Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I remember this girl..

I remember this little girl.. this girl with pigtails and fringes falling on her forehead. With cute little frocks, and an evergreen mischievous smile.

I remember this tomboy.. arm wrestling with the boys of the class, scaring each and every soul as the "Gundi" of our class.

I remember this rebel... fighting with all the teachers and putting fried cockroaches with me in our particular rival's English book.. almost dying in fits of laughter when our mission was accomplished, looking at that girl scream her lungs out in class. Yes,nobody messed with Us.

But alas,
I only have a memory. A memory of what she used to be. A memory of someone I used to know.
That little girl hasn't come back, for quite a while. She hasn't come back, home. 

I remember this girl smiling at me with childlike innocence and mischief glinting in her eyes.. Those eyes are now bloodshot with alcohol screaming in them, and that girl... that girl is now soiled under short dresses and high heels.

(A post, for a lost someone)



  1. Oh God.
    I wish she could reasd this and just realize all that she has lost.

    All that innocence that she has buried inside of her.

    She will come back, and I hope that it won't be too late when she does. Damnit man.
    Im sorry for your loss.

    Miss me much?
    *laughs with devilish anticipation*

    I feel SO peaceful on your blog for a change. No 109 comments, No one, but me.. I like it :)

  2. Oh well, did I tell you that I ACTUALLY like being the only one commenting on your blog?
    *Reads her last comment*

    I think I already did.
    Ciao. :P

  3. I dont know whoz the Gundi ur talking abt... but hope she comes back :)

    till then will give Remya company on ur blog ;)

  4. @Rem: I wish she could read this,too. I wish she'd realize all that,too.
    And I hope she comes back to herself, only to find it isn't too late. However, I'm afraid that might not be the case..
    I really do pray,she does.

    Now now,
    Haha, You're baaaaaaaccccckkkkkkk!
    Hell yeah. Missed you here, wifey! =)
    Hahahah! I know! I'm glad to see your comment as the first one, after a looooong time :))
    yeah you did mention that a couple of times ;)

  5. @Sid: Heyy! Hi! how are youuu?! glad to see you here after a while :)
    I sure do hope she gets back to herself, too :)

  6. People change.Innocence is sometimes the cost of goes on..

  7. Yaay, you blogged :)
    Wow, I hope this girl comes around and you guys go back to frying cockroaches again!
    Friendship is not all "hassi-mazaak", sometimes, when your friends are on the wrong track you need to do everything possible to steer them back on the right path.Even if it means grabbing their shoulders and shaking them until they realise (In a non aggressive, but firm way, of course). And that is one of the many things that comes under the job description of a friend!

  8. OMG.. This is about "her" isn't it?

    Did you make her read it?

    And don't worry.. today or tomorrow.. THAT GIRL will come home, because it's where she belongs. The question is, will you still be waiting on her?

    But about her coming home, I'm sure she will one day... Because you search the world for things, only to return home to find them.

    Hey that's a good line.. Might just write something about it now! :)


  9. My mind has the same question as Shiv. Would you have the patience for her when she finally does come home?


  10. @Siddd: Deeewwwwwwwwddddd!
    Its been wayyy long since I've even found you in anybody's comment section man!
    watcha doin'?
    *waggles her eyebrows*

    Err. Nilanjana. I wanted to act all gay and shit like the way you do on my blog comment section, but yeah.
    I don't think this is the perfect xD

    10 comments. Its still peaceful =D

  11. @Tbeej: Ur online!!! So cool. ^_^

  12. Well I hope she reads this and has someone who can tell her whats right and helps her to change ...

    Hope you help her

  13. checked..rechecked the label and its not amen!!

    but they generally dont come back...because the love to hide behind short dresses

  14. hmmmm... tough times... hope you find that innocence and happiness in your friend's heart again, and soon..

  15. sorry, i haven't been around much either. but i am here now!

    so many blogs, so little time!

    anyway, what a lovely read. i especially love how it ended. makes me want to read more about this girl and how/why she changed.

  16. I commented on the last post too.

    This post was...simple, but strong. I hope she does come back.


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