Monday, January 30, 2012

The month that was, the one saved by Floyd.

January. January. January.
Remains of New Years night :')
I have a resigned smile on my face as a type this, for I have an overwhelming amount to say. Hell, I have so much to say. It makes me a little nervous to think that just maybe this month was (already) the high point of 2012. The very night of 31st December bought in a whirlpool of epiphanies (the kinds that made my jaw touch the ground. No,literally.) I've been keeping those epiphanies in my pocket (drafts on Blogger ForTheWin.) and the fact that I've only updated twice in the whole month kind of makes a poker face at the obvious.

My Homies from ze Batch of 2011-2012 :')
School's over. Yes. I'd always imagined typing this on blogger ...but now that I have, it doesn't feel as real as I thought it would. Scribble Day and Farewell happened on 27th, and with that ended a constant undertone of comfort that's been since 14 years. Though it hasn't quite sunk in yet, probably wouldn't for a while. But it's been drifting in and out of my mind, appalling me, and disappearing again.

And now, what's left of the next month- February- is for an intimate relationship with textbooks, occasional Mind-Screws, rare empty fridges, owl hours and aloofness from the worldly household. Should be fun, eh? :|
But then I'll do it. I'll do it just so April the 16th feels right, feels legendary, feels the way I've been anticipating for it to be. (Multiple reasons here, don't sweat it bros.)

Besides all of that, it's the same old at my end. But then again, feels drastically different. Too many changes in one go are kinda leaving me on my toes trying to peek as far as I can at the rough sketch of Highs and Lows coming up. The fact that I have no idea where I'd be 3 months from now doesn't help. But that's when the stereo in my head plays Floyd and the rest is History. :)
January started from Floyd. January has been saved by Floyd. At multiple levels, it's almost unreal. But it's kept me sane with very sweet insanity. :)
(Don't try and read between the lines, your eyeballs will turn around your sockets, believe me.)

So yes! That was a quick catch up that I owed big time to this strange month :)
The next month's blog archive is rather unpredictable. It can be a whole lot of fiction or multiple back-to-back rants (bless yer souls, if so.)
But that's for later. Till then, adios World. Kindly go make the most out of the fact that you're not stuck in a Board year which immediately alters every word and action you're entitled to, and honor that gorgeous detail with a whole lot of partying and happiness!
While I.. yeah, well. I'll just be hogging on Milano/ dissing at the world/ writing like a lover/disappearing from the face of the Earth and yeah- Studying. A whole lot at that. -.-

Photo by Vanta.
Our ultimate Big Field staircase chill sessions in school.. of bunks/recess/monsoon happiness. Sigh.

Signing off,

P.s- "We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year." 


  1. Best of luck for what lies ahead!!


    Hell what more can I say. My heart is pretty much leaping out of my body these days with the number of epiphanies. Is this a 12th grade thing? Is it because of the fact that we have become (or atleast I have become) pseudo hermits?
    Day after tomorrow we have our farewell thrown by Sam's batch. And now I am kinda scared...everything is suddenly happening so fast. And it's not even like I can say "aah well...there is the next academic year".

  3. You are making me cram up and think about my farewell next year! The appalling thought of leaving me the chills!

    Happy life ahead! I see you being a big time writer!

  4. You will do great my little genius so dont u ever worry....and u will come out flying high conquering the world

    And i can understand ur feelings...i felt same when I left school....

    Just study hard and conquer the skies and I am around to help in ur blues always :)

    Hugs and love

  5. Aaah Boards *cringes* >_< ! I wish I had exams really , let's switch :P , You go work and audit accounts while I give your exams :P

    All the best :)

    PS: Me and my classmates cried so much on the last day of school , that we have swollen eyes in all the pictures :P

  6. @Antara: It's a 12th grade thing. Kinda brings in the flow to every little insect named 'appalling'. :|
    Also, woohoo so go kick in some heels, you! I never knew Sam was your junior :O Anyhoo, good luck with the saree. I wish I had people shedding me some luck because I'm still recovering from screwed up feet :| :P

    @Sam: PLEASE ensure that you go absolutely wild (and I mean WILD) in the last year of your school year. If I had another year, god knows what I woulda been upto every single day :')
    And thankyou! You've always been so kind babe :)

    @Vanta: Yeah bro. I feel ya. -.-

  7. @Lady Whispers: Thank you so much! You've always been one hell of a loyal reader and I can't thank you enough :)

    @BluBluBling: Switch, you say? Yes,please!
    Haha thanks for the luck man. And gaaaaah. Teary goodbyes were spared for me, but I'm guessing they're to come once Boards officially end :')

  8. School's almost over eh?
    Welcome to the other side of the world, it's not that bad out here. ;-)

  9. School's almost over eh?
    Welcome to the other side of the world, it's not that bad out here. ;-)

  10. Haha thank you! I bet the grass is greener at the other side ;)

  11. HAHA nice!
    Its been the most shitty and worst month till date for ME!!
    well thanks to "Board year" LOL

    hope February brings HOPE :P

  12. February is going to bring in a whole lot of midnight coffee, abuses at every walking/talking stranger for not being in 12th grade, anti-valentines party, and probably (hopefully) too many TBBT marathons at your place and we're finally sick of life.


  13. Hah, that last picture..its so telling. Emptying out the fields, making way for the new. Good luck Nil. Not just for Feb. Not just for the blasted boards in March. But for all of life and beyond :) The fun has only just begun.

  14. Revaaaaaaa, thank you!
    and yes, the fun just started and Goa's definitely in the calender post April ;)

  15. Thank you for taking my mind off Boards. You mentioned it approximately 6263 times.
    Why don't you advertise a liposuction while you're at it :/

  16. Loooooooooooool. Anytime Beedles, a million times for ya :-*

    They wouldn't pay as much, but hey this space is still open for advertisements. Spread the word! ;)

  17. and reading you about how school's gotten over n done, has got me nostalgic:-)

    and wherever you'd be three months from now, you'd be rocking it nevertheless...all the very best:-)

    looking forward to whatever February brings with you here!

  18. i think that you don't really know where you're going to be in 3 months is actually pretty cool. it means the possibilities are endless, hun!

    so happy you have this time to figure stuff out--and no school! <3

  19. @Suruchi: Thank you, m'gorgeous lady. You've always been such a sweetheart. Lets just hope the jolly happiness continues at my end after 3 months, yes. And haha, February's turning out to be rather abrupt. I can't come in terms with it here already :/

    @Cheryl: Hahaha aren't you always up for challenges and thrills 'eh? Yes, it is pretty cool but hells creepy at the same time :| But yes, I've got some time to sort it out, and lets just hope it's clean and done with soon <3

  20. came to blogger after maybe ages. and then that picture got me again!

    i have a feeling its going to get me everytime !! :P

    best of luck for the coming months. may you find yourself in a dram this july :)

  21. dram = dream. please dont read it as drama :P

  22. Hahha GOOD to see you here after, yes, ages! And even better to hear the picture still gets you :P

    Thank you for the luck, Raj.. but dram or not, there sure will be a whole lotta drama alright! ;)

  23. then the dram better ht the blog :P

  24. Don't have a doubt about that! ;D


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