Friday, March 19, 2010

Her pink patiala.

I could recognize that pink flowing patiala anywhere, the navy blue kurti, complimenting that slender structure.
The bounce in her walk, the way that shoulder length long hair flew. Not in the unnatural way, but just how it makes you wonder how you would like if you could ever take your eyes off.

Her back was towards me, yet I could gamble all my wealth,everything I own to declare it was her, yes it was.
However, my luck's never quite been such a gold before. I flinched at the thought of her being someone else.
I hesitated. What if these few steps breaks my dream? What if I loose this feeling so real, yet so surreal...... What if,it's not her?
I walk towards her, and there. I hear. That voice. Even after 4 years,I could swear on the deity above, it felt like I heard her everyday.

I remember how it was. Now,even better than real. I was drunk. It was one of those collage fests where seniors like us felt like we were the men of the world. And Hansraj collage... hah, the guys where the shit. Pratigya and I were seeing each other for over 4 years, we met in school, and the years followed. She was in LSR. She wanted it,she got it. She was the kinds who'd look at something,like it,and that's it,it's her's. No,not by means disrespected. But by the brilliance of the brain,and wealth of the heart. She was a lady, 100 boys would die for. But you know what? She never gave anybody a chance to consider her in a romantic way. She didn't break anyone's heart,no way. She didn't. But she was different. The way she dressed,the things that interested her, the tomboyish person,but a girl hidden in her true sense deep down into herself,which only very few people discovered.
She wore kurtas and patialas, or just plain kurtas with jeans and chappals. She wore long earings,rusted,silver,made of mud..Her hair used to be left open,or clutched high up, with strands of hair glorifying her clear skin below, or maybe, hiding it.. It was just a matter of how your eyes saw it..Most missed them.. She carried a jhola, she had millions she fancied, and she spoke loud and clear about her likes and dislikes. Being submissive was something she repelled.
She hated smoking. She used to drink. She used to party, she used to hang out,have fun like any other girl. But,she was never her age. She was much mature.. She...she.. was just different.

We met at a disco. No,we didn't meet. I saw her. Among all the thousand girls in mini skirts and halterts, and a hundred guys in tight tee shirts and jeans,I saw a figure,dancing with her hair flowing,few beady chains swirling around that neck which elegantly held the collar bone that bore out of the cut of her kurta..
Yes, in a dico,I saw her in a plain green kurta with a low cut neck,jeans that almost felt like they were a part of her legs,and sandals..
I laughed. Not at her, at myself. I took a sip of my martini, and stared at her for a while. Until...She noticed me. 
She questioned me with her eyebrows, I turned around,and joined my friends.. Within all the gossips around the table I sat in,and the music; Lady hear me tonight. . . I kept stealing looks at her. She seemed to have forgotten I existed. I laughed at myself.
What a lady.. 

I left.
~ ~ ~
Next weekend, my friends and I were back at the  disco. I somehow looked forward to it, I dressed better,a little shiny,actually. But I felt nervous. Her confidence overruled mine the other night. For the first time,I wasn't bold enough to go,introduce,make conversation. Her eyebrows intrigued me.
And the fact that she wore a kurta at a disco,didn't care a shit,and just danced with her friends with fun and confidence bubbling out........ her aura possessed me. 
We entered,and my eyes searched for her.
For the first time,the sight of those cliched hot girls irritated me.
I went up the stairs,carelessly tapping the steel metaled bar, with a hundred hands jumping and dancing below, and that's when I saw a hand, right in the corner, beady stuff adorned in her wrist. She was wearing a halter kurta this time.
Hmmm... She dressed up better,too. 
On second thoughts,I like the other kurta.
Actually,she looks god damn hot.
God she's sexy.
Shut up Abhirup,and fucking talk to her.

I went downstairs,escaped the questioning looks of my friends, who later carried on with beer and partying. Men are like that, it's okay.
I confidently walked her way. She looked at me,and I immediately took a left turn to the bar.
Screw it. Maybe next week. 
I said to myself, I was panting. No clue why. I ordered for a drink,and sat there with my head low.
I thought to myself.

