Monday, March 15, 2010

Class Tenth.

Usually, all that we hear about class tenth is 12 months of slogging, 14 hours of studying a day, crazy teachers, peer pressure, competetion, deciding factor, no fun, battles, cry, fear, books, books,books.

ADVICE : Stop listening :)

Cause, I can swear and scream that class 10th has been one of the best years of my freaking life. Although I'm not done with even a quarter of my life,yet. But whatever. I'm 15,and I'm allowed to sound big :P

Class 10th started with a note of sincerity and anxiety. I remember crying the day before my first day cause it dawned on me that stepping into class 10th is a huge milestone,and crossing it will be crossing one..[I've always been a bit too over emotional :| ]
I made a history copy for the first time in my life. I wrote all the notes down,my copies were up-to-date.
End of first month-- "Hey! Where did my history copy go again!?" 
I was back to myself with all my friends. That doesn't mean being careless about studies or whatever, but you know, just being us :)
We all scored brilliantly in our first round of exams. We remained high in the joy of those exams when the next round rolled in and our answer sheets came.
Uhm. Shit. Need to start studying.

Then....exams came and went. Our retarded school started kissing us with godknowhat kind of exams..
French classes were a ball.
Nobody studied, it was a class we guys looked forward to, Abida ma'ammmmm! We love you! :)
Math classes ; " is this again?!"
All SST classes; Remya and my chats on the back of notebooks.
"You're going to loose your love life like Chandragupta"
"You're such a Durgacharan!"
English; There is nothing , absolutely nothing  as much fun as mocking our darling Mathur who hates us with the core of her heart :) it's a mutual feeling :)
Science: Everybody studied. Not.
Ved Prakash was our baap.
"Yes...Tum, batao, explain inertia!"
Atreyi: *grabbing the chalk* *making a random drawing on the board* Sir! you seee......
JUST SIT DOWN!!! Stupid girl!!
Not to forget Remya's sincere notes-taking xD
Bio: Kusum Gaur believed Biology was a way of embarrassing girls and boys about their bodies.
Uhm, Shall not comment any further. :|
Chem: Anuradha sen Ma'am \m/
Computer: Swati ma'am :D

All in all, there were teachers who hated us. There were those who loved us so much that they practically got us out of shit.
I will never forget :
1. Remya's -- Chhhhoooootttiiiiiyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaa
2.Our class bunks in the library. Yeah,we can be very sad :|
3.Monica's chirpy self
4.Megha's: Kyaaaa yaaaaaaaaaaar :(
5.Shreyansha and our regukar fights and patch ups :P
6.Not studying :D
7.Rob and Joy's crazziinneeess
8.Boo-ing the 'wanna-be's' of our class.
9.Lunch breaks.
10.Chilling at X C like we own the class.
11.Kartavya and I -The 'Shyamak' group :P
12.French classes :D
13.Charu and my intellectual chats inbetween classes.
14.Atreyi's retarded self. "Remmmyyyaaa!!! NILAAANNNJJJAAANNNAAAAAAAA!!!!"
15.Qutub minar and minara's sluttiness :|
16. Kathi and Katha's loser loweee.
17.Raghav's nymphomaniac self  --- "We want porn!"
18. Nitin: Following Raghav's footsteps.
19.Mohit: "Yaar dekh Nilanjana..English mein bachaliyo yaar.....!!!"
20.Bitching about Mathur. ##$%#^#$##$!!!
21.Giving Srishti looks.
22.Hiding from Abida at every copy submission.
23.Cursing sangeeta Batra when made to sit on the floor :|
25.My close friends in class 12............. Miss you guys!

