Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Birthday.

The Birthday.

And she was celebrated,
celebrated with the fanciest of decors,
the dessert, the frocks,the violins,
the people, the Mayor himself.

To the town men,
an invite was a luxury.
The cab men waited for rides to be hired,
just to get a glimpse of the illuminated pride- The House.

The grandeur of the entrance,
never so splendid,
boomed with the compositions of notes running high and low on the chellos
The handsome guards,
with the silent smiles of a good feast,
and all the ladies and gentlemen grooming out of their coats of diamonds and pride.
it was quite an impressive celebration.

The firecrackers fired high into the starless night,
as she was carried in soft satin.
Carefully tucked in, inch by inch into the mother's bossom,
yes she was costly.
She looked around to what looked like day light,
so many lights, so many silky curtains flaunting the dome above.. 
She looked around, 
at the Mother - 
who smiled, but saw silence in her eyes when the Father looked,
the nervous smile,
the pretense of gold,
was this really ... A birthday?



  1. Beautiful,again. Little girl, you amaze me again :-)

  2. my god..i could almost see the old lamp posts on the streets casting their shadows on cab drives waiting outside to be hired...i could almost see the women in the polka dotted frocks and the men with well oiled hair..i could nearly see the folds on the satin...awesome !!! brilliant peice sister

  3. You read this out to me. I remember. And the thought behind it has been the most wonderful thing I've ever come across. :)

  4. hey dint understand it much, like the words as usual were greatly combed together, but for the emotions thing my intellect dint support it... :(

    My BlOg- Wen i was a boy

  5. Okay. I dont want to sound like a doofus, but I didnt get the poem. Like the essence and thoughts behind it. Would like to discuss it with you when we meet, if thats cool?
    Ha, this comment seems so lame after my last one, where I declared myself to be scary smart. xD

  6. @Maashi: Thanks mashi! You make me all wide grins! :)

    @hAAthi: Thankyou so much,lady : )

  7. @PinkPatiyalaSis: Omg YOU make my day..and by the way your comment goes.. I can tell you could see exactly what I wanted to show... :)
    Thanks babe,
    I love you! :)

    @Shiv: Yessss. I did read this one out to you! : )
    Awww thanks honey :*

  8. @Unruly rebel: Thankyou so much! Perhaps I shall email you my sentiments behind this sometime, thanks for taking out the time to read it :)

    @Priyanka: Haha heyy that's absolutely fine, babe! Yeah, I promise. Shall expaling you what was in my hed, when we meet for sure :)
    and no no, you're still as smart ;)

  9. u made me visualize princess diaries wala country...forgot its name!!! and dont judge me...i saw it just for anne hathaway!!

    fav lines:Carefully tucked in, inch by inch into the mother's bossom,yes she was costly

    inference: okk she is an infant...so i m quite confused...it could be optimistic stuff like welcome ceremony to royal bloodline...or pessimistic like child marriage...well i m pessimistic...but wat did u intended to mean?? :/

  10. happy birthday to the little one is what i will say
    and the poem comes as a beauytiful ode to the little one niceeeeeeeeeeeeee

  11. Well even i got confused....Ur a genuis when it comes to poetry i mean the command over language u have is just stupendous but i loved the allegory and expression but then u left me wanting for me......was it abt a birth /child marriage/some thing....i just got confused :( i sound such a fool but then tats what studying lit does all poems are open to varied interpretations and so was it and that makes it a masterpiece :)

  12. well i shall be waitin fr d mail... :)

  13. I envy those who write good poems like you for I can never write one. Good effort

  14. @Everyone: Thank you So so much for all your generous appreciations! I swear, it means crazy loads to me..
    For those of you who didn't understand the poem completely, no foul! Here's an explanation to what the poem was about :

    The poem initially starts with the fancy decors of an extremely wealthy and royal party in the town, a celebration for the birthday of the daughter of a very rich couple.
    Every high head of the town's there as a wellwisher..
    Skipping to the part when the baby is brought out.. The baby looks around at the costly and fancy facade and decorations.. to her baby brain and eyes they're just lights like star.. however when she looks at the mother, the mother smiles nervous under the presence of the father. It's then reflected how the mother actually didn't have freedom, freedom to be what she was. It reflected the mother to be submissive, and crumpled under the facade of diamonds and society.
    And that's when the baby's birthday is questioned. If she'll end up like her mother,too? in that case it never was a birthday..

    So yeah :) I hope I could make you guys understand this well? I know there are very subtle hints to the actual meaning of the poem. But perhaps that's what keeps the intrigue, doesn't it guys? :)

    Thanks for your time, pals!
    Much love, Nil.

  15. Cherrrrrrrrrrrr!
    You mailed this to me, I reckon yeah?!
    read and re read it.. teeehhh, you're fab dollface!
    you're just fabhh!
    And the last line, "was this really.. a birthday?" - i was all omg when the hair on my back stood up hey =O

    why haven't you replied to my emails? ok stop being mad at me already ='[
    I miss you!

  16. and and and and omgggg THE BLOGGGGGGGGG!!!!!! what have you done to it!! it's so youuuu! i mean omg so much of color and omg you look so aww with the new spunky hair-do!
    i miss you cherr,
    i miss you like a fat kid misses ice cream =[

  17. my brother's still the same bitch and my boi is still (or a bigger) bastard!
    now you don't go ditchin' me heyyyy!

    GET OL.

  18. Mriiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll! Hi. I am SO sorry, I wasn't online then. I was watching My best friend's wedding :")
    I'm all sobby now :|
    anyway, listen I'm not mad at you! I've just been terribly caught up with school work hon.. I had my exams going on, yes that explains the no phone call policy :P
    [I know it was annoying okay!]
    Listen, I'll reply. Tonight,I promise. I have a million unanswered emails waiting!
    And aww thanks babe! I'm glad you liked the poem And the layout :D
    haha about the haircut! Yeah, I needed a change ;)
    Mwah. Call me soon :)
    I miss you too! <3

  19. And hahahahahah! Oh come onnn. Ro's been a bitch to me,too. He hasn't called/mailed/whatever in god knows 8959575859505 million trillion years :|
    And about Jim. Haha, oh come onnnn. He's okay I'm sure!
    haha no way am I ditching you prettyface! :*

  20. It's a beautiful concept. but to be honest Nil, just like with Breaking free, it felt a little restrictive. It felt so much more beautiful when you explained it to me. But I still do love this poem. The scenario is so well described.


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