Wednesday, March 24, 2010

2 more in a week! :D

Okay,so this post was due after my Boards, but my super awesome blogger friends make my day so well,that I can't HELP but to acknowledge them!
Okay,so I received 2 blogger awards since yesterday. [!!]

Here's the one by Cheryl <3 -- Thank you! I love you and your blog SO much. I mean,thank GOD I found you! Hail to Blog Surfing =)

1. Thank the person that gave this to you
2. Copy the award and put it on your blog.
3. List 3 things you love about yourself
4. Post a picture you love (e.g a person you adore etc.)
5. Tag 5 people you wish to pass this award on to

Okay,so here goes the abiding of the rules : 
1. I already thanked Cheryl, but again- Thankyou! Ily!
2.I already copied it and put it up. So,next.
3.Three things I love about my self: 

  • I love the fact that I'm a Bengali. I love Bengalis,and I think it has one of the best cultures and traditions.
  • I love the fact that I had people in my life who are out now,and they helped me realize who my true friends are. Yes,I know,many more to come,but anyway :)
  • I love the fact that I can make friends and adjust well. I love people,so it's not a problem,really.
4. A picture I love:

5. Five people I'd like to tag for this award :
  • Sulagana 
  • Ramit
  • Remya
  • West Wind
  • oRange* 

And Nowww, *drum rolls*
The second award by What I would have worn   <3 - Tonnes of thanks to you too! Seriously, thank you so much for appreciating my work! Readers like you make my day! All my love!

I would like to pass on this award to :
  • Dipti
  • Big Omi
  • Wicked
  • Asif
  • Mural
There! I think I'm done.
Huge thanks to 'Oh to be a muse' and 'What I would have worn' 
I love you guys, and hell your blogs are super awesome!

To everybody else: I love your blogs! And hell yeah,after boards,am showering ALL you guys with awards! :D

Tons of love, and well wishes.. 


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  2. awh! i feel so special. you're such a great blogger. i'm glad you blog surfed and found me b/c now we're blogger buds. you deserve all the praise you receive!

    and like always, thanks for commenting on Oh to be a Muse.

  3. I feel the very same about you and your blog :) I do!
    Yes,I'm glad indeed that I blog surfed!
    Thanks a tonne for making my day,lady!

    Much love :)

  4. ha ha, congrats on the awards. I'm sure you'll get more.
    And on the part about being a Bengali.
    Ekdom sotti kotha bolechis. Jiyo Bangali!!

  5. Somak! Hiii!
    Thanks tonnes :) Oh you just waiiitt till my boards get over! I'm showering ALL you guys with super cool awards :DD
    Haha. Yesssss! I know right!!
    So you're bengali too!
    Awesome stuff! :D Jiyo!!

  6. Awhhh, sweeethearrt you are!
    And congrats! Very well deserved ofcourse :)

    And my blog laavs yours!
    It's doing great. Keep it going!

  7. You deserved it,hun :)
    And thanks thanks thanks! :D

    My blog AND I laaav you =]
    Yes,I will! :)

  8. Ha definitely Bangali ami!
    Sure, bhalo kore exam diye ne. Kono chap nibi na exam niye.

    PS: Kono networking site e achs? FB ba Orkut?

  9. Hey nilanjana that's pretty big, so a pretty big thank you

    I'm just an irregular blogger and it feels good that someone likes what I write :)

    now what do i do with it?

  10. Thank U so much dear.. U are such a sweetheart.. I am truely honoured :) And yeah Congratulations on the awards..

  11. CONGRATS on both awards!!!

    ps. check out my blog at:

  12. Yeeeeeey! God you're so adorably cute Nil! My first Blogger award! I love you shoooooooooooo much!

    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

    *Hugzie* XOXO

  13. Your a Bengali!! A Bengali!!! How Cool??? I've always wanted to be bengali...but that's sadly not possible... :(

    Moving on...Congrats on winning the awards..You deserve it.

    P.S I love the photo you posted here. Its shoo cute!! :)

  14. Hoodibaabaa!!! Such lovely awards!!!
    Congrats for getting them :) and Am Proud of you little one :).
    Three cheers… You deserve much much more for your talent and skills.
    Keep writing. I’m sure that one day you are going to make us all very very proud :)

    Really you made my day today :) by making me feel so special.
    Thanks a lot!
    P.S. This is my first blogger award :D
    P.P.S Even I love bangla, the culture, those mishti mishti sweets :), elisha maashi :) and more importantly I Just love bengalis.

  15. @Somak: Ekdom nebo naa. Chinta korish naa ;)
    Hae,I'm on all. Kintu more regular on Fb. Search me down! :)

    @Mural: Aww you're most welcome! You deserved it :)
    Nowww. You put it up and flaunt it on your blog :D And you can pass it on to your other blogger friedns,too :)

  16. @The West Wind: Like I said,you ALWAYS deserve it :) You're awesome. Period!
    Thank you :)

    @DIYA: Thank you :) Shall surely drop by :)

  17. @Big Omi: Aww I'm glad you liked it. I knowww 1st awards are always special!
    Take care.

