Friday, August 5, 2011

Shit. Scrap that,Awesome shiz.

Remya asked me to write bullshit on my blog to get over the brutal Writer's Block my neurons seem to be entertaining very well,lately. So don't tell me I didn't warn you, but this post is going to be useless, pointless with a whole lotta shit :]

Fact: Loving the weather.
Fact: High on Cokestudio and Porcupine Tree all the time.

LAST MONTH WAS CRAZY. Downright,bluntly, starkly naked CRAZY. Starting from the sexiest Seventeenth I could wish for, to the month loooong dance rehearsals for Cohesion (which we didn't win,btw.. but heyy best memories ever. Ever, ladies and gentlemen.) Then the Open Day which was the best in all the 14 years of school, with the insanest band around and all my lunatic sweethearts dancing on my head and around :-) Theeenn. The Bombshell. WINNING CLOUDBURST 2011 with the band after singing Sweet Child O'mine! The fireworks in my heart when I was up there on stage, fearless, and singing out loud. Looking at the boys playing their stuff (Mantaah,sweet littul chote, you were sucha bomb!) not to mention having nice laughable chats with lavar Remya on stage while the song was on =P
And the Month ended with Shivvii my love's Birthday (Updated baby, you're always up on priority list even if I forget while posting bullshit :-* BUDDAY LETTER still due. Iloveyou. xoxo) and Rob's birthday and a whole week worth of efforts successful after seeing his reaction when he saw his gifts :") And then last night was his much planned and awaited Birthday Dinner for which two retards (read:Us) were seen on the streets of C.P at ten in the night falling and hopping all over the place with hats on looking as shady as ever and loud laughter!

Did I mention school started with Macro Econ? Not that you care. Also, I think I'm going to be obsessed with Hats for the rest of my life. Also, I never knew how awesome the CAFE 1 in CP is. Must.Go.Again.
Did you know it's my favorite season of the year? Also, that I've been pretty obsessed with green and orange? And that I'm going for a poetry competition this 10th? And that I've actually started going to school on Saturdays? And that I'm secretly depressed about school coming to an end?

I'm turning into a nerd,did you know? The regular weekend parties with my ladies/boys are coming to an end. Eeeslowwly. Because I want to study. :|
This weekend, I plan to sit at home and sleep. And then study. Then sleep. Then go for chai. And then study again. And then show up at school on Monday. I'm turning boring but I'd love that for the next six months, cause I really don't think I can handle the paranoid side of my parents anymore that's come up ever since those beetches of cutoffs came out this year.

I've been reading The Kite Runner and have also been managing to cry like a baby every two chapters. Khaled Husseini is one man who's described Afghanistan, friendship and human emotions like no other writer I've read till date has. In the simplest of words and the plainest of expressions, this man has been able to give me goosebumps with every dot completing a sentence.

On an irrelevant note, Breaks in school are insane fun! Actually School in general is awesome fun now! The retarded group (which has ten people,I just counted) has a new tagline that's yelled out every once in fifteen minutes.

"S***!""P****!" ---> Censored stuff. Children, refrain from deciphering :-)

Also, our School's new P.E teacher is a prick. And we've lovably named him something highly hilarious and versatile which if modified into sentences will make you roll on your back with aching laughter till you pass out.

And now that I've mostly ranted utter crap in this whole post,I feel much better :) The Writer's Block seems to be a stubborn one, so warning you already,I might be back with another round of bullshit. Like how Rem and I practice British abuses or how Vanta and Guina are retarded.
Till then all of ye,
quit staying indoors while the god's are generous, go out, play some in the rain :)

I'll enjoy a warm cuppa coffee now,
Meet Bagwati :)
-Random, Nil.

P.S-I'm awesome.


  1. Now thats the spirit and the confidence I like ..

    Indeed you are awesome :)

    take care and hey how was the coffee


  2. Haha thank you,Bikram!

    Coffee.. Coffee in the monsoons are always divine comewhatmay :)

  3. i love our tagline =D

    and i love the reaction of people around us when they hear it :P

    looking forward to more bullshit :)

  4. I love ur rants darling more than anything :D

    And i am obsessed with hats too this season....I found some awesome ones in CP <3

    And coffee and monsoon <3 bliss na :)

    I just wish it gets more cooler soon :)

    Love ya and keep ranting :D

  5. LOL! :P
    This made me laugh so much!!! :P :P
    Aw.. All zee besshht for the last few months of school.. :|
    aah.. the coffee and the rain.. pure bliss! :D

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  7. @Vantz: Haha I know raaiiigght! And aww, you look forward to my bullshit every day man :P

    @Scrib Gal: Aww, aren't you the sweetest! And haha oii I got my hat from CP too! :)

    Shall keep ranting always, lovvee :)

  8. @Viya: Haha glad it made you laugh, that was the intention! Thanks tonnes for the luck, and helll yeaa. Pure bliss :)

    @Admin (55fiction): On my way :D

    No, it's not. gay that the first word of ur blogpost is my name <333333

  10. Hahahahah! Yeah lavaaar, that was comforting! :P

  11. Ha! is all I have to say. I live it too ;)
    Hey, and you didn't mention my crazy antics lately in Pol Science? *fake faint*
    12th is cool, whatever anyone says :P

  12. Hahahha oh yesss I totally forgot about that! Charu, darling that was SO epic! Hell yeah. 12th is too cool and definitely for school B)


  14. Nil! I ve been reading your blog for a long time now. Love every single freakin post!! :)
    You're a very very talented writer. Kudos!! :)

  15. @ME: haha thankkkkkssssss!

    @V: Aww! Hi! That's so awfully sweet, thank you so much :-) I sure do hope you hand around my page and drop in your feedback once in a while, thank you, you're very kind!

  16. dude i LOVE the picture,you look so pretty :)

  17. Thank You SO much for mentioning my birthday, which btw happened in July too! :|

    And yes, this post was so fucking random, but you won so many prizes!!! Damn woman. Talented, sexy bong! :P

  18. it's great how much you're loving school--so much so that you're going to it on saturdays and studying all the time.

    i really want to read the kite runner--sounds like you're loving it.

    hope this helped your writer's block luv!

  19. @Shiiiv: I'm SO SORRY I completely missed out on that! Sorry :( I updated now now now! :-* Iloveyou shiv, you're always a Priority member even if I grow old and forget at times. You should know that by now :)
    Hahah and hon, you're one to talk about talennnntttt! mwa. :)

    @Cheryl: AND YOU'RE BACK! how I missed your lovely comments! Yes,I'm lovin' school :) And turning into a nerd (not cool?)
    But heyy yes YOU MUST READ the Kite Runner. Like,PLEASE.
    Haha I hope so too,hon! Stay around will ya <3

    And tell me what you've named your PE teacher. I adore funny nicknames!

  21. NILLL I haven't even read ur post but that banner up i couldn't resist to comment right away; the fedora and all, you look ur best. Ekdom darun! ;) :D

  22. @Eesha: Hahah thattttttttt, will have to wait till you grow up some,baby ;)

    @Sam: Haaaahahahahha! Thanks Lady! Your comments make my day ;-)

  23. Ur quick martinis make my day! ;)

  24. AWWW. Oh my god, you just entered my list of Awesome People B)


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