Saturday, August 27, 2011

He smiles.

He smiles. 

He pours out the hushed tales,
tales of his life which would have been fairtytales otherwise,
had he not closed his eyes and smiled,
smiled at every word that his unconscious tongue let go.

He seemed to smile at the irony,
the irony of sad humor,
the humor at the slaves we all are to The Greater Good,
slaves...slaves of Time.

He seemed to smile,
at the subtle leaves of Change,
that have yellowing edges,
that want to be a part of autumn, and look belonged.

But he also smiled,
because he wasn't afraid.
Afraid to be read,
to float on the naked surface of truth,
he smiled,
cause this is how it was,
and there was no changing it.

But while I stood on the aisles,
and watched the curtains rise and fall,
to his mono act,
to his One Man show,
with every wave of confessions,
I looked at him harder,
for he still closed his eyes and smiled,
and that,
just that, gave me a reason enough,
to live, to strive, to run, to smile..
Cause this is how it was,
and there was no changing it..



  1. hey i likeee it very much, i used to read you since long, you are amazing.

    I've created a new girls blog with the name She Exists, where she exists and He Stalks .. hope you'll come and have network with me .
    will love to see you around ..

    She Exists...
    Aish .

  2. much as i love the lovely composition..i absolutely love, love, love the header...a complete bringer on of smiles:-)

  3. @Yesha: Thank you so much Yesha! It feels beyond what words can tell when I hear about a loyal reader, honestly you're very kind :)
    Sure thing, I'm on my way to your blog!

    @Suruchi: Halo pretty lady! Seeing you after a while here, but absolute grin on my face I tell ya! haha thank you so much, I'm glad you liked both (:

  4. WOW that was just soo beautiful <3
    I so so love your poems always girl...ur an absolute genius darling :D

  5. The darling here is someone else^^^

    Thanks love :)

  6. The writer is back from the block :P
    cool poem.....BTW i LOVE to smile too xP

  7. Your post reminds me of a certain line of a girl about herself,
    She packs non-chalance in her moves and yet can't be left unnoticed.

    Such was her demeanor, such was His too :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  8. @Rob: ;-)

    @Blasphemous: LOVED the quotes, absolutely! and yes, so very true :-)

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