Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Of November already and Big Bang Theory loops.

November's here already. I feel like I'd been sleeping all this while in a sound slumber and kaboom goes the diwali-ness in Delhi and I woke up to realize the year's already coming to an end. What a strange year it has been I tell you. I don't think it's excluded anything.
Diwali was pretty random and disorienting. Better than last years, nevertheless! Found ourselves at India Gate at godknows what hour of the night, taking strolls around the Guard who stood at attention like nobody's business.
My cousin was here for a good eight days, and lets just say I was on a vacation in Delhi.. Hell what a crazy time we had! From the most shady places in Delhi to insane karaoke nights where something revolutionary happened to me for the first time, but never mind that here (!).. To midnight coffee at coffee shops, speeding cars, meeting her absolutely w.i.l.d friends, turning her and Rob's hand blue while watching Paranormal Activities 3, and shopping like animals.. The past week has been gorgeous, in every single way :-)
I miss her like a sad little puppy, but heyy all good things come to an end. Shoot me.

Apart from that,I'm still hungover about how last month's been so godamn crazy and hectic. I haven't found the time to stop and breathe, not once, no. Something or the other's been up and my only soothers have been Limca and watching loops of the Big Bang Theory. Sheldon Cooper makes me happy and laugh like a wild child, and I need to frame his photo and see it everytime anything pisses me off. How, just HOW can a T.V series be so awesome that it makes the world a better place to live in? Quite literally speaking.
He makes me believe Sarcasm isn't dead yet :-)

Anyhow. Parents just god back from Bombay. Bloody good for me, it would save me going crazy in the weekends and bringing the lovely house into stones and toothbrushes. Anyhow. It's been a strange Wednesday; the kind that ain't a blue but is a mixture of frowns and the only wish to sleep. I came here to write this absolutely unproductive and shite post just so to let you guys know that I'm still alive, and I've just been busy. All the email replies will find their way to you very very soon, I promise. Give me the weekend? :-)
And there you go, my phone's beeping on low battery- something that it does pretty often now. I should really work on the phone charging thing, I ignore that instrument like its scum. But it's not in the drawer anymore, so that's an improvement, right?
Deviated beautifully, however no more. Ciao lovely people. I'll come back with some poems and happy things like Sheldon Cooper. Bless that boy. Hearts. (I would have drawn one, had it not irked me.)

Tata! Eat well, and sleep better, and party for me :-)
-Same old Nil.


  1. yes will definitely try ot party :) after all waited all year for november to come .. :)

    It is always fun when cousins come over Oh all that fun we had when we were all together


  2. Sheldon Cooper FTW.

    Looking forward to more such random stuff :D

  3. ^Second Vanta.

    Seen this one yet?

    Penny: So what do you guys do around here?
    Sheldon: Today, we tried masturbating for money.


  4. same old nil...shut up ..its the hot new cutesy chic on the blog !!!

  5. @Bikram: Ooh,I smell a birthday :-) Wishes to you in advance!

    @Vanta: "Oh, I'm sorry. Did I insult you? Is your body mass somehow tied into your self worth?" - Honestly, Sheldon Cooper FTW.

  6. @Mantah: SayiBeteYooooo!
    And HAH. Seen it once,twice,thrice, and too many more times! Toldya, it's on a loop B)
    The Big Bang Theory keeps me breathing (Y)

    @PinkPatiyalaSis: Hahah no wayyy. Khali tumi bolo eta!

  7. kichu bujhlaam na! tora ki shob dekhish, I feel absolutely old fashioned!

    raima eshe chilo? baah! chobi laga. Aar ki misti lagchish tora :-)

  8. aar kaki ma ra bombay keno gechilo re?

  9. Tumi aar old fashioned?! haha no wayyyyyyyyyy mashiii.
    You're the hottie mashi in town for us, always ;)

    Yep. Raima had come for a good while this time. Thankyou! :)
    Check your mail.. : )

  10. I have not seen the big bang theory (long story why I haven't.) So it seems I shd go through it.

    I'm like obsessed with Dexter at the moment :P About Sheldon Cooper, my best frnd literally goes by him so ya must be awesome.
    And its been ages I haven't commented. Btw I did finally succumb to post bout ladakh, wee little bit tho.

  11. Whattttee kickasssss update on Ladakh lady! Absolutely loving it! :D
    GOOD to see here. you missed commenting? Well,we missed you! A whole bunch at that!
    And PLEASE GO WATC BBT. Sheldon Cooper. Enough said.

  12. I am a little crazy about grey's anatomy (don't hate)...and himym (but that is a given). I remember watching this one episode of big bang theory on the One Ring. I really need to start watching it!!!
    But of course for that I need to get out of my present state of hell..ah well...


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