Tuesday, March 22, 2011

because i'm the tragedy queen.

I should have been on my way to school by now for a trip that was supposed to happen until last night, but oh wait, I guess a particular community feel like sitting on railway lines are going to help that get everything and sort their shit out. SO. The train we guys were supposed to take to Udaipur was cancelled cause they had a bunch of guys sittin' and poopin' over the tracks, not letting the trains to function. THANKS.
THANKS A LOT you godd for nothing losers. I only wish I could smash some sense into your feeble wannabe rebel brains that stupid tactics like these will do nothing but earn you hate (lots of it) from people around the country,and you could count me number one alright.
I had been looking forward to this trip for a long time. I needed a getaway from Delhi. And it was just perfect. No phones. No laptops. Only a bunch of close friends, a good book, a camera and awesome food.
But oh no, I'm the tragedy queen after all. As if my life wasn't screwed up enough already in general with a godzillion things going on in my head that I've been trying to sort out and come to a decision for, NOW that one break that I DID deserve after a whole MONTH of exams has been snatched away.
Oh and to top it all up, I had my results today. All I'd say is 11th grade has been a scary ghost as far as an academic year is concerned and I'm just so glad it's over. I hope it rots and dies in hell and I hope it dies in pain and no peace.

Fact: I'm officially in 12th grade now.
Another fact: I'M NOT READY FOR IT.

I JUST got over with one round of boards (err a year ago) and now BAM! my final frikkkin boards are here. My parents have already started with the 12th grade-usual-parent-paranoia. My extra classes begin day after,and my formal session starts from 4th April. I plan to go semi-underground this year, cause lets face it- it's either this year or nowhere.

I'm in a morbid mood. (haha humor you?) I plan to do nothing but crash and sleep for as long as I want cause even the thought of 12th- another year of slogging is pissing the flying pig out of me.
I'm going to take my space for some more time, I need to turn into rainbows again, the blehh sad side of me is just really weird for me to handle.

A lot of fiction coming up.. that's practically all I've been doing. Sleeping. Reading. Writing a lot. Watching HIMYM. And going out a bit. Okay, a lot... so this was an update. Now the next posts shall have the stuff I've written over a while.....

I really could kill the railway operators right now.
I WANT TO GO TO UDAIPUR GODAMNIT. Also, I'm looking for some nice writing competitions.. but not really coming across many. If any of you know about any competitions happening, please be kind and let me know?

Now, I shall go eat like a pig.


  1. hmmm well dont worry once those guys get up you can go to udaipur ..

    and hey in 12th class not long before you get into college or professional colelges good times are on way he hehehe


  2. lol! I can understand (partially) as i've gone through this feeling one year back... it was really frustrating! and especially for Science streamers!..
    ..wait a second!
    ...what am i doing here?
    ..I'm halfway through my cbse FINALS! eek!

  3. As far as the trip goes, I'm TOTALLY on your side.

    And for most of the rest of the post too ;)

    We unite in the face of advers-oh heck-unavoidable doom, don't we ?

    And like Vanita: :(

    Damn, those school people...My latest post is a pointless rant.

    BTW, what's HIMYM?

  4. SO basically by the time I post this comment you'd be done with the feast and in deep slumber. Oh I am sorry for the disturbance, but then, I am not altogether. :P

    Boards are a drag, and that too, are too soon between 10th and 12th.

    And those people shitting around railway tracks, well, they have it in their heads too, shit, I mean. :P

    Take care,
    Blasphemous Aesthete

  5. ohhoo cheer up na..visit some place likr your lodhi gardens and make it glamorous with you and your friends. and about boards, ohh its just a bad phase of life, of which i get nightmares even now, so i have to wake myself and say "oh i am working now"
    i got over it in 10 years, you will take less i know. not scaring you but completely getting your point on the paranoia. relax ekdum , go visit the lil puchki your sister had some months back, m sure she will cheer you up :)

  6. @Bikram: Haha good times.. sigh, I only hope you're right! and Udaipur seems pretty bleak for now :|
    anyhow, thanks!

    @Vanta: katal :(

  7. @Mohonish: Hi! Welcome to my blog :-) haha I'm sure you can relate to me, and Sciencee, that just gets better and better my friend :-P and lol good luck with your finals. See you around!

    @Charu: Oooohhhhh 12th starts tomorrrrooowwww :O I'm so freaked out, it's not even funny. And blehh. The trip. Havoc at school tomorrow, what say? ;)
    P.S- HIMYM is How I Met your Mother :-)

  8. @Blasphemous: Ohh they have a LOT of shit in their neurons alright! you cannot imagine how pissed I am right now. I should have been waayy away from Delhi by now, sipping on martini! (okay that was a lil too much)
    whatever, thanks for your support! :-P
    cheers :)

    @PinkPatiyalaSis: you're hereeeeee. hello my loovee. I miss you so much :( and yes, about crashing places with friends.. sis I've been on a baaad blue. The anti-social types? the cancellation of the trip was an icing on the cake :| so. umm. :(
    anyhow thanks! come to delhi soon

  9. I just began my 12th too...and well my life couldn't be worse... :| especially considering the fact that I am emotionally drained

    why do they love to torture us?

  10. hahhhaa that my dear friend, is something I can only hope to find an answer to :P

  11. Wow, I can totally relate to that. Really well written. Though class XII is going to be the best year of your life, haha. Atleast it was for me. All the best, do well!

  12. I hope it's the same for me! haha, cheers :)

  13. that cartoon made me smile! congrats on being in the 12th grade...officially. although your writing skills make you seem much older. :) i'm sure this year will be more fun and rewarding!

  14. aww thanks love!
    i hope so too! :)

  15. Nice Writing Competitions? But your writings exude the fragrance of your individuality...don't they?Compete to be like what? And what right has anyone to decide how a writer and their writings ought to be? A rose is perfectly a rose, a marigold perfectly a marigold, and a Nil, perfectly Nil. Any certificates needed?


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