    @ Nicole: Yesss I'm Bengali! :)) Awww I take you as my sister anyway, so well, it makes you bengali naa! :))
    Thank you sooo much! :)
    Oh and *blush* thanks ! ;)

  18. @Asif: Hahah Hii! :D Yay thank you! I loveddd the awards,too!
    And hey so this is your first award! Awesome! They always give you a high ;) And it feels great!
    You deserved it :) You did.
    Anddd haha that PPS part was so cute!
    Its 'Eelish Maach' !! Lol , issokay!
    Yay,I love it too! :D

    Cheers to all of you!
    Much lovee <3

  19. I loved it.. :) yoo're besto!

  20. Acha bepar. Hazar khanik Nilanjana ache FB te...
    Kichu concrete details de...

  21. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaankkkkkkkkkkkksssssssssssssssssssss :)))) *mwahhh* and likewise! i ♥ this blog too

  22. Big Omi: Awwww :))

    @Somak : Nilanjana Bhattacharjee :)
    Tried searching you, pelaam na :(

  23. @ Di: Awwww! Most welcome!
    Thanks gorgeous!
    Mwah! <3333333

    @Tangerine: Thank you, so so much! :)

  24. Oh God. 10 ta Nilanjana Bhattacharjee ache. Tell you what, go to my blog. Okhane upper right corner e amar FB page er link ache. Send me a friends request. Onek sojhoje hoye jabe.


  25. Yeaap. I guess ota best hobey. On my way to your blog! :)

  26. Is the guy in d pic ur elder bro?? I can see and identify with the helpless look on his face :P

    Nice acceptance speech :)

  27. Sid! Hi.
    Lol,yeah he's my cousin.
    Haahaa. Yes,Indeed we can figure the expressions,too well :P
    Hope you're doing brilliant!
    Cheers :)

  28. Omg EeeeeeeHaaaaaaaa! How pretty are you Cherr!?
    Omg! You look omg sooo hot!
    Yayy you! Congratulations on the awards! =)
    Like omg you totally deserved them hey!
    Please tell me you're Ol!!

  29. And omg your hair!
    It's the hottest thing ever =O

  30. Mrill! Mrill! Hi! :)
    Haaaa! How hot can I get? Like really,do you go blind everytime you look at the mirror?!
    Yes,yes thankyou! :D
    And yesssss. I'm online! :D

  31. I look at myself and pity. EVERY EVERY DAY hey!
    The other day I figured I'd gained weight! And then Seq and I tried jogs. But we ended up eating frankie sticks =/
    We're such suckers at food! =P
    Nothing much. I was doing this thing I'm to do for Wo.Hist.
    I'm so happenin' =[

  32. GOD what is it with everybody killing around on Weights?!
    Mrill you're cool. Okay. Shutup.
    You look fine. So cut this thing of jogs out and crash diets.They're useless.

    HAH! But that eating part was funny :P

    Awww, It's okay man. I was sluching my butt studying,too :|
    Yeah. We're so happening man

  33. You make my life by thos Omg cute stuff! =}
    Aww your month of binders are going to pay off Cherr!
    They well hey!

  34. I hope they do man.
    My folks are okay? Your's?

  35. They're fiiiiiine.
    Dad's travelling =|
    Mum's just being....Mum =[
    Cherry. OMG. I'm going to this party,Sunday. Omg,I got a dress from Barny's! =)
    Omgggg!It's. Sighh <3

  36. Haha,wow. Cool! Looks like someone's looking a Stunner :)
    Hey! Btw WHERE has Seq been?!
    She hasn't been on my page for a while,and she Emailed me long back,but then didn't reply when I did :|

  37. Teeeehaaa! ^_^
    I hope I do! =]
    Oh Seq's been holler busy hey!
    She asked me to tell you that she'd be back,like soon!
    And oh she's having a hard time with Lit. She has a dick as a teacher! And he's just giving poor her hate love =/

  38. Oops. Ouch :|
    Yeah,sucks bad when bleh teachers find their way :/
    Tell her to chill on it. She'd clear soon! :)

  39. Oh yea! And yes you will look pretty awesome :))

  40. I'll tell her hey =)
    Awww thanks Cherr!
    Hey Imma go now, yeah? I need to get over with this stuff =|

  41. :)
    Yeah sure. Go ahead!
    Yeapp will talk to you soon!
    Take care,and look all hot! :D
    Love you!

  42. Alright!
    Teeehaa! I will =)
    I love you too Cherr! Omhggg Miss you!
    Byee! Yeah. Phone soon =)

  43. congratulations for the love and awards :) all the very best for your board exams. May u find all the questions easy enuf to fill in loads of papers with answers! :P

  44. @Sawan: Aww haha! Thank you for all of that! :)

    @Pesto: Thanks :)

  45. Something that's long overdue, Congratulations! You deserve it !
    By the way, I LOVE the picture, you look great ;)

    And my congrats to all the other award winners as well :)

  46. hey fuggot to wish you! Wish you all the very best for your exams!



  47. @Charu: Awwwwww! Thanks darling! I'm sorry I haven't been around much. But I promise to be,after Boards! Really!
    Thank you!
    Much love <3

  48. @Omi: Aw thank you! :)

  49. haww!!!! i had dropped a comment on the award two days after you had posted has not registered :( :(

  50. uuff! Blogger can be sooo bleh!

  51. This was sweet..
    :) :)



  52. ^Thanks Nipun!
    And yeah thanks a lot for following my blog. Welcome :))


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