And the list goes on............... :D

Class 10th has brought in friendship,love,hate,and all sorts of feelings. I became a published author in July, a milestone I still smile at. My friendship with some people has deepened into oceans...and with some,they've strayed lost and scattered as the wind blew.
My achievements and failures-both-taught me to work hard,and always hold a vision about things. 10th has taught me that no matter what the world says,for being a success,my original thoughts are the key and not what the others say.
I've discovered sides of me,and so have my friends.
I've fought when my friends were hurt by anyone, and they've done the same. I've made bonds with so many teachers which will remain.
Most of all,
I've learnt that even if the whole world says something is scary,and distasteful,
that very thing might just turn out to be the  most colorful and vibrant existent in your life.
People feared me about class 10th,
but today,I'm over what they say. And no matter how the results turn out, class 10th will be one of the most cherished and memorable years of my life.

The day before the French Board. Yes,We were studying :)

Laughs and love!
Signing off....


  1. Damn! I wish I wrote something like this for my good old X L..I enjoyed 10th too...It was so much of fun.

    P.S Am officially following you!! :D

  2. Oh baby! You're the sweetest!

    Sounds like a fun class. I'm so happy for you!

    Good luck to all of you!

    And, I do not mind the words you used in this post at all. I rather think they brought out a very real aspect of you, straight from the heart! Thanks a tonne for sharing this with us. This will be my fav. post on your blog! You, really have a very loving and caring heart!

  3. On the record, I rather like Remya and Kusum Gaur! :P

  4. @Nicole: Hiii! Like,you're here! FINALLY! :D
    I'm so glad!
    Aah,never mind..I'm sure you can try to write about it NOW! I mean,I bet it'd be interesting to reflect your thoughts about it now,you know!

  5. @Ramit: Thanks! Yes,Our class was fun, ignoring the bitchy elements that every class has.
    Thanks for the luck :)
    Lol,thanks for being considerate about the usage of slangs, but lol yes,I guess it's just reflecting the fun side of us as kids,and it's okay.
    HAHAHAAH! You do NOT want to like Kusum Gaur,TRUST ME!


  6. Well, if she's good in embarrassing you kids, then I'm sure she's fun!

  7. Bleh, that's not an achievement :P
    We take 5mins to blush. YES guys ,too. If you hit the right nail that is :P

  8. Bald old men like me could make you kids blush in under 10 seconds flat! :D

  9. Uh,




    It's the other way round!

    You kids can make me blush in under 5 seconds flat!

    Well,true,thattt!! :D :P

    Whatsup? Still at office? :|

  11. Yeah. Sigh. Still here.

    Envy you! :P

  12. Man, you beat me to it Nil :)
    Totally agree with you in every point. Tenth was officially my best class ever. French classes were the most memorable, of course ;) And I'll always have a special spot for Bio: we laughed AND studied.
    As for your teachers...not sure what to say except, "good you made the best of it". In fact, I'm getting EXTREMELY bored at home. Can't wait for 11th to start. Oh, and best of luck for English ! Am sure you're planning to top :)

  13. @Ramit: Atleast you don't need to do hours of Bio. Which one would u preffer? Bio or office?
    CAUGHT YA!!!

  14. @Charu: Hi! Haha glad you agree!
    Uesss 10th was awesome,and French was just.............WOW!
    I knooww! Dying for 11th to start! Shall be so much fun man!!

  15. @Ramit and Nilanjana: Gossiping behind my back?...Not very nice :|

    @Ramit: I second Bongz. Trust us dude, you do NOT want to like Kusum Gaur- the woman who once used to be the bane of my existence :|

    @Nilanjana: Hot post man...I wanted to write sumthing like this too...After 31st I will....and for the record, you are so typically vella :P

    But still I'll say; "Tenth wasn't my best, but it'll be one of the most memorable ones" ;-D
    (LOL, I have no idea why I put that in quotes :P)
    Take care hotshots,
    Ciao :)

  16. Hahah..I know right?!
    Shall wait for your post,lady :)
    Andd you're valla tooo! So chubbbbbey!
    Lol, glad to know you liked the post babe.
    catch you soon!

  17. 10th ! i remember mine.. it was actually a lot of fun..its the best age. 15.

    oh God...tera 12th mein kya hoga! itni emotional hai! lol.. hugs

    damn cute picture superwoman :)

  18. i glad you're having such great memories!