"Trying to say hello to me for a while?" 
I turned. Holy fuck. 
Meek laugh. "I..uh not exactly. Yeah,I saw you around.."
"And kept staring? I'm sorry is that how you behave usually,with girls?"  
She was smiling at me. Her eyes,teasing.
I laughed. "No,not at all. And that's exactly why I can't figure why am I doing so with you"
"Do all boys throw the same rotten liners to every single girl?"
"NO! You got me wrong,I'm not trying to-"
"Flirt? Naah,you're to nervous to do that!"
I smiled,and frowned.
"I see you've put in extra efforts with your apparels today."
It wasn't a question. She made a statement.
I looked at her dumbfound. "Excuse me!? We've met 5 minutes,and you say I've dressed better to impress you!?"
"I never said that,but you're not wrong anyway." she smiled.
"Uh,listen..uh...err..?...whatever your name is?--" my defensive mode on,
"Pratigya. And hey,just accept it, it's okay"
"Why are you so over confident?"
"Naah,just confident"
"You're pretty dressed,yourself." I made the statement,now.
"It's my friend's birthday"
"Do all girls throw the same rotten liners to every single guy?" I smiled a tease at her own words.
"Want to try the birthday cake to sober your suspicions?"
"Uh, okay. Never mind." I surrendered.
"So what?"
"Isn't this the part where usually men ask for the girl's number?"
"Have you read a book on what men do?"
"I like your Witt"
"You're not bad yourself."
"So....see you around"
"Wait! What's your number?"
She laughed.
"Not so fast." She winked,and went to her friends.

I turned around,looking forward to the next weekend.

Weekends passed,months did,years came around,and we stood,3 years after the first time we met.
Back at the collage fest.
She came,ruffled my hair and said "Whatsup hottie?" 
My friends whistled.
Gah. Spineless men,each one of them.
"Nuh..nothing much. What are you doing Weren't you going to miss tod..ay's fest?"
"Abhirup,are you drunk?"
My friends laughed. She shot them a look.
I giggled. "A little bit,baby. But that's okay. I'm good. How was collage?"
"Yeah man,you're so okay that you think we have a collage day on a colaborative fest day. You sure are fine."
"Hey...relax. I'm just a little high,why the fuss?"
"The fuss because you're not doing quite well health wise lately,are you Mr.Dutt?"
"Okay,Pratigya. Really, stop it. Just chill on it. I'm cool."
"He's cooooooooooool....." mocked my drunk friends.
"You're cool. I'm not. Let's get home."
"Wtf is wrong with you Pratigya?! I'm freaking in collage okay? Getting drunk is no big shit. Just cut me some slack man. Really."
My friends cheered. I started laughing with them. I saw her eyes, they were hurt.
"It's big shit cause you were in the hospital 15 days back with your single mother crying sick,you asshole"
I sounded dangerous to my own ears.
"I will. Okay,I godamn will. You drink when you're fine with your fucking heart,I'm fine. But you will not attend a collage fest in this state of health with alcohol screwing you up. Abhi,let's get home.Now."
"Abhiiiii....your heaarrrttt!!!!!...teraa dilll!!!" laughed my friends.
"Obviously your pals don't quite give a shit to the hospital bills your mother had to pay, about the fact that you escaped a cardiac arrest,and that your father isn't here anymore to support a family and it's just you."
"Oh fuck Pratigya,just GET LOST. I'm SICK AND TIRED of your godamn problems. You have issues okay!? I mean,you,the intellectual sorts! Wear a bloody kurta and talk about dreams and life that isn't reality! Have you ever tried coming back down to Earth?! My house,my problems,can you just bloody let ME handle all that mess?! Can you just leave me alone at times?! Can you just fucking go and promise me to let me BE ALONE?"
She looked at me.
She turned around,and walked straight. Her pink patiala slowly vanishing into the crowd of students dancing and laughing around, promising me to never come back again. 

She was right. I was wrong.
She was the one who was on Earth and knew my health conditions,and warned me practically about them.
I was the one in dreams,never caring to get back on Earth.
She cared.
I did,too. But was provoked to destroy her's in regard to the alcohol that consumed me,and my friends who used me.
Alcohol did me apart from a girl I wished to marry. From a girl who truly felt for me. From a girl who loved me. From a girl,I loved.

I could recognize that pink flowing patiala anywhere, the navy blue kurti, complimenting that slender structure.The bounce in her walk, the way that shoulder length long hair flew...
And I heard her voice.
And I walked right towards her,with no left turns or about turns whatsoever. She was mine,to have.

What a lady.
She was my lady. 


  1. I cannot believe you wrote that. Way beyond your years. I'm so proud of you!

    Great story too!

    Had me hooked till the very end!

  2. Eee. Thank you! Thank you so much. I'm really happy that you liked it, I really am, thanks tons :)

  3. Hey I cant believe this...Am I reading the blog of some famous and seasoned writer? Or Am I dreaming about some great writer’s work. ***Pinched and saying to myself ---“No I’m actually reading the super blogpost of Nil.” ***
    Nil , Is it a born talent to write so well or you got some professional training :)?
    BTW, is it your sheer imagination or is there any resemblance to real life people.
    All the Best Wishes for a bright and happy future. :)

  4. Amen girl, Amen.
    If this was the thing you were telling me about then I'm proud of you.
    It made me laugh at the casual dialogues, at the confident delivery. And the ending was so...real..I don't have any idea how to describe it./.something casual yet vital. Oh I'm talking gibberish.This actually made me want to witness a similar situation infront of me..
    And yes, about the girl's replies---I felt the connection too.

