Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Birthday you Mantal The Bwoyyy!

I'm writing this because I want to. Because you did what you do best for my birthday,and so I plan to do the same. Write.

I've never written anything for you,cause it's always been very retarded and macho little tactics by which we expressed our care and concerns for each other, but today I can't help but tell you honestly just how amazing you are. And just how strong a hand you've been when my feet were feeble and vulnerable.

We've known each other since we were in our diapers, when rattles and teddy bears were cool. (They never were for me,though). Then came the time when we were still toddlers,new to Nursery school, sharing the same bus stop right outside your house when we (okay,I) used to cry when the bus got late. I still remember how beautiful Autumn looked in that bus top of ours :-) Back then,the end of the world were crayons and plasticine clay,when every little boy and girl in school would roam around cutely holding hands and teachers wouldn't have a problem with them. (What shit man? that's where it all bloody starts from!) Then came the Phase of Grade 1-4 when every boy hated every girl and wanted to rip each others throats off for the others' existence.  Then came Grade 5-8 when the awkwardness decreased and the opposite sexes at school started appreciating (and enjoying) each others company, and then came Grade 9-12. When there were best friends, romances, fights, pairing, jokes, nostalgia- ALL around school.
But the strange part is, in all these years of various phases, we've been around somewhere, lurking near each other making our presence very subconscious. We lived our lives in very different ways, met very different people, had insane experiences and walked with parallel but different thought processes.. But haven't we been around,all the time? :-)

The perpetual Ice Creams you keep hiding in my letterbox to cheer me up, the annoying habit of  keeping your phone on Silent Mode, the eye-roll you give me every time I say "Robeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenn...." indicating I had the most dangerous plan in mind which you'd eventually have to join, the way your solution to every problem is "Let's go grab a beer at Spinz", the late night sneak outs for Chicken Lolipops, hitting the mall at 9:30 am to just watch a movie, the way you stand in the corridor every morning in school and peek nervously at me when I enter to check if I'm on my Blues or not and then laugh cause I always am, and the 'Macho' way you try to act when I get all senti, and your absolutely EPIC msgs when you're drunk.
.....and most recent of all, and definitely the one memory that'll never fade- the way you quietly came and sat next to me on the aisle during COHESION when my group didn't win.
I need you to know, that you've been one of the few faces that have honestly helped me sail through like a breeze when times and people tried to break me down.

I need you to know that what I have with you are the memories that make me smile every time I hit a dark mood, and honestly, I thank my stars for having such a retard like you around who'd calm me down when I'm hyper and frantic (which is actually all the time.) You've been an amazing friend. A friend I can never do without.
I could write a whole hundred pages and that wouldn't be enough of the crazy times we've had together and as you say- 'Our Epicness with a Hat and a Feather' won't end.

 Happy Birthday,Rob.
This one's for you.. Cause you were there when most left.

haha remember this crazy night?

-Love always,
"Mantal The Chashmeesh the Gurlzz" :-P

P.S- Bas bohot bhao de diya, ab corner mein jake tatti karle. ;)


  1. LOL. i guess you havent noticed because i was the last one to comment on your last post. but you have been awarded on my blog. and awieee swweeet swweeet post. wish i had a friend like you have



  3. Happy birthday best friend :)

  4. Dude!!!!....this was suuuupppeeeer cute!!........U actually wrote this for me. Each and every word touched my heart...everything is sooo true....but U know i am the worst person to write how i feel :-P
    Btw i sure do have an epic hat now....courtesy YOU :D
    I wont say thanks as u know its tooo formal for US i will just say U r awesome(just like me) and we ll always be like this together FOREVER!!! xP

    Shivangi & hAAthi - thank you so much :)

  5. @ME: Heyy yes,I'm so sorry, I missed out on your comment in the last post. Thank you so much! So very kind of you :-) And haha yeah, he's pretty damn fine a friend ;-)

    @Shiiiiv n Rev: Hahah,yes but I'm awesome-er :P

  6. AND how can i forget THAT night!!!........IT WAS the EPIC-est xP

  7. @Rob: Glad you liked it loser, now quit getting all senti. You're supposed to be the macho one.. No wait, maybe that's me? ;) Hhee and aw that epic hat is going to be borrowed by me very soon. Can't believe I didn't' get one for myself :O
    Yeah, you're smart. And duh,I'm awesome, so lets just keep it at that.

    Now just make sure your budday treat on 5th is kickass or I'll take everything back :P

    Hehe,happy birthday babe :)

  8. And hahah yesss. That party, hell I can never forget that night. We need to have one of those again, real soon...who knows, maybe this 5th will be it ;)

  9. areey! dude! thanks so.. AWESOME!! you are (both of you!) very blessed! =D

  10. areey! dude! thanks so.. AWESOME!! you are (both of you!) very blessed! =D

  11. Stutrruu! Haha thanks babe, rememeber how we two were sitting in my room ten days back and planning the video and all that out? Well, today this boy's face was PRICELESS! See you on the 12th, will yell ya everything ;)

  12. many happy returns of the day to ROb .. wishing him a very happy birthday


  13. Eitai naki tomar oi bondhu je bari eshechilo jokhon tomar ma'r shate amar kotha hochilo?

    Khub shundor likhechish babu, these are friends for life i am sure :-)

  14. ^haha hae.. :P Sorry I never got back to your call! Ajkey ratire pakka korbo :}
    And aww :-)

  15. Awwwwwwwwww darling May God Bless this friendship forever and ever :D

    Happy Birthday Rob :)

    P.S. sorry sweetheart I hardly blogged nor visited u sorry :( Now will be here often promise :D

  16. Scriiiiiiiiiiiiib Gal! You're bacck! And awww thanks! :) And haha take your time, I'm just glad you're back with a bang ;)


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