  19. Hey nilanjaaana!!
    Dude this post is amazingg!
    You seriously are the bigg mamma cool!
    You dood! ;)
    - Lalith (The big daddy kewl)

  20. first timer on your blog...went through some posts.. great way of writing...very enthusiastic and chirpy-like...very nicely done.. light read :)

  21. btw if u happen to get time ... here s mine...

    ...cheers and all the best for ur exams...

  22. I wish your memories stay fresh like this forever dear :) Every new phase of life gives u so much learning filled with fun and pain at the same time. I was suddenly remembered by my X class. Sadly, I dont get any memories of it. But felt a small smile at my lips at the end of your post. Thanks :) Enjoy your coming days.

    By the way, ur exams are over? what plans for the holidays?

  23. @Di: Eee thanks! Hugs back! I know I know,Im a super emotional 15 year old :|
    Aah never mind!
    Ayi thanks for the compliment on the picture! Ilike superwoman :D

    @Sid: :)

  24. @Oh to be a Muse: Thanks lady! :)

    @Lalith: Yo yo yo Bigg Daddy Kewl! Thanks a tonneee for droppin' by yo! Haha,glad you liked what I wrote :D
    Keep visiting!
    -Bigg Mamma Cool B-]

  25. @Yugandhar: Hi! Thanks for visiting :)) Thank you so much for your kind words, I sure do hope you drop by more often.
    And will surely drop by your blog :)

  26. @Banupriya: Hi! Your comments are so nice and sweet:) Im glad you liked what I wrote. Means alot to me when my readers enjoy what they read on my page :)
    Well,my exams get over on the 31st,and THEN the holidays!!
    Plans? Oh well,they'll come on spontaneously ;) heeeheee

  27. This ws awesome gurl....reminded of my days :) ... I never made notebooks except for some subjects :P
    trend is still some what same...only the generation has become much more smarter :)

    All the best for results...

  28. @Garima: Hi! Thank you so much for visiting :)
    Haha,I guess the trend of that genre never stops ;) Lol!
    Thanks tons for the luck!
    Cheers :)

  29. Nice and so nostalgic.. u totally took me back to my school days.. U r so right no matter what people say 10th was one of my best years as well.. Extremely well written with a touching and warm note. I am sure the results will turn out great and all your frnds and family will be so proud of u .. for the results as well as this post.

  30. Hey! Always glad to find you here on my page..Thanks soo much lady! Indeed 10th has been my favorite.
    I really do hope and pray to god that the results are the best,too :P
    haha. Thanks a tonnee for the encouragement!
    Cheers to you! :))

  31. You are such a sweetie!
    Never loose your enthusiasm for life.

  32. ^Aw thank you! I won't! :)

  33. Awwww Cherrrrrr! I love you! Why are you such a doll!?! Sob* in the cute way of a post =)
    I was awwwwwww!! omg,really really cute! Though I didn't get some stuff, teehaaa! But that's okay!
    Omg,you girls are hot okay! The picture was omg omg omggggg so friggin' Cheryl! =O
    I love you guys!

  34. And heyyy you got a new hair-do!? I don't remember this one?
    You look SO SO SOO hottttt!

  35. Mrinalini Abot! You are so freaking lucky .
    I was JUST going to go offline from Blogger cause I figured no one was online. Haahaa,we're in love :P
    Thankkksssss hottneess! You're 'OMG' makes my day! :D
    And oh shut upp! Look WHO'S talking about being hot.
    *Looking at you with a raised eye brow*
    And yessssss,I got a new hair-do :D
    I had long straight hair when we met :P Nowwww. It's short and funnkkaayy. :P
    Lol,I meant it's short! :P

  36. I'm in love with you okay doll! =)
    Like,sugar love =P
    Screw Jim,he's being a bastard anyway!
    Honey,you're the hot thing in store here,no can do lookin' at me baby!
    Omgg,yes! I was wondering! cause your hair had a different parting,so I went and figured you got something new! And OMGG why are you soo hot!
    Short and funky! I like short and funky! =D

  37. Lol,why do you always end up ditching Jim? Poor fellow!
    Okay,let's just stop talking 'hot' cause we're both just going to fight over who's hotter and that's just too sissy :P And not my cup of tea!
    Haha,thanks! I like short,too.
    Though,I plan to grow my hair long now. Mom's wish. Lol.
    I don't mind,really.

