Saturday, November 19, 2011

green sandals and sharpened pencils.

There's such a 'feeeeeeeeeeeeeel' to writing with a long slender new pencil on crisp ruled paper, right? Back in 5th grade we were in such a hurry to get started with writing with pens, whatte thrill it was! ink! How I miss the scratchy noise of pencils on paper now in a classroom.
Ideally, this post should have been fiction. But you see that doesn't happen when I have a week to go for my second terms, complimented with perpetual mind farts of anxiety and immodest hours of economics and political science followed by space outs of staring at my pair of green sandals and hoping to find the answer to everything in the universe, there.

Random photo clicked yesterday. I like :)
Last night was a breather,though. I went for a birthday dinner to a friend's. And since it was her 18th, we guys decided to go off the record and wear sarees. So that was quite an incentive to study my rear off the whole day just so I could gulp down some cake without guilt trips. Other than that, it was fun. I worked harder than the host, so I guess that gave me brownie points to the 'feel good' factor which are rarely encountered when you reach the month of November while the boards wait with sadistic patience sitting with fat answer sheets in March. Do you see? I've become obsessive about the whole scene. I can't have a conversation without the B word in it.

Apart from that, I've been upto randomness. There's a series of Bokeh effects I'd tried a while back, and I always wanted to put it up on my blog. I just never got the chance to. (Read: I was lazy to uplaod them on the computer.) So since I have nothing spicy going on for now, and YET I had to come here to my safe haven and speak bull crap, I'll spare you darrrrrrling readers any further BS and award you lot with pretty bokeh photos for being too much of awesome listeners. Not to mention I FINALLY RESPONDED TO ALL YOUR EMAILS SO YOU GUYS CAN GO DO THE BHANGRA and refrain from responding with abuses : )

There you go. And while you guys check them out,click and listen to this (goes puurrrfactly.)- Pretty Lights Finally Moving.

Okay peeeppuulllzz. I should go now. My half and hour break just turned into an extended holiday. So adios, and I promise some fiction from ze next posters for you lot. (Obviously, since I'll be dwelling on ways to get through the next month without letting the suicidal part of 12th grade get the better of me.)
Laaaats of love,
Nil :)


  1. toke dekhe chena jachey na puchke. puro bhabe mishti di'r chaap :-)
    chobi guno darooooooon !

  2. aar eibar bujhli toh, choto belaye koto pen niye tor karnama hoto? boro belaye bochish

  3. Hahah hae, 'twas a super random dolled up birthday dinner :P heee hee thank you! And yep, ekhon bujte parchi. I genuinely miss them pencils :( I remember the thrills I used to get with Mamu's Parker! :D

  4. Little lady, its ONLY November, and you're worried abt March? Relax girl, there's a whole lot of time - I know you'll do great, you do not need to live inside a pressure cooker till then!! :) :)

  5. ki re saaree and all eh ?? please can you please stop worrying abt the B will totally rock at it i know :)

  6. @Tuli Di: It's November ALREADY! *Hyperventilates.
    I only wish everyone around me said the same thing that you said but all hell's broke lose here sister! :(
    Pressure cooker was a comfort, now toh it's a hulk sized pressure MACHINE.

    @PinkPatiyalaSis: All you sisters overestimate me like nobody's business! pfft!
    andd heeehh. Yes, saree and all :]

  7. Wow to the effects :) Awesome :)
    I remember that ink pen wishes and also those saree excitement :) Enjoy to the best and study well...its ur last yr...just make it the best :D

    And then I want a super duper party session with u....what say ;-)

    And I agreed to Sulo ...will u stop worrying...u will just rock with a big bannnnnnnng :D

  8. hahah aww thanks darling :)
    and yes,
    last year ://

  9. You have deep intriguing eyes :P won't give you the bullshit now and bore you; you're one darllling nil and the bokehs are interesting yo!

  10. and you'll rock the boards chill na!

  11. Hahahahahah! Dude Sam, you're adorable man!
    And boards aar koto rock kora hobey dekhi dara :|

  12. There is always more and more to learn from you. Imagine you're just in twelfth, and look at you- typical Bengali, chutter-putter journalist types haan?
    I love reading whatever you write miss. And my mother just said that you're the only person in the world who is smarter than her. (she's never said that to me)
    And ze photograaphs ave ofum.

  13. Why, you're a very sweet boy, Nakul. :-) And thank your mother for her generous compliments, she's very kind!

    I highly doubt if there's much to learn from me when I write about green sandals and sharpened pencils, but thank you nevertheless, am humbled :-)

  14. you look lovely-where are the saree pics btw...and to wear saree on the 18th bday-only a bunch of super gals like you could do so..

    i soooooooooo love your shots n often console myself by saying-it is just a good camera and just someone really good at taking these pics-but the fact is the spiritedness in you brings the picture alive and makes it striking!

    plus you are truly and really beautiful:-)


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