Thursday, April 1, 2010

And they're over :)

So, after a whole year of ramblings, mood swings, friends, bunks, classes, teachers, pens, pencils, school board, charts, blackboard, broken chairs, and 'X-B' -- it's over.
The late night study hours, sleeping in the day, after 24 realizing you haven't read a word. Calling friends to figure doubts,and ending up nagging about the courses. Getting nervous when they say : "Haa?! Tera nai hua?... Jaldi kar ley.." -- Yes,I felt like shooting everyone who said that.
The epitome of frustration when my neighbor's nephew said "Yes,you have boards this year" -- I wanted to say "And you have issues figuring the obvious"
I mean, for god's sake. It was like telling me "Yes,your name is Nilanjana." 
All those phone calls from relatives,wishing me luck and stabbing me in the heart with the sweet knifes of "Oh we know you'll do so well! We're counting on you..... Though, No pressure! "
Yeah. No pressure.
Sure, fantastic.
You make the kid want to strangle herself with the whole plantet, no actually,make it all the 8 planets [yeah,no more 9 planets,remember?] counting on her.
And. No pressure.

I remember this random lady I met at a wedding where I was doing nothing but getting bored.
We got into a random conversation and goes  : "Oh! How are you attending a marriage if you have boards?!" 
Her eyes could have totally pounced out of her sockets.
"Well,anyway,all the best."
She said. Looking disturbed.
Yes,now please go die.
I wanted to say. But oh well, I kept the nastiness to myself. Relatives wedding. Blah blah :|

All these things were the precondition of the awaited- Boards.

Now,to think they're over is just so..... Omfg. THEY'RE OVER!
After getting out of the center yesterday, I was in a state of mind that defined a satisfied happiness. I had plans with my gang. We had tonnes of plans. Movie,crashing malls,eating like pigs,Tee shirt painting,Table football,Pool,etc etc. And I kept tweeting "Guys. Boards over." every 5 minutes.
It was crazy fun. I mean,there was a different sense of partying knowing that sense of freedom that you don't have books to get back to for quite a while.
When I got back,I went out again with a bunch of friends. Went to a studio to hear friends play,then coffee. That was a cherry on the cake. Loved the day,simply.

Then,I got back.
And I realized.. I don't have anything to do. 


Uhm. So I tried busying myself with useless things. After a point of time,being online irritated me. So I signed out. Watched Tv. Read a book. Blah blah. Yada yada.
What now?

So,I'm guessing it's going to be like this for a while.
But then again,it's me. So,I'm so sure I'll figure some odd way to do some odd thing and just get crazy.
But hell I'm going to miss 10tg grade!
There were a bunch of #$*($($#@$$ in my class who I wish a rotten hell :)
Butttt there were friends who I'll miss fooling around with during class.

Dang it.
11th grade already?! :O

But oh well. What the hell. I just hope it's as amazing as the year that just ended.
And yes,
to all my teachers in 11th grade......................

Buck up,ladies and gentlemen.
The student is on her way >:D

P.s--to all the guys who're done with boards, a call is all it takes to bang a party on! ;)
and to others -- ^Ditto! ;)
I'm game, whatsoever :D



  1. Ah so its over.
    And you have nothing to do.
    How typical!!
    Chap nis na... doing nothing takes up time faster than anything else...
    2 diner modhey mone hobe holidays sesh....

    So enjoy... while this lasts...

  2. Hahaha..Yes! I guess you're right.
    eibaar ki kori...


  3. Kaj na thakle Online aye... adda marbo... naki tor golpo ekhno sesh hoyeni....?

  4. Hahahah...arey golpo shesh! Will put it up soon :)
    Online aashtey parbo naa ekhon. Any time dinner will be served :|
    ufff. kemni jey time pass korbo!

  5. Lol! This makes me smile! Yay you!

  6. se asis jokhn tor icha...
    ar kichu ekta kaj peye jabi
    ei chuti tai best..
    XII er porer chuti ta ar exist kore na ekhn...

