Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Small polite car talks.

About the last super hypnotic post, well yes, I was in the middle of midterms and it's Pink Floyd, so pfft. Enough said.
I'm back on the face of the planet. My phone doesn't cry in the drawer no more, and I replied to almost every email that was sitting in my inbox binge eating on dust and complaining people.
My exams were okay, I shall say no more cause that always ends up jinxing my results (not that I'm getting any golden eggs this time anyway).. anyhoo. So the next ten days, I plan to do nothing except sleep (a lot of that), party, READ, and..wait for it.. PUJO. Enough said again!

The above picture seems pretty contrasting to what I did today, a day after my exams got over- I woke up at 3 in the morning. And sang at 5am for Mohaloya (Non-bongs, Go Google.) But it honestly wasn't as bad as I thought. As much as I was confident my voice would crack at the highest note, loud and clear on the mike, it didn't. It was pretty decent, I say!
And of course, Neha, Shekhar and Robin. Dawgs that they are. Showed up at five in the morning grinning like they were living the ultimate plan of their lives. But Mohaloya didn't seem as terrorizing as it usually does. It was rather not bad at all. I didn't even slip wearing the saree B-)
Hippie Photo :)

Oh and yesterday, ze ladies log and I went to CP. Where I shot portraits of random strangers while Guinz and Vantz tried their Southindian and Bihari Best to kill me via pissed off looks. (they were cute, if not anything). And Remya ditched. Again. And slept. The whole day. She shall get her answer for this soon. SHALL SHALL SHALL! (your style, bidtch. If you're reading.)

Anyway. Since pujo starts in a ay or two, I'll probably be too busy to update. So there's some fiction coming your way! Cause there's going to be a super sad, depressed and anti-life post after about a week-ish once Pujo ends. So I'm almost bribing you to bear with me :-)
And now, I shall go and read a book. Or maybe catch a bus and go somewhere. Or watch a movie. Or go for coffee alone. Yes, I think I'll do that :)
How liberating did the last two lines feel!

Ciao readers,
I'll be back before you know it!



  1. shit! i'm gonna miss my ancestral house puja this time in kolkata....:( enjoy yourself...

    all i will do is sulk in my pondicherry workplace! damn shit!

  2. Yours is the most visited blog on my list. Enough said? :)

  3. I haven't been in kolkata ever during the pujo's... We have our own little pujo happening in rourkela every year.. So gotta be enjoying that! Suvo Mohaloya! :-)

  4. i thought you were gonna get beat up or something :D
    me angd Guinz almost ran away from there :D

    Fun day tho.

  5. @Hij..: Ancestral house in Kolkata? Sounds sweet! And aah. Never mind man, next year's always there :)

    @V: Wow seriously?! Am humbled. You're very kind :)

  6. @Sudeshna: Aw that sounds good to me anyhow! :) and yes, Shubho mohaloya to you too :)

    @Vantz: Yeah. The shots were worth getting beat up for ;) and haha I knowww. Yes, phun day :)

  7. you're ona roll yo cherr! con call was fun, seemed like gorillas though =)
    and the hippy stuff's good genes. what you on hey? =D

  8. festivities i guess are starting in india ...
    have fun and all the best for the result ...

    keep msiling


  9. hey..
    sorry for not being so regular...
    hope you did well in your exams...they were always a source of nightmare for me...
    read your story...very beautiful...loved the way the story was told...enjoyed reading it.. :)

    ps:i miss the kolkata puja :( the last time i was there was four years ago..

  10. @Rohaan: Yes yesterday was fun :) And shut up, I'm not "on" anything. I'm just really cool B)

    @Bikram: Yep,indeed! Thank you :)

    @Oxymorin: Heyy there buddy, that's fine. Good to see here anyway!
    Glad that you liked the story.. and woah, you should totally go back some time soon. Worth it :)

  11. You are on a roll. Kill everything. JUST, have fun. =)


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