Monday, September 27, 2010

Because madness lets me write

"Only those things are beautiful which are inspired by madness and written by reason."

^That was something I read in a friend's status update on Facebook, a day back. And I swear, I haven't stopped thinking since then. It was almost like everything I thought about the way I write and my inspiration was put neatly into  14 words. There, done.

I write. I write a lot, of course you guys would know, you guys have been the most faithful readers of my rants ever. 
I'm someone who is extremely opinionated, instantaneous, out going and crazy. I like to think different, or think commons differently. I like to jot everything that hits my neurons, even if it's something as random as "A guided success" [this one came to me recently]. When an idea hits me, I have to write. Not cause I'll forget it, but cause I know I can best describe it only then, when those feelings are intense and nascent. I vent out when I write. I put my laughs, my sarcasm, my hate,disbelieves,and my believes into words. Those words reflect naked the facts or the essence of a shy truth that creaked into my thoughts somewhere,somehow. I write about fiction. Or so I'd like people to think at times.. I write when I imagine myself in someone's shoes. 
I write, all the time.
But what really hit me was the fact that madness inspires me to write. I say this because my being is nothing but madness proved [no chuckles, please] and I couldn't be happier about that fact. 
Being mad helps you grow.  Being mad helps you see the world a little better, perhaps quite differently.
Being mad helped me to resign to insanity. Insanity helped me with a lot of blots of ink on my paper, with a few paragraphs that somehow managed to be sane enough to help someone out there in the world. To help that person find his insanity again, and thus resign to happiness, which he found. 

My madness surely has a reason.
and that reason, I've learned the hard way. That reason echoes me, and myself. That reason helped me realize that madness has lead to greatness. Not in green notes, but in being remembered.
That reason helped me mold myself  into a person of preaching originality. That reason taught me that giving up yourself for the world was just not worth it, because you constitute a part of the world :)

And hence, my writings have a reason. A reason inspired my madness.
And hence, writing is the most beautiful art to me, ever. Because it's lead me to lead a life of choices that I create. Choices, which aren't in the mercy of sane people ;)

Madness is good. 



  1. And we totally love your writings! And we're big fans of you too!

  2. mad is good. normal is boring ;)

  3. @TBG: Awwww and that's what I mean you're not only loyal readers, but amazing encouraging blog guardians :)

    @hAAthi: Oh yes,I couldn't agree more! ;)

    @Meeerraaa: Tell me about it! glad you agree! ;D

  4. LOVE your blog's new look! ^_^
    As for your writings well....they're just awesome. But Im sure you know know that already :)

  5. Mad rocks.....insanity is always good.

    But stop changing ur blog layout like insane!

  6. Yeah.. Madness is indeed greatness :) There is hardly a thing called normal.. for everyone is mad in their own way. Ofcourse u know we all resonate madness.. for thats why we are here and so so love ur posts..
    The blog template is pretty :)

    PS: I am partially back.. How have u been? Write back when u have time.. I have missed u and ur blog little one :)

  7. I love ur pic as header ....too cute :D

    We love ur writings so be mad always :D

    On second thts madness makes me write too....I have noticed when i have something building inside....I write the best work just keep writing for this fans of urs :)

  8. as far as art goes...madness is the only thing dat inspires art and more importantly revolutionize art... u hav to me mad to see the beauty behind it... be it to write poems or be it to be serial murderer...its just how u display ur madness to world...and its only reason i somewhere love sociopath serial murderers soo much

    "When an idea hits me, I have to kill. Not cause I'll forget it, but cause I know I can best kill only then, when those feelings are intense and nascent. I vent out when I kill. I carve my laughs, my sarcasm, my hate,disbelieves,and my believes into my victims"

  9. being mad, well we love to be mad... :)

  10. beautifully done, Nil. so true. this post reminds me of one of my fave quotes:

    "There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness."

  11. Life is 'Nuts' after all.

    Madness brings out the artist and our passion for something is also judged by the same thing.

    Cheers to madness..


  12. and as your elder sister..i seem to beam with pride on every new post you put up cus you are a very good lil kid :)

  13. dis wuz so cool.. so true gal.. so true. madness is awsum,,
    keep it up! :))

  14. Madness is good :)

    Reminds me of Gordon Gekko's "greed is good" speech :)

    nice blog btw.

  15. @All of you gorgeous readers: It really brings a smile on my face everytime I log in after a loong time to my blog and see so mnay priceless and generous comments... Thankyou, so much :)

    I'm super glad to figure you all agree with me, that madness sure is an inspiration..I agree with you when you say it has lead to the most beautiful art ever. Be it in any genre...
    Bless you guys for appreciating abstract and uniqueness, we all stand out hence.
    Much much love to all of you!
    -Yours only,
    Nil. :)

  16. madness is soooooooooo much fun...
    i have for so long identified myself with my sane madness going a little insane sometimes n cherish the moments as my happiest writing experiences...
    so let it grow..
    let it bloom:-)

  17. "Only those things are beautiful which are inspired by madness and written by reason."

    Absolutely loved this phrase.

    And for the record, I'm very, very proud that I know and have had the chance to appreciate your writing. Keep it up!


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