  7. Hae.. eto bhagam bhaag for colg applications... Takes the whole charm outta being satisfied after hardwork!

  8. Yup!
    Ar science porle aro chap for the competitive exams and all that shit.
    So this is the best holiday...

  9. Yeah,I guess!
    And besides,I'm not taking science!
    So yeah. But I'm taking Humanties with Eco and Math. Which'll be hard,too.
    So,I'm just going to make the best out of all of this!

    Acha shon,dinner eshe gachey.
    Adda hobey onek taratari!

    Tata :)

  10. Nice subjects to choose.
    I could never have handled these.
    Party time is on..
    Have a blast for a few days..:)
    Read others blogs..:)



  11. Congrats hon! Now the possibilities are endless! I suggest you use your amazing talent and write some short stories to send to literary magazines. Who knows? You might start year 11 as a published author…

  12. ya, its gonna be good if u r not planning to study science further

  13. hehehe “You make the kid want to strangle herself ???”
    The sadistic me wanted to remind you that you are in 11th now :D :D

    Everyone goes through the same phase in his life and later becomes very nostalgic about his school life. It is the bitter truth of life.
    This is your time now and remember that these days are not going to come again...Enjoy these days to the fullest.:)

  14. *yay* yours got over too....Now all you got to do is enjoy each and every moment of these few days you got...maybe you should join some classes or go shopping. No girl ever gets bored of shopping!!!
    Anyway whatever you do hope you have fun.

  15. @Nipun: Thanks a ton dude :)
    Oh and thanks a lot for taking the time out to read the other stuff! :)

    @what i would have worn: Awww you're the sweetest! Thank you so much for your kind compliments.
    Well,thanks to lucky friends and amazing readers like you, I already am a published author :-)
    Not a whole book, but yeah, my work was published in a book of a compilation by SCHOLASTIC.
    With amazing and honest well wishers like you,I hope to own up so my own book some day :)

  16. @Manjari: ahaha..lets see :)

    @Asif: Hahah. Yes,11th. eeks! sound big! :P
    Haha. Well, thank you. Yes,I hope to live upto the best of it!
    Cheers to you man!

  17. @Nicole: Yessssss! They're overrrr for me!! :D Haha! You got that one right alright!
    Shopping is among the tops of my To-Do list ;)
    Thank you so much for your wishes!

  18. hey Nil ..thanks a bunch for stopping by my blog ..
    and i see that you're over and done with boards ..wat a relief and wat a pain in the same breath .. but then school is def the best phase in one's life and you have two more golden years ahead of you ..and i wish you all the best fr them ..
    hopefully ull find smthin creative to do in this break too :)

  19. Yep, I totally identify with you now. What to do ??? Can't study for 10th or 11th and can't stay online all day. I'm stocking up on books and movies for the holidays. Keep writing in these holidays, all your readers will be eagerly waiting :)

    About 10 more days to go before we can finally return to our school, but can't wait to study in the same class, live in the library like parasites and whatnot ;)

  20. Hahaha! I agree with each and every word out there!

    Oh yes, be prepared to be jobless for some days. U might want to pull your hair out but but but it's not that bad. Do SOME productive work. And party your ass off! And then brace yourself to meet me ..hooolaaaah :D

    Love! And I'm so glad they're over. I dont know why, but I am :S

  21. enjoy getting bored.. you'll love the feel of 11th books even more hehe..

    i loved my 10th too, its the best grad ever. 11th was stress for me! but you'll do well.. i chose the wrong subjects! commerce WITH math. the worst subjects for me, what was i thinking. i wasn't!

    make the right choice, have fun and get creative in this free time that you have.. have zillions of coffees and lots of mall hopping with friends..explore some hidden search, m sure you have many.

    have funnnnn

  22. Tut tut, kids nowadays

    haha have a good time, life is only going to get more exciting :)

  23. So its over ha...Don't worry 11 is when all the fun time starts! You'll have a blast! Enjoy this year!!!

    Loved your blog....

  24. @Simply Me: Hey! Thanks for visiting! Yes,you're quite right. A relief and a pain at the same time!
    Thanks tonnes for the luck!
    Hope you come by soon :)

    P.s-Loved your blogggg!

