Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Myriad coherence.

Myriad Coherence. 

You walk straight into that anatomy,
the skeleton of withered roads,
the grid of an architect,
an emancipated soul, his.

You finally find an avenue,
one that is prolonged,
one that seems comfortingly solitary,
one that would let you walk,
in conversation with annihilated philosophies of reason.

You find blessedness,
under the concave mosques of Cedars,
your mind is unperturbed,
while your heart is the capitol of your reality.

Heaven is lucid, heaven is simple.
It's been within you for so long,
you just haven't let it breathe.
You've begged for it to be quiet,
among your preoccupation of Chases.

But then you tame your mirth,
you look daggers at the momentary mirage,
as you see a fork ahead,
and you must choose again,
your much celebrated avenue ends there.

But then the bitterness dissipates,
your frown finds place in laughter,
in your naive understanding of the globe around,
where each and every alley,
finds another route,
engages in confluences,
despite your prejudices.

Heaven is lucid, heaven is simple.
It's been within  you for so long,
heaven has been... in this myriad coherence.



  1. Heaven is lucid, heaven is simple.
    Such a wonderful, wonderful line!
    Loved the 4th stanza.
    And the phrase...Myriad Incoherence. Would be so perfect as the name of some fabulous album. :-)

  2. That was so WOW. I don't even think I got the whole meaning...maybe you could explain :P Whatever got in, loved :)

  3. @Antara: Hello, youuuu. Gee thanks! And haha really?
    An album? I'll keep that in mind, I will!

    @Sam: Aww, Sammm. Why be so adorable man? haha thanks love. Yeaaaah, this was a litttle heavy for me,too. One of those moods, if you know what I mean?
    Will prolly email you whatever part you didn't get, it'll be a lengthy affair here in the comment section :P

  4. This poem is heaven for me :)
    Girl how can u write so divinely ...I was reading it and so lost thinking how a girl so young can write sooo deep :)

    GET PUBLISHED my genius :D

  5. Lady Whispers, m'love. Your comments can light up anybody's day :)

  6. Heaven is where the heart and mind find peace, and rest. Heaven is everywhere, as you said, in myriad coherence.

    Wonderful post!

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  7. Rightly said!

    And thank you, Blasphemous :) :)

  8. orre re likhei jachis tui toh aar daarun likchis

  9. Onek onek dhonnobaad, Mashi! :)

  10. "Pour out your thoughts on mine..."

    i wish there were anything left to. you have knocked the heavens out of me with this one.

  11. btw, i was wondering, does your driving license read NIL? :P

  12. Why, thank you :)

    And hahha I don't have one just yet :P

  13. uff. that was such a witty try on trying to get your name! i should get points for trying, wit and your kindness!

  14. in that case, i d like to encash it with the first five letters of your name. :)


Pour out your thoughts on mine.... :)