Friday, September 17, 2010

Boom boom boom para! :)

It's 1:14am in the morning, and no I'm not sleepy at all. I was listening to Shaam- the song, from Aisha. Please listen to it, it's one of those songs that make you smile.

I was reading this other blog..where a girl was describing her birthday, and how her mum used to bake pies for her, and she used to run around the house, waiting to cut that and blow the candles..
And it took me back to my thirteenth birthday...and the birthdays before that..
Oh they used to be parties, alright! The whole house used to be brimming with kids, of all sizes :P Short, tall, skinny, healthy.
I used to be in my special birthday girl outfit which used to be either very blue, or pink, or white. :) Getting ready for my "birthday party" used to be a task! All my girlfriends and I used to be locked into my parent's bedroom, dressing up, and putting lip gloss which used to be such an accessory back then :P
hehe.. and once the party started, oh boy the dancing! My friend Asmita used to always get the hit songs, [god our obsession with "All rise" and "one love" haha!]. And we used to have the craziest of games, with the widest of grins, sweaty red faces cause of all the dancing. Oh the picture sessions mom and dad used to do... come up to our terrace party and click pictures of all of us, and we'd all learnt the "Yo" sign [which later, I realized after 2 years meant "Devil's horns :P], so we used to pose with that in maximum of the pictures.. and all my friends would want to stand next to me, just cause I was the birthday girl :)
After the long hours of dancing and games that involved mud and water [yes, I'm serious :) ], my mom would finally come and announce dinner. The whole family would join, and the feast would begin!
The food was usually lots of Bengali stuff.. my friends absolutely adored the menu.. most of them were non-bengalis, so for them, mustard fish was heaven :P
And once our dinner was over, we'd all sit around in a circle, and chat. Chat about the most important things in the world, about what the other teacher in the XYZ section said to the ABC kid. And how the last birthday party in Mc.Donalds was so much. And how all of us had "grown up" so much..... :P
And then we'd quickly shift to the topic of return gifts :D (yes, we were grown up 11 year olds..) .... After hugging all my friends goodnight, as they left, I'd look at my sister with a naughty smile, andddd.......


Hahaha.. my sister and I would sit in my parent's bedroom, and open up all my presents, and go Oooohh and Aaaah on the goodies.. God, the excitement was crazy!
My sister is about 9 years older to me. That never mattered,though. She used to be equally excited, and we'd both decide what I'd do with which gift.
And I used to look forward to her gift the most.......and till date, her gifts are still the best ones I've ever received. :)

As I grew up, my ways of celebrations changed. Now my birthdays don't usually have a crazy party with tiny motu kids and parents running around the house. Now we usually go out to eat like crazy, and have a nice time with pizzas/coffees/whatever. It's still a lot of fun.
But this 16th birthday reminded me a lot of how my birthdays used to be originally.. and nothing can beat that :)
There was so much innocence in the way we in our 11 year old selves danced to "Bunty or bubbly" the hit then, or all of us shoulder to shoulder going right and left on "All rise". Those memories are old.. those memories are so much of baby fat!... and those memories are, and always will be the ones that would find me when I'm listening to happy songs, for these are the memories that are a series of sepia colored photographs in the album of my mind. And they're always going to nudge me whenever something turns up infront of me, that somehow, somewhere joins hands with those memories.
And oh these somethings are everything around us-- songs, chessboards, the telephone, that crumpled letter that lies in the back of your wardrobe, the scribbles in the back of your notebook, the people around you, and yourself :)

make a memory today :) 



  1. Beautiful Memories indeed Nil :) They make u smile for the entire day even a week.... Loved your post. Makes me kindle my own sweet memoirs.

  2. Nostalgia....took me down memory lanes.

  3. This made me SMILE!

    When I was in Trinidad and Tobago, we Indians were so obsessed with these hits I tell you. Most of us were SRK fans! And we used to dance to Chhaiya Chhaiya or some A.R. Rahman hits like.. Muquabala.. :S


  4. @Ujjwal: :)

    @Banu: Beautiful memories indeed,banu :) Aw thanks! I'm glad it made you smile. I really am : )

  5. @Anwesa: Haha, me too :)

    @Shiv: Aww! HAHAHAHAHHAHA! Muquabla?! Chaiya chaiya?! I'm just trying to imagine YOU doing thatttt! =P
    aww hon, I swear these memories are priceless :)

  6. Wow, that was sweet and very well described. I like you. You're nice :D

    (GAY. I KNOW. But whatever. I just gave a lousy eco paper, so anything I type cannot be held against me in court. Or anywhere in fact.)

