDS! *screams*

    @Tripat 'Prerna': Thanks! :D

  24. @Dew drops: Hey,thanks for stoppin' by. And thank you very much for the luck :)

    @Charu: Yeap! For sure :)

  25. Hellloo...I toh so absolutely luv ur blog.. I really like the way you write...makes me wanna read and read and read. And am impressed by your teachers. Some days I wish I had teachers who are more like friends than kadus (sorry...I dont know how to spell the u get the idea na?). Anyway, all the best for your exams. Am sure your gonna ace it.

  26. Oh good luck! I think you sound like you have a good perspective on all this and how it fits into the bigger picture though so you'll be fine...

  27. All the best.. Kick some ass ;)

  28. @Nicole: Hiii! Haha,im so glad you like my blog :) Like,trust me I am.
    Yeeapp,teacher's are extremely important to a life of a yeah I get it!
    Thanks tons for the luck :)
    keep visiting!

    @What I would have worn: Hey:) Welcome to my blog. Thanks tons,I sure do hope things end up as you said!
    Keep visiting,and happy blogging!

  29. I am here...but so damn busy now with full time work, running house and kids that I usually only check blogs from my phone on the train (and some on please post on Saturdays and Sundays :D) don't comment...that is why even my blog posts in the last 6 weeks have been mostly stolen ones...roll on some time off in only 3 weeks! Then I will be back to 'proper' posts and comments.

    Must be so nice to have exam out of the way (not that I know what boards we have no serious exams until 17).

  30. Aaaaaah. I get it,I get it. Yeap,bet things have been crazy busy at your end. Blehh I've been busy with textbooks, and well,let's just say I'm not very happy about it :|
    Good for you guys about the no serious exams till 17 thing! That's brilliant
    Why am I not so lucky? :(

    Shall wait for you to come back with a Bang! ;)

  31. Hey.. i saw ur sweet comment on my page... :) That was really sweet!! Thanks for the compliment.I have read your work before too on this page..You write pretty mature and the flow of your words is very" full of life" and i like that Boosting spirit you pour in your wruteups! Keep awing me as always! :)
    ATB for exams!

  32. hahaha all the best for your boards, you'll do well and do put it lots of lignite on the shivsena walls without getting face punched :P

    all the best

  33. thanks for commenting on my blog. yeah, i'm actually 24! and i get that a lot. any time i go out, i get i.d. checked like crazy! lol

  34. @Dew drops: Thank you sooo much for that super sweet comment. Those were very nice and kind words :) I sure do hope to see you around!
    Good luck and keep in touch

  35. @Mural! : Haha,thanks! and you totally bet Im gonna smear peat,lignite whatever on the faces of those idiots! :D

    @Oh to be a Muse: Lol,I'm not surprised you know! You look SO young! :O
    But oh well,Im happy for you,and wish you and your finance a good life ahead! Catch you soon :)

  36. Queeeeen!
    Oh yes I will ;)

  37. No idea when you're gonna see this... but yea, it's not going to make a difference.... besided boards are easier than the exams u'd have already given !

    all the luck !

    PS: Beware...creativity will try to surface more often than usual while you're 'studying'.

  38. All the best bud! Write some kickass answers!

  39. Remembered me at the corect time!
    am back wid a post sfter long time!!
    how yu!

  40. all the best for your board exams!! :)

    P.S.thanks for dropping by my blog :)

  41. @Mohit: Hey! :) Lol,seen it now. Well, I hopeee you're right, seriously! I'll be the happiest! :D
    And omg you're SO right about 'creativity' while studying.
    I've been witnessing it a lot. A LOT. :P
    Thanks for the luck,man! :)

    @BIG Omi: HI! thanks for dropping by and hey thanks tons for the awesome luck! :D

  42. @Vijay: YAY! So you're FINALLY back! I'm okay. Just busy with Boards! How are you!? :)

    @Chocolate Lover: Thanks a lot :)
    And hey,no problem! :)

  43. All the best. Am I late?


  44. hi dear how u doin ...

    how did ur paper go, my sis is also appeared for the same, she hates sst , she was planning to burn up all d books after exam...nywys she did well ...

    all d best for rest if the papers...

    jusr relax n enjoy ... i gave my 10th borad exams last year ... it was d best part of whole year , i miss it so much ...

    all d best once again
    take care

  45. @Randeep: No you're not :) Thanks alot! Thanks for dropping by! :)

    @Zeisha: Hi! Thanks for following my blog,and super nice comment lady!
    Thanks tons,I sure do hope I do fine.
    Hmm,every passout says that! I guess you guys do miss those days'eh!
    But well,life evolves to a better day every morning! ;)
    Keep in touch!
    take care :)

  46. Yea am doin super gr8!
    hope ur exams r going smooth?;)

  47. Haha, this happens with me too! These boards, i tell you. They ruin a lot of things. But yeah, i've stopped bothering too!
    Good luck for the three left :)

  48. I know right?!
    Aw thanks, to you too! :)


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