Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chiquitita Memories

'nuff of the serious deep fiction, HI there,fat round world. How are thee doing? The day has been absolutely generous in drenching me with sweat every time I step anywhere which has the faintest trace of the sun, also the rain gods have been shy and unwilling which is annoying me. BUT. I must tell you that yesterday something happened. I mean, nothing "happened". epiphany. You know how we hold on to certain threads of a memory/a person/a hope?.. a thread that somehow sends quiet sparks into the silent sky of your thoughts.. Yeah, well, when that thread breaks, you almost hear a loud 'SNAP!' in your head. That happened. Last night. And I couldn't be more happy. It had been a while since I'd been holding on to lose ends of a ribbon and now, as Remya put it, I've cut that end of the ribbon and let it fall in the ground. And it's over, for good now. :)

THERE. End of deep stuff. Okay so here's the update- My darling retards in school and I have all decided on figuring out this bucket list of things we want to do before we leave school, and slowly we've started the execution to all those Must-Do checks. We've done two, almost in the process of doing the third one, but heyy I plan to publish that list on my blog in the end of the school year. But just to give you a peak-a-boo to today's Wishlist execution-----> I always wanted to run wild on the School's terrace where students aren't allowed. I wanted to do a sprint, run crazy, and let the wind blow into my face cause the terrace is always pretty insane with the summer winds.. And so, today, Vanta and Guinz came to us (Rem and me) after break and told us that the passage to the terrace was open! And so, there we went. We dragged Chatur along and hell while I was walking hurriedly towards the stairs that led up, I felt this tension and once I entered the terrace, the first thing that greeted me was that crazy craaazy wind. I did sprints with Rem, ran w.i.l.d with Guinz and laughed like a retard with Chatur and Vantz. And with that, I felt exhilarated. Somehow. I felt.. amazing. Happy. I felt happy.

Yeah. So with that, we hurried out when the care taker, who was the most chilled stud I've ever seen btw, asked us to get the hell out :) And then, I spent useless hours in the Lab with Robin reading romantic poems on the internet and cracking sick jokes at the mush. Then I sat through the other classes with Chatur randomly waving HI to Rem and me frantically from outside the class. With the perpetual chaos going on in the corridors, the snickering in class and feeling like Einstein in Geography class for the first time. Dissing at Mantah and screwing his happiness for ditching on my Rakhi gift. Speaking total shit with Remya in the library pissing the midget Librarian off and figuring and completing each others sentences (which can be very creepy,yes.) Laughing on Diggy's gross hairy chest. Maintaining the chain cycle of obsession with Guina,Rem and Vanta. Missing the Khandelwal sisters whenever I heard anyone nag about the miseries of life. Making Robin ditch every Biotech class just to laze around with me for endless hours in the school campus.

So yeah. Vague moments, amazing, exhilarating, ecstatic simple memories.

Very simple, but gorgeous memories :)
Nil :)


  1. You when I read "fat round world" I felt you were mocking me. :P

    Post was \m/

  2. Chatuuuuuuuuuuur! Haha nooo I wasn't mocking you or anything. To be precise- it was the shape of the Earth. Gol and mota. But since you Science kids need to spice everything up with your e=mc^2 :P

    haha YOU are \m/

  3. Reminded me of my school days & how the terrace used to be off limits for us too. A lifetime worth of memories :)

  4. lovely article .. nostalgic .. school days .. :)

  5. @V: You bet! A lifetime, indeed :)

    @Nirali: Awwww thankyou!

  6. @Bikram: Thank you.. :)

    @Vantz: Hell yeaa. Looks like we've been having tonnes of those ;)

  7. Nice post, really a fun read :D
    And the new pic you've put up on top is beautiful.

  8. WOOWWW U people have soooo much fun....loads more than even we did ( though that terrace drama even we did and then we used to come out sit in the stairs adjoining it and sing and dance to our fav tunes :P)...

    Gosh I so miss school....and sometimes I wish I attended school in ur times with u....what fun it wd have been :D

    Enjoy Love Enjoy :D

  9. Haha aww that's cute!
    and haha I guess the terrace thing, every student does at some point of time ;)

    woohoo I will! you too! <3

  10. Doncha miss being called Cherry?
    I know I miss it yo.

  11. It was thee most random shit,ever.
    And seriously, chilllllll with the enthusiasm, love, It's gonna be super epic with the water wars \m/
    you're still thee besht =D

  12. I CANNOT ever wait for the water war :D


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