    I might just be a little drunk too. *hic*

  7. Did I forget to mention that a guy 6 years older to me taught me the choreography? And he was south Indian. LMAO!

  8. @Priyanka: HAHAHAHAH! babe, you make me smile such a wiiiideee grin with your crazy and cute comments!
    And NO IT IS NOT GAY. That was super nice!
    Hahah yeah, maybe I'm high,too. On the clody skies that've been there since like FOREVER!*hic.
    We're meeting soon! =)

    @Shiv: 6 years older to you! what were you, like 2?

    Okay wait,I forgot to laugh--

  9. Mustard Fish?

    Damnit Mannnnnnnnn.
    Where was I??????????????!!!
    *Wails loudly*

    But that was fun.
    Kinda yuck too.
    Too girly.

    P.S.: Stop being GAY on my blog!!
    P.S.2: I laaaav yeh xD

  10. Yeah, 6 years older to me.
    Ironically, I was six at the time. He was 12!

  11. nice post...n we all loved dose bday songs n motu kids roaming all was just so much of fun... :)

    My SPacE- Wen i was a boy

  12. Awwww! Such a sweet post!

    I love that song too! :)

  13. @Rem: Hahaha yeah you were somewhere reading some scientist's biography! :P

    And no, I'm serious btw :|

    HAhahahaha, yeah well, that's how it used to be.. Major past tense alert here, my friend.

    HAHAH you write "I laav you" on my blog and ask ME not to be gay?!

    I laaavvh you too!

    P.S- Gay is good :*

  14. @Shiv: I want to say something, but I'm going to keep shut :P

    @Unruly rebel: Hi, haha true very true.. We all love that, no matter how much we grow up!
    Thanks for stopping by :)

    @Meera: <3 I know right!

  15. Oh yes!! We are most definitely meeting soon :D
    And during durga puja too!
    I didnt know you lived near the place I live (didnt say the location for security reasons. Im SO smart, its scary! xD) :O

  16. wow u celebrated parties till 13 ....same here :P i remember my last bday 'bacha kind' party of 13 which was like fulto masti....even though i had some after that but that was just school mature kind parties never the baloons and caps and decorated was so much fun :) ur post made me go back and smile :)and best used to be choco truffle cake from nirula's or modern bazar <3 till date i demand that is my bday cake <3

  17. birthdays are my fav time.. be it anyone's.. its just so special! and i fail to understand how some people manage to let their birthdays 'just go'..

    hahaha GIFTS of course, the best part! the friends..the, cake...madness...and the special words and hugs and kisses....i cant wait for mine. every year!

    oii i love Boomboom para :) its my fav Aisha number.. makes me sway

  18. @Priyanka: Omg you didn't?!?! anyway we shall meet! :D
    And hahah yeah you're sooo smart, woman. Like omg I could die of your smartness =P

    @Scribbling Girl: Aww I know, parties like that are always soo much fun!
    And hey I'm so glad I could make you go back to the memory lane!
    its always nice to do that :)
    Much muchh love
    Nil <3

  19. @diiiip: I knowww right!! I've seen so many people who're so Whatever about their birthdays and I can only go-- :OOOO
    Lol. Omg gifts <3 I KNOW WHATTEE YOU MEAN!

    I know man! Shaam is one of those songst hat'd make you smile even at the worst of your moods.. :)

    LOWE :*

  20. B'days in school were lots of fun and play

  21. Birthdays are awesome! It's just a fun day where everything is about you. What can be better?

  22. i think i had a birthday girl outfit too when i was younger. but yeah, birthdays definitely change over time. i used to have parties, outfits and tons of gifts. as i got older, i got less gifts and started arranging the parties myself.

    now i just go out to dinner and get some presents from the hubby! but he always gets what i want so that's cool.

  23. Loved the story. You sure have a lot of great memories. It's a wonderful thing to treasure your memories, because they're always a paradise we can visit when we want to.


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