  5. Amazing and beautiful! And I am just astounded at your ability to write from the perspective of so many, and do it convincingly...that really is rare.

    And yaaaay you posted on a weekend so I am reading on computer and not silly little phone and can comment. Yaaay! :D

  6. my god..this is real mature writing baby..really good to see you growing your talents..its so fresh to read a 16 year old write nice stuff instead of loosing her earings in her boyfriends bathroom :)


  7. @Asif: Good lord, had you seen the wide grin I have right now,you would have totally cracked up laughing!
    You are reading Nil's blog. Yes,you are :P Nobody else's! Don't worry about it! :P
    And hey,the post is absolutely fictitious. :)
    Thank you so so much for all those kind words and the sincere wishes. Really made my day. Thank you :)
    Cheers to you!

    @Remya: Babe,thanks. Like really,god thank you! I'm so so happy that you liked it.
    Yes,this is the one that I was talking about :)
    Haha,yes! I know!
    Thanks again babe :) Thanks tonnes!

  8. @Sinan: Thank you :) do visit again!

    @Wicked: Hiii! Cathy! Thank you! Well,there ain't a better treat than you guys liking the stuff I write :)
    There ain't.
    haha yes! Yayy go weekends! :DD

  9. @Sulagana: Hiii! YAYYAYAAYAYAY! You're back!! Thank you!
    And HAAHA about how u said
    "its so fresh to read a 16 year old write nice stuff instead of loosing her earings in her boyfriends bathroom :)"

    You're truly the best babe!
    Love you!

  10. @everyone:
    You guys really make my day when I see my readers enjoy what I write.. Thank you guys. Really.
    Love each one of you!
    -Cheers and hugs,

  11. neel babes.. love you for this... i really do.... very very very touching story.... touchy enuff to strumm rusted strings of my heart.. love you a lot.. god bless you....

    Broken heart and wet eyes can always relate to this story!

  12. Hey there! Thanks tons man,I'm glad you liked it.. It's one of those 'in the spurr of a second' stories..Lol.. But hey I'm happy you liked it :)
    Be back soon!
    Take care man.

    p.s-we all have been broken hearts at some point or the other in life..
    But something good always follows in the end ;)

  13. :) have a great great weeekend.. gotto leave office for the day... need to move on in life!

    Song dedication for you:
    {Hey there delilah by plain white Tees)

  14. Aww thanks man! The very very same to you!
    And YAY! I got a song dedication after a loooongg time :D
    Go party,weekend on the roll man!

  15. Wow that was too good!

    n halter neck kurta?? dekhna padega

  16. Beautiful post Nil. I have always told you that you write beyond your age. Good work.

  17. Wow.. I am speechless.. This is so amazing and as already mentioned by your other readers totally beyond your age. I have no idea how u could even think so intensely at ur age.. Lol.. now I sound like an old person.. but really girl.. I didnt even wink while I was reading.. Reflections of reality with the drama of a real love story.. very witty too.. Keep up the awesome work girl..

  18. Hey good story... but i really dont think many guys can tell the difference between a Patiala, kurti or any other thing u girls wear :)

  19. I love ur way of writing.
    Let it be this way!
    Love you too;)

  20. hello lil miss pinkcandyfloss..i thought of writing sunshine, then i guess it would not match with the pink patiala :) Vodka sounds ok on a 27 year woman married to a Prawn fanatic :) so i thought that should be the last sentence..Vodka and Chingri maach :)

  21. Gosh Nil, U were so good... I cannot believe that a 15 year lad can write so well. You are definitely blessed with the art of writing. Never stop penning down ur thoughts. Long way to go girl....

  22. @Manjari: Thankyou thankyou! Hahahaa! Totally! Dekhna :P

    @Sakshi: Thank you so so much. Really,means tons to me :)

  23. @The West Wind: Thank you so much! I always wait eagerly for your feedback! I'm so glad it's positive.
    *phew!* Lol, kidding. Thanks a lot lady! I sure do hope my writing makes you happier in future :)

    @Sid: Thanks!
    And hahaha! That's just fine! ;)

  24. @Vijay: Awwww! Thank you so so much! :)) Cheers dude!!

