Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nascent romance.

You rise from a prolonged slumber, ambivalent if it was sweet. The curtains are timid, letting in certain stray rays of sunlight that have been burning the fabrics of the same, that sealed you within your cocoon of soothe, solace.
Nothing looks different, not a dust has traveled.. the haven within the four walls has been sincerely parallel to the that of your mind, the radiating warmth is the same, the station on the radio still plays the same song. Time stopped here, but life on the road didn't ;You realize, once you gingerly walk to the french window, and see the quiet nip of winter smiling on the hooded jackets of wool on people, who carried on, who are carrying on.
The white tee shirt on you feels a little tense, your gaze shifts to the mirror, you wonder if you've advanced some on the weight machine, but you look the same, you still look the same.
You still have a broken nail, that odd twisted smile, the quick frown, the waist long hair. Your skin is still recuperating from the goose bumps, the only recent past you were bequeathed to ponder on.

There's an unsure knock on the door, the familiar face peeping makes you smile. You gesture him to come in, to sit with you, to talk to you, to just be there. So home would feel regular, and the spry change of the lazy seasons wouldn't collide your senses anymore.
...and while you listen to what has happened since you were away, how many bride grooms kissed their brides, how many kittens snuck in through the garden, who the dog barked at, and how the world still revolved while yours slowed down, unsure - you translate the normalcy in that face in front of you, who's happy to see you and who's happy to welcome you back, despite your arrogant disappearance.
And you smile, for most things never altered. It's December already, but it still feels like June.

..and you finally let out a laugh, at how the months, years don't wait. But each and every essence of an old emotion can stand still, suspended in air, until you realize, it's December already, and now that emotion is dead.. for it decayed along with the leaves of autumn, and gave in way to snow, and a nascent romance.

You look at the face in front of you, still uttering on each and every detail you missed while in your slumber.. Yes,he was a nascent romance. 

(And with that, ends my break..and starts my winter. Good lord,it's December already.)
-Nil :)


  1. Everything's slowin' down to the hum of light harps, and the world persistent with its same routine- what makes you stop in the deep matrix of life- is the love, emergent and coming into existence. Loved it. :)

  2. Well said, yes. Thank you :-)

  3. wow i mean WOW! can anyone be so poetical in prose?
    and my gawd-i have just once before seen such a beautiful narration in the second person per se-it is as though you are talking to me through the passage and such amazing observation for someone so young-you never cease to marvel me and make me curse why i don't visit here more often:-)

  4. december too half gone lady :) its soon going ot be a new year and January :)

    hm i wud just keep sleeping why wake up from such a lovely thought ..

    such lovely observation Bravo and hats offf to you


  5. Suruchiiiiiiiiiii! Thrilled to see you here after so long! Wow your comment absolutely made my day, am humbled. Thank you so much :-)

    Oh no no don't curse yourself, you, Sulagna,Revati,TBG and all are around blogger no matter what. That's what makes us come back for more, all the time :-)

  6. @Bikram: Haha yes, December half gone! Hard to believe, yes.
    Why thank you so much :-)

  7. eshe ja gili, puchke. missed your excited rants about how the teenager of our family explores and defines the world around her
    eta dekhe bujhlam what u wr preparing for ;-)

    baari aye, ebar toh porikha shesh khoob adda hobe
    onek aador

  8. how could you even come up with somethign like "not a dust travelled" how much of thinking goes into that young mind, what do those beautiful sparkling eyes see??

    lovely nil..lovely..and as another year fades you grow into a better, mature, beautiful writer :) so i really wonder what the new year holds for me here, on this page !

  9. OMG girl you are magical all the time :)

    I soo soo love you...what beauty what rhythm what view...I was reading it like a movie playing in front of me and I want to get lost in it

    You are one bundle of genius and magician in one ...I so love ur writes and you :)

  10. "Not a dust has travelled"
    wow. Beautiful!!! You turned such a simple story into something real. I mean one reads about nascent romance but not really pays attention. You made me do that.

    Glad to see you back ;) missed you all this while.
    I need my exams to end. I hate not blogging.

  11. @Mashi: haha aww tumi shob shomoye eto adorable kirom kore sound koro? Hae! I shall come as soon as I can, but no breaks for me yet. Next exam date sheets out already :( But not to worry, I'll come for a day spend so soon. I need to meet your puchkas also. Koto din hoyechey oder pechon lagi ni, BIIG kisses to them please!

    @PinkPatiyalaSis: I don't know about all the lovely things you said but I sure do know that you've rubbed some of your awesomeness on me, if you liked this post one bit. The new year shall also see Pune meet Delhi ;)
    I love you Three, so much!

  12. @Scrib Gal: Hullo love, and there goes my forever biased gorgeous reader! Haha thank you so much, you're on I can count on to make me feel on top of the world after reading the beyond adorable comments :]

    @Antara: heyheyhey! Thanks so much, and woohhoo it feels good to be back too :)
    And yes please, get back on blogger as soon as your exams get over, yeah!

    @Vanta: Danke laav :-*

  13. Nil, the way you think through words amazes me. The little details here and there; your stories are comforting and make my life happy :)

    I wish to see your stories on print. I tell you; there will come a day!

  14. Sam!
    Thanks my love. Awesomeness readers like you keeps 'em coming the posts; good, bad, or ugly!

  15. Nice post, Nil. Looking for more posts from you. :)

  16. Why, thank you Shreya. I hope you visit again :-)

  17. Poetry in prose *sigh* I could never write anything close.. Beautiful, eloquent even.

  18. @PeeVee: You can write something even better :) And also, thanks!

  19. dunno why, but the moment i read it, it reminded me of the lyrics of 'american pie' don mclean...

    "i met a girl who sang the blues...and i asked her for some happy news...she just smile and went away"
    love the details...and love the selfishness of it such that you dont give much vivid description of her nascent love...just a hint!!

  20. Eyy there! Seeing you here after so long, man. A thrill, nevertheless. Always is :) And thank you so much, and weirdly enough I think I kinda see where you're coming from about the song :P

    But thank you, you've always been so kind :)

  21. Can you believe that it is December already? Time flies!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  22. Almost poetic prose....and meaningful too.

  23. glad to see you are back at it! love the part about the normalcy of the face in front of you.

    btw--if i ever go to India, we will have to meet up and take tons of photos.

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  26. Uh-mazing. I cringed when I read this.. In a good way, obviously.



    www.ChicOverload.com (my blog!)

  27. Why, thank you Luis! That was very kind :)

    Thanks for stopping by!
    -Cheers :)


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