Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012, ahoy!

I was wrong. The last thing 2011 was, was unnecessary. It was as for me to step into the shoes of the person I am, today as for me giving winter a chance and just try and like it a tad bit. Keeping all the preaching, and philosophy away; 2011 was a year that slapped me in the beginning, caught me off guard (heh, understatement.) and jerked me back to the person I actually am.

2011 had everything a year could possibly fit in the calender. Love, hate, first timers, heart ache, anger, friendship (a gazellion tonnes at that), adventure, mad laughter, sloshed tears, memories with people least expected, good good times, coincidences, intentional actions, brewing romance, quiet tongue bites, a whole lot of self realization.

Of Memories
Hopped into a bus not knowing where it went, seen in a coffee shop alone with a map perked up my nose, wildest worldcup with a house full of boys, random weekend day outs with my favorite ladies,showing up at every exhibition in the city, Jeffry Archer Book launch with Rem, Delhi's Dhobighaat, first pool party ever,MENS FRIKKIN LOO, 8 day extended party with Raima, Remya showing up close to midnight on my birthday, Illegal Pahargunj with Vanta & Guina, library 'dates', nailing most competitions with Remya, Robin's birthday special with our hats, travelling around Delhi with my walking-talking lovebugs, BIG BANG THEORY and Masterchef loops at Robin's almost everyday at 1, Calcutta's Coffee House romance, jams with Maiden, Maggi at Shiv's, Roy's studio, Remya's text "I'll wait till New Years if I have to", every goddamn day at school,Shruti Di's birthday surprise, NEW YORK CHEESECAKE!,  writing like a lover, Joy's birthday, Rohan's Patiala jokes, morning blues at the school corridor,GAY conversations with the ladies, FRAPES, Singing 'Sweetie' on my birthday,CHA CHA night with Robin, walking in and out of Math class, weekend at sister's, screaming SINGLE IS SEXY, End Of School Bucket List, getting called to the Principal's office for getting into trouble- for a change, canteen march 'S*** P****!' with the girls and Chatur,27/7 coffee chills, evening Chai, showing up at Guina's before every practical exam with a sly grin, COOKING at Robin's kitchen like nobody's business, Robin's WHIPPED stunt, Orrisa First Timers, karaoke night with sisters, Aliya, SKYPE, back to back dinner and lunches with Neha and Sheks, partying like an animal at Chika's, randomly crashing Vanta's place anytime at the oddest off hours,email marathons with Mantah,tearing up diaries worth 6 years with Neha,CONTI, my poem making it to the Commendable Section for the Ruskin Bond Writing Competition,last solo performance in school.. *and counting. 

These weren't even half the memories, but the ones I could remember in a single go with five minutes in hand before I'm called to run my happy rear downstairs for a Bonfire with my humongous family which is very happy by the way, and Happy Bengali people means loud business. But I can't remember of any other year when I'd close my eyes and such a whirlpool of so many memories swirled in. This year had the middle name of Self Realization. It's been a year when I was on my own, completely; and I couldn't be more grateful. There were decisions, harsh ones.. but I bow down to the same old; it's happened for the best- Word.

So enter, 2012. I've experienced everything the last year could possibly be capable of... you, 2012 better be competition to all of that. I usually don't have any resolutions, most 31st Decembers are devoid resolutions for me. I make resolutions as the year kicks in, but this time... I have one.
It's to never give up on happiness for things that don't promise to stay. 
For that matter, to never give up on happiness at all.
For it's that one faith, that's going to be your saving grace :)

There are too many people who made this year so insane. Who held straight faces when I tried cracking the punchline of Pjs (which I suck at beyond infinity.), who kind of dragged me along every time I'd stop walking, who thought a pint of beer was a solution to every problem in life, who posted black gay hearts on my Facebook or sent me absolutely racist text messages just to crack me up and say Hi, who fought with me like cats and dogs and said the most hurtful things and ended up calling me up and going ' cold coffee today evening?' and vice versa, who made me coffee late at night just to make sure I didn't fall asleep with the book on my face, and just.. a lot of people who took care of me and stuck around in a way that was extraordinary. You all know who you are, I thank you, crazy people. I know I've been a retarded nut to handle :)

Happy new year, World.
Stay blessed and sing in the songs for 2012 ahoy! Let's get groooooooovy ;)

-Love love love, all you need is love!

P.s- Come to think of it..... 2011 was rather kickass! 


  1. Thannkyoooouuuuuu :)
    Kindly go party,now!

  2. Haha! =D


    Here's to a kick ass 2012 :*

  3. :) he he he

    Why a quick matini.. slow and steady one and not Just one .. a two a three ..... :)

    have a great day and happy new year to you and family and everyone around you ... :)


  4. Reading your tiny(?) experience list of 2011, I already feel old.
    Happy New Year to you Nil :)

  5. Take it slow with the Martini :) the only way to enjoy it. And do the same with 2012, it will be awesome :) Nice and easy..

    I hope 2012 is everything (and more!) that you want from it..Lots of love..Reva

  6. Have an awesome awesome Year my great genius :D

    May all your dreams come true and you have the best year of your life, my love :)

    Keep the spirit and smile on :D

    Loved your post are truly my genius :)

  7. Aah but I like retarded nuts. Who else would be able to bear me anyways!

    And now you've inspired me to think about the quirky memories I've made the past year. :-D

  8. Happy New Year Luv :) I hope U had an awesome welcome to the new year.. Here is an imaginary martini to the new year :)

  9. Thankyou thankyou lovely people! Cheers to how awesome you guys have been at reading my good-for-nothing rants all year long, and for the feedback that kept me going.

    May you guys have a GORGEOUS year ahead, and may 2012 kick some ass.
    Love love, so much love!

    -Nil :)

  10. Ahoy Nil, that was just so good to read.

    Cheers to a kickass 2012! And the men's loo? how did that happen? :P

  11. though little late Nil but a happy new year is a happy new year indeed!

    have a great year ahead!!

    love n peace


  12. @Sam: Mens loo. Err,well. Let's just gimme credit at the fact that I actually MENTIONED it. The rest, better be history, believe you me love! xP

    @Hiji: Never too late at all! Have a gorgeous year, you!
    Much love :)

  13. Gosh, if I were to recall all what happened,the only thing that I would remember is getting out of college and joining a job.
    You've had one eventful year it seems, good or bad, nevermind.

    Hope 2012 is much better than what you think it would be.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  14. Why, thank you Blasphemous!
    The very same to you. May 2012 bring in some more fantastic pieces of fiction by you which we all thoroughly enjoy and adore :)


    i mentioned you =)

  16. I think my comment on your post would tell you how honored I am :')


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