    @Sulagana aka my babe: Hahahaha!! I agreee!! I totally agree!! :D
    Chingri maach!
    *mouth waters*

  25. @Banu: Thank you soooo much Banu! You are very kind indeed :)
    You're an awesome blogger,too.
    Happy blogging!
    Thanks again :)

    @Chandrika: Hi! Thanks a lot! :)

  26. It's one of those posts that made me figure I should come and hug you for the brilliance of feelings that your crazy heart has.
    Cherry,you're blessed.
    No,I'm serious yo. I don't know what to say anymore hey. The more I think,the more your stuff messes my head up yo.
    Cherr,you need to get published.
    I mean,yeah you're a published writer yo, but I mean you need a whole book to yourself yo.

  27. Rohaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!
    Holy shit! HI!
    DUDE. You're so nice. Thankyou. No really, THANK YOU.
    I don't care if I get published anymore. But to have friends like you who appreciate my writing so much..I truly am blessed!
    Thank you,so much.

  28. You need to get a whole friggin' book yo. The world's missing out on so friggin' much yo!
    You have no idea!
    And HI! Laughs. How are you Cherr?

  29. And never mentioned yo, the picture in the last post of you and Remya
    is a zonker! :)

  30. Thanks man :) But getting a whole book of myself isn't as easy! Not everybody out there loves everything and anything I write,you know ;)
    hahaa, thanks but!

    I've been okay! Just waiting for the Boards to get over man :|
    And hey thanks! :D
    I love the picture,too! :D

  31. Cherr,you know I don't zonk on your writing just cause I'm a friend yo.
    You're good, and it's not that friggin' hard to just friggin' accepting that yo

    Good to know you've been good yo.
    I've been all zonked over school yo!
    I'll prolly be calling you tonight, is that good for you hey?

  32. Aw thanks man :)
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  35. I shall try :)

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  36. They're good yo.
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    He thought he could fix a C-Drive kink off!

  37. And to top it high up, Mrinalini Abot tried helping

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  39. They were thinking that an ET from Venus came and kissed Jim which induced intelligence in his mango brain.
    And that the punch my sister got from the same ET was a love bite.

    Smart kids yo x)

  40. Okay.
    Hear me laughing?

    So what's your mom's take on all this? :P

  41. Mum said if Mrill needs a new computer she'll have to use mine,and I get a new one cause I have a pink laptop which is unjust yo.

    she'll have to stop partying weekends.
    That's not possible, it's almost as good as killing her and her 'MY GUCCIs'.

    You should have LOOKED at her! Her puppy eyes were so pathetic yo!

  42. OUCH. That's HARSH,really!!!

    Mrill not partying in the weekends?
    Poor thing :(
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  43. You want me to hug her for you?

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  56. loved it. loved it :) loved it.

  57. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou :)

  58. what a great story!

  59. I absolutely agree with Ramit ..way beyond your years and its very easy to digest that you wrote that by now because you're just getting better and better lady! Write a booook, i say! Start now. To hell with your boards! You'll earn looaaads writing ;)

    i LOVE the way u write and I love you a tad bit more!

  60. oRange*!! Thanks! Awww you're the cutest! Haha,after Boards, shall give publishing some thought ;)
    Lol, but bleh I don't know how much of a thought it'll actually be :P
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    I love you too!
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  62. @ Chelsea: Thank you so much :)

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  64. Just beautiful. It's posts like this that inspired me to give you a blog award. Stop by my blog for details

  65. ^God! I think I'm going to flip with joy! 2 awards for a post! You guys make my dayyy.
    Thank you,so so much. Really means tons to me! <3

  66. Are you sure your 15??? This was amazing...I so love. Am reading this again. tc.

  67. @Nicole: Awwww. Thankyou! Thank you soo much! I'm super glad you liked it :))

    @Rajat: Aw thank you! Do visit again :)

  68. All the good things about this post has already been told in the previous comments,I wouldnt repeat to avoid that look of flattery in my words..
    I'd be instead wanna take some time and make some honest confessions...
    This is the first proper time I actually sat down to go through your blog.
    And Im Glad i did.
    As soon as you are done with your Class XII boards in 2years Tithi,I want a call before you decide on your career.
    You surprised me...To limits stretchin' out way beyond my expectations of your work standards...

  69. ^I promise to give you that call.
    Thanks bro, really that meant a lot to me. Really did.

  70. Wow..amazing write up Nil!
    Keep going!

  71. thought provoking..

    gr8 one..

  72. beaaaaautiful story...u re a storytella gal!!:)

  73. actulli this deserves to be publishedd!! i m serius...its fab!!

  74. Aww thank you SO much all of you!
    Tonnes of love! <3

  75. patiala :)

    whatz a patiala anywaz?????? hehehe :d


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