  25. @Charu: I know right! Eeeps! 10 more days! God knows what 11th garde'll bring. But oh well,I'm hoping for the best! :)

    @oRange*: I'm partying well alrightttt!! omg weird! I have NO work whatsoever!!! :D
    But yes I likie :D :D
    And Awwhh! Thanks!!

  26. @Dip: LOVED your comment! Yess lots of coffees and parties to come! And yeah I'll make the right choice :)
    Thank you!
    And awwwww. I hope i do discover more sides of me!
    Love! <3

  27. @Mural!: Haha,will do :)

    @Pavitra: Hi! Thanks,I hope it is! Aww thank you! I hope you visit soon :)

    Cheers to everyone! :)

  28. omg hiii Cherry!
    sowwiee for being off yr space for quite a while! been busy with crazy school o lord i hope they die!
    how have you been?! awww i'm happy for you!
    you look so hot in the last post eep!

  29. and yeah you should totally party like a mad chika!
    like you deserve it god!

    I'm still online. ARE YOU ARE YOU ARE YOUUU?!
    Aw thanks! I am SO relieved trust me hon! I AM!
    Haha thank you!
    Yeaahh I'm partying harrddd! Like WAY hard! HOW have YOU been?!
    Ro told me you've been having a hard time with some Lit.Prof?

  31. yeeaaa woowwiiee im ol! yeah finally!
    yes yess im online! =)
    but i'll be fleeing in a bit!
    how have u been?
    yess Lit. is a whore!
    oh and i'll be mailing you soon! =]

  32. Aaah, naah I'm online most of the time really! I'm jobless,and I love it! :D
    Aww I heard you were being traded on harshness :/
    Yeah! Reply me anytime! :)
    I've been just fine!
    What about you?!

  33. jobless! sweeett! =} i like being that! it's such a treat hey!
    i've been okay too! trying to cope up with everything! and heyy i was figuring i'd start blogging! =]

  34. DUDE! hot idea! You totally should man!

  35. i know heyy but eeep its hard work! time consuming too! i'll figure somethin out! lets see!

  36. Yeah. True,that. It does consume time. But it's pretty cool of a practice,you know (:

  37. i know! i dunno lets see. i'll try though! like i promise!
    hey i need to be going now!
    will gmail you soon yeah!

  38. ohh and emial me that link you spoke about last time!
    bye cherry!
    ily! <3

  39. Yeah Bye!!! :) And do try! :)

  40. GOD you guys are so fast at commenting!
    Yeah,I will send you the link for sure :)
    Bye, <3

  41. happy you are done with boards. i suppose that is why you've been away from the blog world. hope you did well! you can blog when you're bored. ;)

  42. Damn you must be having a big long vacation... how i miss it :(

    Enjoy yourself :)

  43. ohh i know....once the boards are over you realise that sleep ahs betrayed you too :( thats how it will stay up, watch movies, chat with ma baba, fly down to pune, get more pictures clicked, fly down to pune, party and fly down to pune :)

  44. wht...u went to a wedding in ur boards ??

    have a blast re...its a post-boards law :D

  45. @Cheryl: Yess, I was away for the very reason. I'm going on a vacation tomorrow. Shall blog tonneess once I'm back!

    You take care gorgeous!
    Love! <3

  46. @Sid: Awww Thanks! You have fun too!! :))
    p.s- YAY you're backkkkkkkkk! :D

  47. @Pink Patiyala Sister: I knowwww! Yes yesss I got the Pune part! ;) I want to come tooooooooooo!
    Yesss Im watching toonnneess of movies, and having heck lot of fun. Im lovin' it!
    I'll try Pune! Pakkkaaa!

  48. @Mohit: LOL at the sarcasm :P And yess I shall not break the law! ;)
    Hope you've been doing well buddy!

    Cheers to you guys! :D

  49. I still remember the last day i walked out of school and i miss it like crazythough its been 8 yrs hence!
    Have fun while it lasts

  50. yeah baby! party tyme! Rock on and '11 n NIL' are AWESOME!

    Wanna party ??

  51. ha ha

  52. @Vintage: Surely will! Thank you! :)

  53. @Omi: Awww thanks! Yeaahh I hope 11th is good alright!
    Dude I'm partying already :D

  54. i mean party wid me! Are you in any of Mumbai blogger clubs?


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