Friday, November 11, 2011

Happiness is really such a simple thing.

It was the unofficial last day of school. It felt the same, but there were minutes of strangeness when I'd zone out somewhere in the middle of the corridor, or the classroom and realize that after today, the school that I knew would cease to be. I would only go for exams, and rare occasions of doubt classes. But school- the regular bus stand at 7:30am, the recurring morning blues, the often ignored yellow classroom doors and windows,the library, geography lab, the big field, oily Gupta Ji canteen food, mini shop, bur ride back home, the heat, the sweat- and in the middle of all this- those classmates who've become friends family in the past few years.
It was strange to even think that the routine will now be broken. That all of this won't happen, and the thought of a non-uniformed life seemed so alien and... unsettling?

I've lived in the heart of this school for fourteen years. Abused it unconditionally, kicked the bathroom doors a zillion times, scribbled rude drawings of teachers on the black board, solved sums on the tables, and gradually graduated to the Back Benchers Association by grade 12 :-)
I've walked in with pride holding prizes with a collar up, I've cried in the bathroom, I've hid behind the swimming pool, and I've bunked all around the place. And on graceful occasions, sat in class with my chin on both my hands and looked and heard out the (mostly) lovely teachers.

And I've made friends, oh yes. I have. I've made friends with bonds that can stretch further than chewing gums, the ones that used to be stuck under the tables and would inevitably find place in my skirt. (Trips to the Home Science lab for soap would follow.)

And then today once the last bell rang, I couldn't help but let out a nervous smile. And actually stood straight like an obedient child and repeated the prayer on the intercom, for maybe the first time in months. The last school-gives-over prayer.

And THEN. Daftuar's priceless nags began while exiting the gates of the school, yelping as if we were to die the next minute. Emosssanally charged students around were clicking photos as if the school was coming to an end in 2011. (Technically, yea yea.) But it was kind of overwhelming, and finally I cut through the melodrama and crashed Vant's place for a calculated half an hour to just chill and then go home and study like no body's business. And once I got there, the usual shitting around started and abuses to our favorite Mallu lady resumed with the sidelines of PJs and gayness. And just... chill.
And I was happy.
I was happy because although school is coming to an end... I kinda realized it's for the best. I've grasped in as much as I could and seeing those two lady retards, bullshitting racism all over the place with Rem, spending useless hours in the library with Rob,rolling eyes at Chatur for the chimp he is... they leave the epiphany that maybe, this is just the start. These people are going to stay. And that tiny moments through out the last fourteen years have made up a kick-frikkin-ass entourage of my hemisphere. And the other one, I'm on my way to figure.

So really. Happiness is really such a simple thing. And to a question that I've been dwelling on for a while after reading a fellow blogger's post is- Is it a choice? Hell yeah. It is. Shit happens. People walk in, they walk out, they mess your head, they make the best memories, they turn out to be complete pricks, and you regret a whole lot, but then you cherish a muuuch bigger lot.
So by the end of it, you've breathed in everything. Everything that you could. And you still are breathing, soaking in every flaw and creek that comes your way WITH those people/ memories/regrets/love.
That's the best part- you're still breathing :-)

Photos from today at Vanta's. Totally apt for the post, so :-)

Beedles, you're still a prick for not showing up today. But I had to add you to this one : )

So yes, shit happens. And if you can't fix it, spread it on the fields and enjoy the harvest ;)
It'll make you a much happier person!
(Also, shoot me for updating like a crazy frog but this one had to be posted!)


  1. naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw :*

    such an emozzanal post :']

    i'm gonna miss school,with the weird people and equally weird teachers,our bunks on the big field steps,our gay banters in the middle of the class,us getting in to trouble,the english periods :P

    Its like the end of an era.


  2. .....all that, yes..hell yeah.

    But, College coming babe. FTW :D

  3. oooooh yeah :D
    lookin forward to it :D
    katal betaa

  4. Correct bolti tu. Mai jaati abh, bohot sentinesshappening since maarning. I go eestudy useless Econ phor now. I catch you the vaary soon ok then :]

  5. P.S. the last picture is so damn cute! \m/

  6. laddiizz going emotional!
    Awesome post..
    *stand up on the chair beats his chest because he's happy*


  7. @vanta: Thenks! Thenks! :]

    @Chatur: Hahahah duuuudde. Too much coolness you are in one huge body with a gigantic hand! :)
    Sigh. Your mind scarring screams complete the corridors of 12th grade I tell ya. :')

  8. sounds like, overall, you had a great time in school, especially this year. i'm glad you're seeing the positives in it all.

    are you ready for college next?

    p.s. i moved to california. :)

  9. Nostalgia. Reminds me of my last days in school.

    Gaah. I don't miss school. Not one bit. I never liked it. I miss a few people.

    I wish life was as easy as it was in school.

    Where are you thinking of going?

  10. @Cheryl: Hi love! GOOD to see you here, as always. Haha, ready for college- I'm guessing I am! There are nervous laughs here and there,tho ;)
    And WOOHHOOOO so you're a California chick now ;)
    PHOTO UPDATE of the gorgeous new house please!

    @Ujjwal: That's going to be one lengthy answer at that, so maybe when we catch up for a sub next time you're here :)

    @Rachana: Thank you :)

  11. Oh man...we have our inofficial last day coming up soon...and monday we have our school fest...last day of absoluuute masti in school.
    I was in a state of denial...your post kind of turned thinga upside down a little bit.

    But yes I am glad to be ending school too in a way...

    As usual, I cannot make my stupid mind up ;-)

  12. Aaaand about the typos....I am typing on my cell so just ignore them please :-P

  13. Reminded me of my last day of school. *Sniff*

  14. CRAZY FROG!!!..........thats ON my HAND....LOL
    and ya emotional to hai :p, but crazy frog, LOL

  15. @Antara: Haha making up our stupid minds, you say? That's not happening any time soon love, so you can chill ;)
    And woohoo. Write some thing on the last day, you should!

    @Meher: Aww :)

    @Rob: Hahahaha! I still have the drawing! That'll find a nice cozy place on my blog,too. And then everybody shall know the secret of gay drawings on thy hand :P

  16. Look at you all grown up...I love the photos btw....

    Btw I've been reading every lil post of've got so much of creativity going on so glad I could finally comment after such a long're posts always make me smile as always...

  17. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwww looks like you had lot of fun.

    Senti senti senti!!!

    The pics are all so fabulous!

  18. @Nicole: Changed screen name I see! And haha awww. You've always been such a sweetheart, thank you :)
    Yes, creative juices flow just about when I should be busiest and buried in books. But I guess that's the same story everywhere right? ;)

    @Sonshu: Hi! Thank you so much :) I hope you visit again!

  19. Misti chobi shob guno. :-) Boro hoye geli betu. Eibar shob shesh kore esho, onek din tomar taang khichayi korini aamara sobai!

  20. Thankyou!
    Hae hae, once all of this gets over, shobchey agey Faridabaad ashbo :-)

    nostalgic brought so many memories back to me toooo .. I still miss my school and each time i visit india I make sure i visit my school .. brings so many memories :)


  22. Loved the pics. They are so full of happiness and cheer.

  23. @Bikram: I'm sure they do. Make sure you keep the practice, it's always a good feeling right :)

    @Shas: Thankyou so much! :)

  24. duuude loving the bangs!

  25. This took me back to my own last day in school...and what a day it was :)

    Lots of wishes to you for the life ahead...but as you said in your post, always remember to chill out whenever you a chance :)

    The pics are great...they are natural and very endearing...great job :)


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