Thursday, November 24, 2011

Altering associations.

Dear readers,
I know I promised fiction for this post, but circumstances are a little grave here (and promises are meant to be broken?). Today has been a strange day. One that came with very ugly revelations and threw light on some amount of irrationality that's been lurking around me and my actions. Thus, I have decided to dissociate for a while, from the daily circle of communication and am going ahead to a short break. A short break where I wouldn't be in touch for a while on networking sites and blogger, too.
I promise to read your rants, though. But I do not assure a word from my end, a silent reader is all I have to offer to you, for now. I will be back soon, you never know maybe in a week. But from the look of things, perhaps a teeny wee bit more than that.

So till I get back, may you all have a lovely beginning to winter. And I hope to find you all right here, once I've finally had enough of silence, and am ready to once again pounce on you with my rants and tales of fiction. Thank you all, though. You've all made me want to write even when inspiration gave up on me :-)

Always love,


  1. eta ki holo madam? khub pora shona cholchey naki

  2. ekhane ese por, puchka gunor bhalo lagbey maashi'r shate aar amader aarekta puchka amader kache ese jabe
    ese por ese por :-)

  3. i hope that it isn't too serious and that things will get better sooner rather than later. will be here when you come back! <3

  4. *HUUUUUUUUUUUUGS* you know u have me around if something bothers u? So just remember that....take ur break and please please take care and i m around when u need someone u can rely on

    All will be fine

    Loads of love :)

  5. Yo hold up hey? what was that all about?
    gmail now cherr?

  6. You know, take this break. Break your patterns. Breaking patterns, taking breaks -- all of it is required to grow up, evolve, and move on.

    You will be good, refreshed, and rejuvenated. Till then. =)

  7. Hope things will get better soon! Good luck!

  8. Hope everything is alright, darling!


  9. its very disheartening when u land up on a blog, seem to start liking it, and then find out that the latest post is about the blogger going on a break. and this isnt the first time this has happened with me.
    landed here via Suruchi's blog.
    awaiting u back in action.

  10. hey read your previous posts, u are an interesting blogger, will look forward for your posts after your break.

    two weeks and counting. the bridge now?

  12. or do i play the spam gangstaa yo?

  13. You have an awesome blog! I'm going to enjoy reading it. Definitely following! :)

    From Computer Addict

  14. All of you lovely readers, you have no idea how happy you guys make me. You guys make staying away from blogger so difficult :')

    And to my new followers, am humbled :)

    I'm back, my lovelies!


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