Saturday, December 24, 2011

I'll forget what happened, and I'll dance, right there in the middle.

Greetings, winter people!
The shout mouth is back. And go get some blankets and a whole lotta hoodies, here comes up my winter update.

So last night was the last school Annual Day of my life. It never really sunk in cause unlike the past thirteen years, I didn't bunk each and every class for 3 weeks irrespective of annual day rehearsals or no, didn't run around the whole school helping out with lists of a zillion participants or stayed back in school for post school hour rehearsals. This fourteenth year, I just went for a single stage practice to figure the spotlight and stage space and that's it, I saw the stage next straight on performance day. Which is why maybe, this year.. annual day didn't feel right. But the fact that last night was my last solo performance on that stage feels surreal. 
(Thanks for the photo, Vantz!)
My friends came, my parents were darn proud. The show ended at quite an amazing note, and it didn't look half as shitty as I thought the Finale would be. It wasn't no fine choreography, but it was just.. an agglomeration of kids who danced on the aisles, on stage and on the stairs despite the frequent swears they probe at the school system everyday. And I guess that's what happened to me,too. Two minutes before my entrance, I stood backstage and I forgot about every thing that happened, went on stage and danced right there in the middle of the stage and gave the best I could to my last performance in school. 
When it ended, and I took a bow, I felt happy. Content. And satisfied. A series of events after which included praise, laughter, photographs, squeals ended with me in the car ride back home, and a weird sense of anxiety. What next? What, after this? 

So I guess this anxiety will stay till March end. Till the next two months of complete riots get over, and every one's back to normal and back to their senses. (Believe me I have reasons for saying the same.)
December's been a strange month. Of our school's Conti, informal end of school, strange mood swings, denial, complete ignorance, goddamn winter and a mumbo jumbo of the mind and the heart.
The fact that the one most constant thing in my life, school is pretty much gone leaves me on a very vulnerable ground where I'm just breathing calm and trying to hold on to the icing. 
It'll be fine, I know it will. It's just the wait, that's so taxing. 

Anyhow, Christmas tomorrow. The heart of the city's going to look gorgeous tonight, so please do make a quick detour from your celebrations and make your way to Connaught Place. I know I will :)
Other than that, another year's come to an end... New years in a week, wow. Damn, 2011 you've been one unnecessary year. But more on that, later :-)

That's enough for December's update. Also, THANK YOU lovely readers for the gorgeous response on the last piece. I can't say it enough, but you guys keep my going. This is another quick opportunity to mention Shelly Brown who's been reading my blog since about three years and finally decided to email me her heart out this December, thank you. Silent readers like you probe the subconscious writer in me to write more just for a few anonymous smiles, around the world. Thank you, really. 
With that, I sign out. Have a gorgeous Christmas, you guys and I'll hopefully be back with a New Years post, as ritual has it. 
Much love, always,

P.s- Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr!


  1. jaah! shesh moto shunte parlam chotto jon'er kahini :-)

    aaro chobi pathao, puchke :-)

  2. Well as long as we're talking about silent readers, you can often count me in! :)

  3. @Mashi: Yes! Finally :P and hae, pathabo :)

    @V: Do I feel on top of the world or whattttt! :]

  4. Merry christmas to you and family and everyone around you

    and yes I like the title and WHY NOT .. yess forget what has happened jsut DANCEeeeee and have some fun .. I like that thought..

    but hey nothing is unnecassary .. it all happens for a reason good or bad :)
    all the best for 2012 take care and keep smiling


  5. ...and I love you guys for making it :)

  6. the title, ahhh, the title. <3

    sorry about being a silent reader. :(

  7. @Ezazi: Why the apologies, m'love? Does not the post spell out the love for silent readers? :)

    @Mashi: Yes yes yes!

  8. Merry Christmas. Your performance was fab. And you know what you reminded me of? Do you recall that Cadbury Silk Ad with those two Orissi girls licking chocolate backstage, all the same, without the chocolate.
    And my regards to Vanity Ganesh, just seen her at school sometimes, for the photo- it is tha bunderphol.

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  10. ^^Why thank you.And thank you for the new nickname.

    P.s the girls in the ad were Bharatnatyam dancers.

  11. @Nakul: Why, thank you so much! And haha yes, Vanta is the bomb :D

    @Vanta: Woohoo new nickname? Vanity and all 'eh! Saucy Jane indeed ;)

  12. I love dancing and having fun. I will seriously dance anywhere and everywhere. Life is too short to be boring!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  13. it's my first time at your blog and i've really enjoyed it! really cool!

  14. I am soooo sorrry love for visiting this post soo late...just been bit preoccupied....

    I am sooo suppppppper proud of you and dont worry those 2 months will just pass and then you will come to me and say they were awesome and i fudofied it all :D <3

    Hope you christmas was super super awesome and so will the yr be :)

    Keep the smile on ....dont stress bus :D
    Mwaah :-*

  15. You look gorgeous and I can relate to how you feel about leaving's been many more years to me having done that and I still dream of school...

    and to read you in your element is to love you...silently or with a holler!:-)

    it always amazes me when I see you and other girl writers of your age-stay blessed:-)

  16. A bundle of talent you are..Keep it up!

  17. sounds like you did an amazing job! and i saw some of your great photos on your FB page too--you look like a true stunner. :)

  18. Thank you, beautiful people!

    Wishing all you darlings a HAPPY NEW YEAR. Please do party hard, and yeah well, just party ;D

    I love you guys!

    P.s- To the new followers; Bear hugs and red carpet welcomes :)

    -Love always,

  19. An award awaits you at my blog my genius writer :D

  20. Even your silhouette looks UH.MAZ.ING.
    And now I suddenly want to see your performance.

    Your post made my heart sigh. It's all so bittersweet isn't it...

  21. bittersweet.. that's the word, yes.. :)

    and thankyouuuuuuuu! :) <3


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