Monday, March 28, 2011

cokestudio high.

I've been listening to Cokestudio everywhere and anywhere. When I'm at home/in the bus/auto/walking/bathroom/every night. It gives you a high, believe me when I say it. There's a literal whirlpool of things going on in my life right now, and coke studio is one thing that lets me disconnect and just float away, to some trance that's unreal but extremely pleasant to my mind. I stop thinking.
Anyhow. So,I had an excruciating econ class today. I have it every day, actually, at school. (I thought Micro was going to be fun, bah!) My extra classes for 12th grade are on. It's not even been a week and I feel as drained out as ever. I don't sleep before 3am, I get up at 6:30 am, reach the bus stop by 7:25 (to find out the bus doesn't plan to come till our session formally begins. joy.) , school starts at 8:30, followed by four fifty minute long classes of my subjects. Out of which Econ is thee most intense class ever, it's almost like the teacher would pounce on you if you looked at anything but her face for the next 50 minutes.

Anyhow. Moving away from Board year sadness to usual update- I've been writing like a retard. Which I'm sure all of you have guessed by now, considering I'm updating everyday. Yes, sorry about that. It's just that I have a lot to vent out, and writing is the only way out for me.. I have like, ten drafts saved up on my blogspot. Fiction, mostly. So bear with me.

Summer is finally in. It feels good.. I hate winters. It just makes every thing dull and sad around me, trust me, you don't want to be around me during winters. I'm annoyed all the time. Summer... is good! Summer is street food, sweat, sport, adventure, no comfort zone. Summer is exotic, and that's one thing my life needs right now. I need as much work as I can take, I need to go out and get working on something, I need distraction. And summer just seems perfect for it. It lets one sweat off everything. Everything.

I had a strange weekend. One that I haven't had in a while. I was mostly out with mom and dad, shopping or just generally weekending. It was nice.. for a change, I wasn't out doing anything else or whatever. I was at home reading my spy novel (William Boyd's Restless. Must read) or playing with my niece.

I'm already planning out my vacation. Calcutta is on,for me. My cousin plans to come down to Delhi, and then we'll both fly to Cal together. I can't even tell you how kicked I am about this, we plan to have the wildest time there,with all my party animal cousins who plan to crash too. And besides....... it's Calcutta. The one city that always feels like home. In every way... the people, the streets, the whole damn city!
And a getaway from Delhi is something I really need right now. The earlier, the better. I really need time out from this place.

Now I would have kept on typing since I have absolutely nothing to do, but I'm starved. So adios, I shall go lunch now. Lets see whatever the day has in store for me, cause I'm devoid of a single clue. Maybe I'll crash the Spanish Film festival. No actually, I have too much of econ to do :| Sigh. I guess the Spanish movies will have to wait until after 31st..

Buhbye people, and those of you who tried to call, I'm sorry. My phone's usually in the drawer now. Shall get back to you guys in no time :) But for now, I'm just taking my own sweet time to begin some productive stuff and not worry about anything else.

Something I clicked recently :)
Summer skies, Nil.

P.s- A lot of fiction coming up, so brace yourselves.


  1. All the best in what you are doing :)


  2. i'm high on cokestudio too B) \m/
    oh & all the best for econ :D

  3. I prefer Winter as compared to summer! Summer is SWEATY!! >_<

    Good luck with econ! :_

  4. @Bikram: Thanks :)

    @Vanta: hah, toldya. econ, yes. :|

    @The Blue Periwinkle: Summer is awesome, come onnnnn. haha anyway thanks :)

  5. ah, Nil! don't hate me because i haven't been here in a while.

    it's nice to see that you are blogging every day--you blogging machine! this post actually makes me long for the days of college when i didn't have to be somewhere for 8 hours straight!

    and i'm glad it's spring time here...the warmth was needed.

    i'll be catching up on your posts luv!

  6. Cherryyyllllll! It's so good to see you here after such a long time!
    hahaha yes, I have become a blogging machine- no pun intended! I've been updating like a lunatic :/ and aww. I'm sure you miss those days :)

    Spring. Sigh, it's almost second best to monsoon ;)

    yes yes you must! much lovveee!

  7. Am going right now to check out cokestudio.

    Wish you best of luck in you productive endeavours ;)

    yeah, econ isn't as interesting as I hoped either :(

    Enjoy summer! And your trip to Calcutta :)

    p.s. waiting with happy eagerness to read your fiction :D

  8. Yellow there Charu! :) I know man, Econ is just sadness this year :( I hope it gets better, tho I seriously doubt it.

    ahah yes, Calcutta! Are you going to England this summer? :)

    and aww, thanks! yeap, shall update soon. Giving my readers some time to breathe ;)


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