    Whatsup with you?!

  38. Oh sugar, Jim is anything BUT a Poor Fellow .
    Teeehaa,I know I know! Not you! =P
    Yeah,long hair's good too =)

    Nothing,god Cherr,I hate assignments! Tryin' to get over with something I can't figure.

  39. Hahhahahha..Mrill,O Mrill :P

    Hah! Who doesn't hate assignments?! I'm nagging about Chemistry,ALL the time. BUT I don't end up learning anyhting anyway,no matter How many hours I give
    Bleehh >:

  40. Science. Oh don't talk about that little bitch of a disaster!
    Ro? Rohaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!
    Baby brother! Are your tiny pink little elf ears listening to this?!

    he's asleep in his Mr.Froggy blankie I'm sure =)

  41. Shit woman! YOU crack me up!!
    And hey!
    Froggy blankie? A bit too harsh,don't you think? :/

  42. And "That little bi*** of a disaster"

  43. Whaaaat! It is okay,it is it is it is! =P

    And NO! Mr.Froggie is Ro's childhood comfort.

    Oh wait, he's still a baby =)

  44. Why are you so mean to him Mrill? :P

  45. Try having a baby brother like him who hates partying, hates shopping,doesn't have girlfriends,and considers Calculus and art.
    You'll know :)

  46. Wow,you have a gift of making Ro sound so totally dull.
    Hey! He's not that bad. You're his sister,you're supposed to hate him. It's normal :)

  47. I don't get it why people think he's such a snow white,cause he's not =|

    Hey Cherry,I have to go now,okay! I'm sorryyy! I'll call you soon hey!
    And omg, MISS YOUUU!!! =(

  48. Did you just say 'Snow white'?


    Mrill! I love you!!
    and yes,call me!

    Miss you tooo!!

    BWAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA!!! You're one chick!!!!! :DDD
    Bye! <3

  49. Oh,and btw,



  50. Awh, you got back memories againnn with your beautiful writing :'(
    Omggg. Seriously nil, tell me you're becoming a writer!

    Oh and I remember crying on the frist day too. Everyone was so its-a-super-important-year types ..just got to me :|
    10th, 11th, 12th days of my life too! I'm sure you'll have many many many more to come :)

    You're pweeetyyy!!
    And that Superman tee ..*same pinch*

  51. oRange*!!!! Awwwwwwwww! Thanks babe! Well,writer is in my list 'To-do' =D
    Let's see how things turn outtt!
    I love you man,you make my day! :D

    and oh oh oh I'm SOOOO exciteddd about 11th!!! Idk,what to expect! But,I'm just hoping for the best!

    And thankyouuu!
    And yeeess,SuperMan Tees are awesome :D

  52. Nostalgia strikes me! Well tenth boards are still the same! Ahem btw all i remmmber from tenth boards is Conterstrike CZ, beer, and lotsa beer! :)

  53. ^ Hahaha! Sounds like good fun!! ; )

  54. For me class IX was the best, though X was a blast too. And we all had heard of how tough the studies were going to be.
    Instead of studying, all we did was enjoy the class like every other year.
    And when the boards came it was like, "dude, what exam do we have today?"
    We gave the boards with absolute frolic and ease, and we all scored well. Looking back, yeah, X was a blast

    PS: Following your blog now. Thnx for the comments on mine.

  55. Hi! Class 9th wasn't quite the best for me, but hell yeah 10th grade was a stunner!
    Hahaha..Yes,I've realized boards are over hyped... :)

    Thanks for following my blog! :)

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  57. Dat was truly nostalgic....
    havin read dat i have rolled days back..n was sittin in ma class X wt all ma grp all after 8 yrs...was really awesome...
    Most wonderful....
    Thanks a ton for "Class Tenth" dear..

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