Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rolling in the deep.

Yes, that's my current obsession- Adele is a fugging genius.
And with a weather like that, everything seems genius. And the line 'They keep me thinking, we almost had it all" is stuck in my head. They make a little too much sense in my life, right now. And that's overwhelming, and so I sit on Blogger with a tranced out face trying to make sense out of the sudden blankness that just shut my brain down.

The last weekend was a little too eventful. So it was a whole bunch of bollocks when I decided that I'd stay indoor and study till there's no more coffee at home. Well. That didn't happen. I did study yeah, but not even close to how much I was supposed to. Okay that's awesome, that just added in guilt with the blankness in my neurons.
Anyhow. So Friday was outright insane. I'm not supposed to write about it on my blog, but lets just say that the bucket list I was talking about in my last post is slowly filling up well and quick. Saturday and Sunday went by quickly cause my friend Aliya's come to India, and so there was her birthday outing cause of which I visited Qutub Minar and Essex Farm after what seemed like eons, and then we had a sleepover at her place which left me sleep deprived, and I'm yet to catch up on it. All of this was somehow interspersed with sessions of Econ and Pol Science (i have no clue how tho.)
And yesterday, I met my sister for lunch, the purpose of which was to meet her boyfriend who's a solid guy and a kickass photographer. Quiet, humble, insanely talented. So we had quite an amazing lunch followed by nomading around the streets of CP while this guy kept taking pictures of us which I have no clue how left me quiet. Nobody posed. We just talked and walked and heard his Canon 1000D go 'Khichak!' every second. So multiple Photoshoot dates decided after my First Term exams end.

Missed out on the Southie lunch at my Lavaaaar's place on Sunday..which was quite kickass I heard. And I've been hearing about some retarded video which these guys made (put it up will you?) and the racial jokes with my ladies continue enhancing love between us :/
Vanta: They named West Bengal Paschim Bangaaa!
Me (in a serious tone): Yes, they did. Poshchim Bongo.
Now you see, any normal bong would have gotten pretty offended at the conversation above but not in my case,no. That's pretty much the way we talk, all of my ladiej. And racial jokes on each other is what binds us together = )

School was pretty normal tday. Econ was the only class I studied. Geo/Pol Science bleh. English,bunked. Made Rob bunk Biotech again. Which reminds me I'm supposed to figure something out and see that bugger at seven. How does that work?
Anyhoo. I have a cold. One of those annoying ones which make your throat feel ticklish all the time and you feel like punching your throat till it dies.

Did I mention one of my teachers is learning Salsa to propose his lady for marriage?
And I thought romantics were dead.

Ok bye.


  1. Romantics aren't dead at all, though the chivalry is found in unexpected quarters.
    The last act that I had heard was a para jumper spending around one lakh Rupees to hire a plane and para jump directly into his place on the 'mandap'.

    And I've known a few Bengali's now, they seem to use more 'Aww' than 'aa' in names :P :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. friday :)

    will the put the video up
    Poschim Bongo :D LOL

    who is learning salsa? :O

  3. IKR! Adele is fugging genius.
    Like toh-tal-lee.

  4. @B;asphemous: I see you're trying your share on Racist puns'eh.. not bad, you ;)
    Cheers to you man, cheers as always :)

    @Vantz: Friday <3 and yes, the video please! yoyoy POSHCHIM BONGO! ;D
    and hahhhhh he's the coolest teacher, Ev-errrr. Tell ya in school ;)

    @The Blue..: \m/

  5. Adele <3
    You heard that Someone Like You <3 Awesome <3

    Wow learning Salsa to purpose...WOW so awesome man ...Romantics still rule :D

  6. @Scrib Gal: Yep yep, heard all of her stuff :) and hell yeah, all the wayyy \m/

    @SamB: I repeat: all the wayyyy ;)

  7. or is it your ignorance drive yo? that bad?

  8. It's like you're talking about an amazing week in the worst of moods! I'd do anything to be in your shoes for the weekend you just had! Screw you, humanities ke bache! :P

  9. I hate to say this but- I TOLD YOU SO! :P

    kay,no. LOVED saying itttttttt. :*


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