Friday, March 25, 2011

For the last time.

A strong sense of wonder.

My atlas can never be shrugged,
it's always been and will be,
an entourage of faces,
of fragments of conversations floating,
of those million memories that aren't even half,
of what I'll have once my greys show.

My atlas has power,
it has volume,
and it's never solitary..

as my universe expands,
with a few faces vanishing away,
a few I left behind,
and a few that chose to not walk along,
I realize the void,
the void of just that one second in a day,
when that particular face floats before you,
when you think how life would have been,
if only the two held on for a bit more.

Cause no matter how many miles my feet travel,
and how many roads I get lost in,
the threads of those memories,
back in the earliest days of a beautiful friendship,
will float like lilies,
silently echoing my footsteps,
on the transient fate of water.

And I shall walk ahead,
ready to embrace moments as such,
and walk steady,
with them as beautiful closed chapters,
and nothing else.


  1. people come and people go, thats just the way it is..

    this was lovely :)

  2. @hAAthi: Some people can never go.. even though their physical presence isn't there, but their existance and their touch in your life is way higher than materialistic forms of acknowledgement. They remain with you.. somewhere, somehow.
    I speak that for my self.
    And thank you :-)

    @Vanta: Thanks babe. :)

  3. Atlas did not shrug because he was lonely,
    it was because he was tired of carrying the burden of forced smiles and outward appearances.
    I think its okay to shrug for a while, relaxes the senses and rejuvenates them for the next onslaught.

    But yes, friendships, they are a food for smiles and laughter, even their memories.

    Nice read.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. I quite agree with you.. and thanks, Blasphemous. Thanks a lot

  5. Beautiful, just beautiful.

    And the photo is lovely by the way :)

  6. Such a beautiful poem and awesome picture :)

  7. Deep inside we keep few words alive even when the chapters are closed.

    Loved your way of expression. Following you now, I meant your blog!

    See you around :)

  8. And I liked the header image!

  9. Thank you so much Meera!

    and Saurav, welcome to my universe :-)


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