Saturday, March 12, 2011

because we love delhi at 8pm.

Hello there, World.
The sky has changed a great deal at my end, ever since the last time I updated.. And the colors keep shifting, promising me to not be static for a while, and I'm fine with that. I'm fine with that cause right now, all I have is tonnes and tonnes of time. My exams have ended, and now I plan to do nothing but spend time with myself doing the things I like and just relaxing, and just being... if you know what I mean?
I'm taking a huge break. From too many things.. And I hope by the end of it, I clear the fuzzy thoughts in my mind and can conclude to what I'm going to carry on with, and what will I leave behind as a chapter I'd like to close and only remember with the fondest of memories.

Anyhow. Absolutely keeping the senti-maro-lines,
I had a fantastic evening after a bloody long time. So today, after school, I crashed at Remya's. We had an idea of having a completely boring useless evening of sitting at her place, watching movies and eating like hogs... however, the day didn't quite play those cards at all. So I was supposed to go to Jeffrey Archer's book launch today, but then nothing was working out for me, so I had pretty much over ruled the idea of getting there.. but as Remya and I follow the religion of Randomness, we decided we'd go! So we go on google map and try to figure out the way to vasant kunj, trying to figure the patches we'd walk/ use the metro/the rickshaw, parallely our mind is laughing its ass off even at the thought of how ridiculous our Plan of action after a decade of planning and plotting of transport and charges, we end up taking an auto straight to Vasant kunj, cruelly ditching all the adventurous metro rides and yada yada we were planning on :-P
After we got there, we hung around like cows for a bit, went to Mc.Donald's, burped, came out, joined another friend and went ahead to the book launch. The book launch was..........fantastic. Plain fantastic. Lord Jeffery is truly the Lord. Just as his critiques state, the man's a genius.
Out of a crowd of 60-70 fans, Rem and I were the only ones sans a book to be signed by him.. And the weirdest part was,we were fine with it. Rather we were pleased.. cause there was something about just sitting on our seats after the session ended and just stare and muse over the prodigy before us. There's something about quiet memories that we both appreciate :)
So we left.

Once we got out of the mall it was about 7:45.. and it was real quiet and shady :-P But hey we got an auto (for some weird luck, we've been real lucky with transport today, which usually isn't the case) and as we came back sitting in the auto with the wind trying to race our sight and strands of hair to a tough race, all we could talk about is at the end of the day, Delhi's the sweetest thing ever.. no matter how urban it is, sure it gets annoying, but we belong here. And this city's just... magic.

So this was one of the randomest day outs ever, and perhaps the best... after a real long time, I had nothing to worry about and just be a teenager and ....... i just chilled. In thee most honest and literal meaning of the word. And sure, Rem and I are the shaits, it's always fun when we both get together yo girlphraaaaaand ;)

So the next few days, before 12th grade starts, this is going to be my life. I'm going to give myself as much time as I want, and I'm going to live luxury just the way I want it. Be it walking the roads of Delhi with ten bucks in my pocket or sleeping till 2pm and then waking up to sleep again.

Good luck to all you 10 and 12th graders with Boards.. They'll be over soon :)

Now playing: Take five, Dave Brubeck. (the track is legendary)

And now, I shall go watch as many movies as I want and dance around the house like a total retard. (:
And all of you guys out there, let go for a while, breathe free, and smile to what you want to be.
(I didn't intend on the rhyming bit)

- A hope to a much brighter day,


  1. DAMN YOU GUYS!!!!
    JEFFERY FREAKING ARCHER! :'( ain't fair :/

  2. you idiot who asked you to take home science?!?! damn it was AWESOME vanta, get free quick, we need a date out :)

  3. Just met your post coming from the opposite direction. Have finally just updated with a post on the exams. The freedom from exam spirit is contagious, of course.

    Love your post. Congrats on having a great day! (I had one too!) Wish you some great days ahead, bringing wonderful memories to look back on :)

  4. @Vanita: Sorry I missed it so far. Am following your blog now!

  5. home science hi toh hai..i could've come :'(

  6. ooooooooo...
    how I wish I was seventeen again!!
    Your post was like a waft of fresh air :) hope you spend the next few days just the way u want :)

  7. I LOVE the pictures! I have never been to Delhi but I really wish I could!! It sounds exciting

  8. Holidays after the examinations are bliss! You enjoy them, and be the princess of the time. Have a luxurious break.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  9. Ayye sounds great :D
    OOOOOH. Have you heard the Vasant Kunj ghost story? after I heard it, I decided never to go there :P

  10. @Everyone: Thanks guys! My apoligies for nto addressing each of you individually, I'm just a little caught up working on another fiction! Shall be up soon, till then, be around and chill some more.
    Soooooo much love,
    Nil. :]

  11. i read the entire post with a smile on my face :)

  12. jeffery archer!
    :D how lucky!

  13. Kindly include appropriate acknowledgement for the AIIMS flyover picture you have posted on this page !!


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