Thursday, February 16, 2012

I see bad moon rising.

So I sat online about an hour back with the sole motive of updating with some hardcore fiction and produce something intellectually stimulating. But you see my head's run out of brain farts, I like collecting drafts on Blogger, Pinterest has taken over my sanity, and I'm highly drugged. All I've done all morning is indulged in food, Economics and sadistic pleasure at the phone beeping on low battery. (You should try it, if you haven't.)
Anyhoo, so I thought that after my academic rendezvous I'll have a lot to write about; secrets and lessons of life and the universe, a whole lot of romance, happiness, sadness even? Yeah well that just ended up as  a whole lot of bullocks because all I did end up doing was snicker at snide sarcasm online,  listen to Nappy Roots (and twist along,btw) and enjoyed feeling absolutely shallow and bored, devoid indulging in too much of cerebral thought process. 

And that, dear World is just what I plan on doing for the next hour before mighty Education calls again =)
Some Pinterest lowe for you, Thursday People!



  1. * sole =P
    I am stealing the "I'll call you back when I can remember why we're friends" thing. Classic.

  2. I have no idea how this whole getting addicted to-new-things syndrome happens with me just before the darned exams. Like now, I cannot stop sketching, considering I've never sketched before. so WEIRD. :/

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  4. @Beedles: Don't ask.

    @Vantz: ^Echo. LulzAllTheWay.

    @Bikram: Thrilled, I be!

    @Ruhani: *lifesaver =P
    And yes, BluntCards are bee-ee-ae-yoo-tiful.

    @Sam: I feel ya sister! And take me word for it, there is no escape :|

  5. Haha! Yesss, that low battery thing is so true!
    Lol, this site sounds damn funny, BUT i will not allow myself to click on that hyperlink, no I will not. Youtube and tumblr are already sooo distracting :/

  6. Okay, I have to follow you because you are amazing. That's about it.

    And speaking of pictures, yours are hilarious!

  7. Oh after months of nicely enjoying pinterest as my escape from all things social and network-worthy, theyve gone and opened the damned flood gates there, so the whole bleedy world is now on printerest.

    *there is no hope in this world*

  8. @Priyanka: Youtube. Sigh. Wouldn't comment, I get emotional :|
    And tumblr, I haven't dared open the link. Not before April, no sire :P

    @The Writer: Hello, there! Did I mention you made my day? And your Polaroids are being stalked by me, just sayinggggg :P

    @hAAthi: Believe it or not, I figured Pinterest, courtesy: You :P
    And gaaah. We're a herd of sheep Revaaaa. We'll follow wherever there's food to chew on and communication to stalk on, I guess :P
    *no hope, no!

  9. eibar lagche amar puchka kotha bolche :-)

  10. Hahahha tomar puchka shob shomei bole! :P

  11. I loved the pics you selected and also pinterest site....just go with the flow and the syllabus too...we are waiting right here:-)

  12. sometimes you feel like, yes, today is the day i am productive. but your mind has other plans. it happens to the best of us. :)

    love these images. i think i might have to steal that one of the deer in the car...too funny!

  13. @suruchi: I'll take your advice, hells yeah :)

    @Cheryl: haha I knoww rightt :P Yes,please! Sharing it caring ;)

  14. motei na, puchka aar puchka roye ni! tui kothaye maashi'r pichone ghurtish, ebar phone korle tulish na, aar tulle tara thake phone rakhar !
    ekhane kobe aashbi ? duto paagol hoye jachi tor jonne

  15. Believe it or not mashi, aajke hi aami tomar bepar'e ekta bondhu'r shate kotha bolchilam :O
    Sorrrryy. Emma emni bolo na, next time aami phone korbo aar aami phone rakhbo hi na, pakka. Tumi online thakle gtalk'e esho pliss.

  16. hey some interesting stuff there! and yes , i have tried 'keeping the phone beeping on battery low thing'. and its NOT fun :/
    anyways, first time on ur blog..loved it. will be back for sure :)


  17. Hi there, Sarah! Thrilled to see you here and so glad you liked this little retarded space of mine :)
    Need I say, you're always welcome here?


  18. its me or the beer :P
    lol. always beer. u d think they would know that by now!

  19. They always surprise you, women you see! Don't we all just love'em :D

  20. 'we' all?

    is that a political statement? :P

    and surprise? rather shock. u send them a mighty sexxy gift and a card reading happy 23rd and all they have got to say is that they are twenty two.

  21. I soooo love pinterest :D
    battery low :P ask me :D it happens all the time :D

    My brain went into hibernation so disappeared...but i missed soo many of ur reading it all :D :D

    And dont think abt the great will kick it in the ass to fly high soon ;-)


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