Thursday, February 9, 2012

At the tip of the tongue

And those words fight within you, reaching out to the tip of the tongue which is only the tip of the iceberg of the emotions that dwell within your existence, right now.
The deep sonorous voices of the talking cacophony inside, starting from your toe nails become lost tales by the time they reach the head. Fragments of conversations, wishful thinking, dreams and nightmares with lipsticks float in and around the body which almost feels like a hollow golden bell which feels beautiful for some odd romance despite the aging time around.

You have so much to say, don't you?
That lopsided smile is a giveaway to the laughter that dances within you. The pursed lips do a sorry job at defending your unjustified anger.
They said words were overrated, but wouldn't you just do anything to speak now?
To leave aside the gibberish your tongue encourages, and look him in the eye and speak the truth and nothing but the truth? The beautiful, beautiful truth. 

Are you waiting for the right time, too? The time when those words feel right and there isn't a crease of worry on your forehead for the future?
This wait seems perennial where as it only commenced.

You have so much to say, don't you? 
Speak. The cacophony will subside and shy away.

At the tip of your tongue, lies your heart, after all. 

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  1. Wow...........:):):) superb
    U expressed this whole thing amazingly well
    .......u re goood....damn good....keeep

  2. Thank you, Rahul! You're very kind :)

  3. It was a beautiful concept..quite inspiring in fact I believe you just gave me another line to include in my favorite quotes..

    But a word of advice for the next time? Stop trying to fit so much into one sentence.. It can get overwhelming to read.
    You know the language beautifully, so compartmentalize it in a better manner. Make it easier to understand and the best part? You don't have to delete a single word. Otherwise it could be misapprehended as just a lot of thesaurus strung together- which you and I, both of us know it isn't.
    Keeping all that shit aside, it was a lovely post.

    Chal catch you later, Monkeyman.

  4. if only, you could say things out loud and only those who mattered could hear.
    if only for once the moment could be write and you could let it out. if only. :)

    loved it. hit a chord somewhere and tugged at it! :P

    btw u collect insects? so the butterfly is an insect right?

  5. I could totally relate to this post. It definitely struck a chord. And the last line is just brilliant. I dont know how you do it :)
    But I do agree with Remya on the sentence thing. But possibly only because it takes me a little time to really soak in the beauty of the words. Im a little slow that way!

  6. @Rem: Gaaaaaaaah! Long sentences never cut the chase with us, do they :| But yep, gotcha. Short sentences next time gonna be it!
    And thanks Beedz :)

    @Raj: Oh you can write like me, rather wayyy better alright. So lets not be so generous and modest, here :) Thank you. I hoped for it to strike a chord and I'm thrilled that it did.. Entomology was childhood, pal. Which reminds me it's about time I edit my page on Blogger :P

    @Priyanka: Seeing you here after ages, babe. Couldn't be happier! Thank you, love. You guys are too kind! And yes, shall keep the length in mind for the next post, hells yeah :)

  7. aah you flatter me. :)

    i could write. past tense. for some reason i am not so sure about now.

  8. Are you waiting for the right time, too? The time when those words feel right and there isn't a crease of worry on your forehead for the future?

    i smell love. dare to bare?

  9. Aaah. The author must not speak further when Fiction labels have been claimed already :)

  10. the author may decive the general public. but why try to unsuccesfully decieve a friend? :P

  11. It seemed like you peeked into me, gauged, empathised and are now talking to me...such is the power of your beautiful writing Nil:-)

  12. @Raj: Haha perhaps will just put a full stop after Fiction, this time :)

    @Vanta: Kyaa smile pass mara, haye!

    @Suruchi: That, made my day. Thank you! You've always been such a sweetheart :)

  13. tui protek baar ekta notun jinish shekhash. opurbo likhechish, tui aar puchki rosh ni :-)
    daroon hoychey, ki bhebe likhechis shotti kore bol toh

  14. Maaaaaashi. Onek onek dhonnobaad!
    Tomake shekhano ta ektu mushkil, tumi age theke'i onek jaano. Kintu naa, aami ekhono puchki, for you anyway :)
    Kichu bhebe likhini, boshe chi, aar jaa money eshechey, likhe die chi :P

    I'll see you next weekend! PANCAKES,PLEASE :D

  15. Nil! :)
    First of all, Thanks for reading my post the other day. I've been on quite a blogging hiatus, So whenever I see a comment on a post. My heart leaps with joy. :P
    And, Not to be sounding like a stalker. But, I somehow know you! Mutual Friends. :P

    Your writing!
    So fluid, so carefree! Its a lot of fun to read. :D
    Am following. :)

    Hope to see you around my blog too. :)

  16. Hi, Joyee!
    Haha it was pleasure, quite liked your post, yes. And yeaaah, I know. We have a bunch of mutual friends, I've seen you around too :)

    Thanks bunches for the compliments, and you're very kind to have started following my blog. Am humbled!

    And yes, you shall see me around your blog, for sure. :)

  17. your writing is such great poetry. you should do spoken word if you don't already! you'd be so good at an open mic night, Nil.

  18. You're very kind love! Did open mic a time or two, haven't found enough time just yet :(
    Either way, thank you!

  19. You know, of all what I have learned in all these years of living, if we wait for the 'that moment' to say something, it never comes. Create it, there and then itself. That tip of the iceberg has a huge iceberg waiting to unfold :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

    I am floored <3
    Had these words been of a guy...i would have gone on the knees and said...Marry me, the gorgeous genuis.....but then I can always say...Love me forever my little princess :)

    And Remya and Nil- I lovee the long sentences :) and understand them :)
    What else does it matter :P

    I am sooo pursuing u to be a writer....and a published one...pretty u cant run off :P

  21. @Robeeeen: =]

    @Blasphemous: Couldn't agree more, sire!
    Creating a moment, it is :)

    @Lady Whispers: Nabzzzz! With an adorable face like yours, who can't be lovin ya babe?
    Haha you're too kind. Always :) Thank you so much. Totally doing the happy dance here =)


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